How To Grow Your Penis

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How To Grow Your Penis

Many men dream of having a larger penis but are not keen on the idea of undergoing surgery to achieve this. Fortunately, there are non-surgical alternatives to help you get the gains you want without having to go under the knife.

What Is Penis Stretching?

Penis Stretching

The term of Penis stretching refers to the act of exercising your penis to improve upon and increase its width or length. You can do this using penis enlargement products, such as stretchers, penis hanging weights, clamps, extenders and penis clamps, or by taking advantage of certain massage styles.

Why Do You Need to Stretch?

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Those who have smaller than average penises may lack the sexual and social confidence they need to live a fuller life, giving them a negative self-image, which can be detrimental. If you're worried that the size you are working with isn't as good as what some other men have, you are probably already looking for methods to help you get better gains.

It can be tempting to fall for the spam emails promising overnight solutions, such as penis enlargement pills can be great, but the truth is the best way to get gains is with penis stretching over a long and patient period of time.

Alternatives on How to Grow Your Penis

Of course, there is always surgery, but even with the risks and complications that surgery comes with, there is no guarantee that you are going to get the results you want. Indeed, many men who choose the surgery route don't end up happy with the results. This is because the most that this type of method can allow you to experience is half an inch of added length to the penis. Loss of sensation, function or scarring is a risk that you take when doing surgical enlargement.

How to Grow Your Penis Naturally and Safely

Grow Your Penis Naturally and Safely

To get results without surgery, you can do what is called stretching, or tugging the penis from its tip to make it bigger. While you stretch the penis with care, the ligaments will swell up to increase the amount of blood flow, which will ultimately result in a larger size. To achieve results this way, you need to put in daily stretching and make a commitment that you intend to stick to because you will not get results overnight.

Stretching will help you gain inches on your length slowly over time. You can even enhance the width by using a penis pump just as consistently. Besides just getting gains in length, you can also enhance your sensitivity to improve upon your orgasms and to better control your ejaculation.

Stretching Exercises

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There are different ways to grow your penis through manual penis stretching exercises. One of them is to massage the tissue in the shaft using just your hands. While stretching your skin, you'll be creating micro-tears in the tissue. When tissue is torn, it naturally and automatically multiplies itself. As it heals, it will swell, which helps produce a greater size. Keep in mind that if you are committed to growing your penis, consistency and patience are every bit as important as the actual practice of the process and the tools you use to achieve your goals.

Stretching Devices

Penis Stretch devices

If you want to use some tools instead of relying solely on your hands to do the work, there are many penis enlargement products available to you. Below you will find a few of the most common ones.

Adjustable Penis Hanging Weights – By attaching penis hanging weights to your penis, you can slowly stretch it over time. To start, choose low weights at first and then gradually increase them over time. You should do so slowly as not to injure yourself, as the increase in bulk needs to happen through micro-tears and their build-up over time. Doing this regularly will help you build up your stamina and strength.

Penis Extenders – Stretching yourself with an penis stretcher and extender may help you get the results you're looking for over a long period. The extender is not invasive and is best for long-term use. It is even discreet enough to wear under clothing so that you can be doing your routine anytime, anywhere.

Penis Pump – While you stretch to increase your length, using a pump alongside that process will allow you to increase your width easily. Simply place your penis into the cylindrical chamber and then get it settled against the area of your pelvis. The automatic penis pump will measure the pressure electronically, which will swell you up to the size you prefer. If you use a pump over a long period, you can improve upon the hardness and duration of your erection as well.

All Day Stretcher System (ADS) – This is a more advanced type of penis enlargement equipment that can be used either as a supplemental device while engaging in other penis enlargement methods or on its own. It is best for those who have a lot of time on their hands during the day and can give consistent attention to the matter.

Traction ToolsWhile these are sometimes incorporated into routines, this type of device is more commonly geared toward the treatment of the curve of the penis that is caused by Peyronie's disease.

How To Stretch Your Penis

Penis Stretch Pump


There are a few things you should keep in mind before you commit to a stretching session. You can try out different penis stretching exercises to see which one works best for you. Before beginning, consider the following:

  • Ensure your penis is flaccid and soft before you start.
  • Sit somewhere comfortable on the floor or in a chair, or stand against a wall while you stretch.
  • You can warm up by placing a cloth or flannel over the penis. Make sure it is warm to the touch to relax the tissue in the shaft.
  • Stop stretching if you feel any discomfort or pain at any time during the stretching process.

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Manual Stretching

Here is a step-by-step guide on stretching manually:

  • Take the head of the penis with the dominant hand.
  • Pull upward gently and carefully. Do this and stretch for 30 seconds at a time.
  • Repeat this for another 30 seconds, but pull downward this time.
  • Repeat, but pull it to the right for 30 seconds and then to the left.


  • Place your thumb and index finger in an O shape.
  • Put the O over the penis and bring it to the base.
  • Make it smaller until pressure builds up.
  • Move it toward the head of your penis. Do Jelqing for around half an hour each session.

Stretching With A Penis Pump

penis pump exercise
  • Put the penis inside the chamber.
  • Use the pump mechanism to automatically suck the air from within.
  • Let the silicone base in the chamber expand.
  • Attach a penis ring to the base of your shaft after removing it.

Handle With Care

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Remember, you only get one penis, so you need to treat it with care and not get too enthusiastic in your desire to enjoy a larger size. Doing so can cause long-lasting damage, which can take quite a while to heal, and you even run the risk of erectile issues. For instance, when you use a penis pump to grow your penis or to increase your width, don't allow the blood to remain there for more than 30 minutes; prolonging an erection cannot only cause pain and discomfort but may damage the penis as well.

Also keep in mind that using some penis enlargement tools may cause initial bruising, itching or even discoloration of the shaft. You may also experience vein rupture and numbness, and if you do, it is important to contact your doctor to discuss how to proceed.

With all of this in mind, there is no better time to start enhancing your length and width safely and effectively using our tools and practices.

Alternative Methods: How to Grow Your Penis

If you’ve invested your money on high quality penis enlargement products like a penis stretcher, extender, penis pump, clamps or adjustable penis hanging weights, and you’re still unhappy with the length of your penis, perhaps the only option for you is to try an alternative penis growth method.

Consider losing abdominal weight to enhance the appearance of your penis.

A weight loss of around 35 pounds can give you a 1-inch gain in overall penis length.

The reason for the elongated appearance is that excess fat surrounding the shaft makes your penis look shorter. A slimmer you, means a longer looking penis! (Even though you haven’t actually grown in size).

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