How To Grow Your Penis

John Hanger

If the thought of penis stretching instantly conjures up images of medieval torture, you can relax and breathe a huge sigh of relief. Thankfully, growing your penis doesn’t require you to be strapped down on a stretching rack.

Whilst medical advancements offer the opportunity of surgical enhancement, it is possible to grow your penis the natural way.

What Is Penis Stretching?

Penis Stretching

Penis stretching refers to the practice of ‘exercising’ your member to increase its length or girth. This can be done manually, or with the aid of penis enlargement products like adjustable penis hanging weights, stretchers, extenders, clamps and penis pumps.

Why The Need To Stretch?

penis enlargement

Guys that have penis envy tend to have a negative self-image and often lack confidence in the bedroom. If you’re concerned that the size of your package doesn’t measure up to the prize that other guys are packing, you may already be searching out methods to help you boost what you’ve got.

The temptations of relentless spam email marketing can prove hard to resist when you’re worried that your penis is smaller than average. Ineffective penis enlargement pills and creams can prove to be a costly expense that leaves you feeling even more downhearted and deflated.

So what’s some alternatives on how to grow your penis?

Well, you could go under the knife and undergo penis enlargement surgery. But there are no guarantees that you’ll achieve the results that you want. In fact, most men who opt for penis enlargement surgery aren’t satisfied with the end results. The most that this penis growth method can achieve is an increase of around half an inch to the length of a flaccid penis. Scarring, loss of function or sensation are just a few of the complications that can occur when you choose the surgical route.

Growing Your Penis Safely And Naturally

Growing Your Penis

Pulling the penis from the tip, in order to enlarge it, is the process known as penis stretching. As you gently stretch the penis, the ligaments swell and blood flow increases. The result is a noticeable increase in size.

To achieve the results you want you need to put in the commitment and daily stretching practice. Miracles don’t happen overnight.

Penis stretching helps you gain length inches gradually over time. For a boost in girth, use a penis pump regularly. Aside from the gain in length, penis stretching can also enhance sensitivity and improve ejaculation control and orgasms.

Stretching Exercises

penis stretching exercise

Manual penis stretching exercises involve massaging the erectile tissue in the shaft with your hands. As you stretch the skin of the penis, you create micro-tears in the erectile tissue. Torn tissue naturally divides and multiplies, and swells and engorges as it heals, producing a penis appearance that looks noticeably elongated.

If you’re determined to grow your penis, consistency is key. You must commit to the practice of growing your penis daily.

Stretching Devices

Penis Stretch devices

There are many penis enlargement products that claim to boost the size of your manhood. If you’re serious about doing something to enhance what you’ve got, make an investment purchase of top quality products.


A penis extender – Stretching your penis with a penis stretcher and extender can help you achieve noticeable lengthening results over a period of time.  The penis extender is minimally invasive and is designed for long-term use. It can be discreetly worn under clothing.

Adjustable penis hanging weights – Attaching adjustable penis hanging weights to your flaccid penis can gradually stretch it. Start by using low hanging weights and gradually increase the suspended weight. The desired increase in bulk is achieved through the build up of micro-tears in the erectile tissue. Regular weight bearing practice helps to build up your penis strength and stamina.

A penis pump – You insert your penis inside the cylindrical air-filled chamber that is then attached to your pelvic area. A premium automatic penis pump electronically measures the pressure that swells your penis to the desired enlarged size. Consistent use of a penis pump can improve the hardness of your erection and its duration.

ADS – The All Day Penis Stretcher & Extender is a more advanced piece of penis enlargement equipment that can be used alone, or as a supplemental device to other penis stretching methods.

Penile traction devices are more commonly used to treat the curvature caused by Peyronie’s disease.


How To Stretch Your Penis

Penis Stretch Pump


 It’s perfectly fine to try out a few manual penis stretching exercizes in the comfort of your own home. Before you grow your penis, here are a few helpful tips…

  • Make sure that your penis is soft and flaccid
  • Warm up by placing a warm-to-the-touch flannel or cloth over your penis to relax the erectile tissue in the shaft
  • Get comfortable – you can sit on a chair or the floor, or stand against a wall whilst stretching
  • If you feel any pain or discomfort at any time, stop stretching immediately


Manual Stretching

When you’re ready…

Grip the head of your penis with your dominant hand.

Gently pull your penis upwards, stretching it out for 30 seconds. If you like, you can use the other hand to simultaneously apply pressure on the area around the base of the penis.

Repeat the same process in a downward motion for another 30 seconds.

Pull your penis to the left for 30 seconds. Change position and point it to the right for 30 seconds.

Applying pressure on the base of the penis is entirely optional.         



jelqing exercise

Put your index finger and thumb together in an ‘O’ shape.

Slide the ‘O’ over your penis until it rests against the base.

Make the ‘O’ shape smaller until you feel mild pressure on your shaft.

Slowly move the ‘O’ towards the head of your penis. Stop when you reach the tip.

Increase or reduce the pressure until you find a comfortable medium. Continue jelqing for about 20 to 30 minutes. Stop if you feel any discomfort or pain.


Stretching With A Penis Pump

penis pump exercise   

Place your penis inside the cylindrical chamber of the penis pump.

Use the automated pump mechanism to suck out all of the air inside the tube.

The silicone base inside the chamber will start to expand as your penis becomes engorged and erect.

To maintain a rock hard erection, attach a penis ring to your shaft.

Handle With Care

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Protect your precious cargo by ensuring that you only practice careful handling. Being too enthusiastic or rough with your penis can cause erectile tissue damage, which requires time to heal.

When using a penis pump to grow your penis, don’t let the blood remain in your penis longer than 30 minutes. Having a prolonged erection can cause discomfort, pain and damage.

Using some penis enlargement devices for the first time may cause: itching, minor bruising or discoloration to the penile shaft. Numbness and vein rupture are also possible side effects. If you have any symptoms consult your doctor.


Alternative Methods: How to Grow Your Penis

If you’ve invested your money on high quality penis enlargement products like a penis stretcher, extender, penis pump, clamps or adjustable penis hanging weights, and you’re still unhappy with the length of your penis, perhaps the only option for you is to try an alternative penis growth method.

Consider losing abdominal weight to enhance the appearance of your penis.

A weight loss of around 35 pounds can give you a 1-inch gain in overall penis length.

The reason for the elongated appearance is that excess fat surrounding the shaft makes your penis look shorter. A slimmer you, means a longer looking penis! (Even though you haven’t actually grown in size).

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