Jelqing Vs. Penis Weights

jelqing vs penis weights

One of the most frequently asked type of question I am asked when it comes to penis enlargement and penis stretching is which is better this type of exercise or that type of exercise?

Maybe you found this by running a search for exactly that type of question. 

To be honest a lot of people are disappointed by my honest answer because most often times my answer is “Neither”. Recently the comparison I have been asked most about is Jelqing vs Penis Hanging.

Today we will dive into this comparison specifically since there has been so much demand on the topic of…. Jelqing versus Penis Weights

Jelqing and penis hanging are actually in two completely different realms of the penis enlargement world. Jelqing is a girth exercise and penis weights are used to increase penis length.

Let’s go over each a little bit in detail and then discuss how they can also complement each other.

What is Jelqing?

what is jelqing doctor

For a beginner, jelqing may be one of the best exercises to start with in order to get the penis in condition to start a serious PE routine. Jelqing focuses mainly on girth but when done correctly you will also get some lig stretch that will assist in length training and gains.

Think of jelqing as a brisk walk around the block for the novice that aspires to run a marathon in the distant future.

For the more experienced guy, jelqing can be used for a good warm up, warm down or a supplemental exercise on an off day or when time is limited and equipment is not on hand such as on a vacation.

Anyone that is serious about penis enlargement and exercises should not skip the process of learning to jelq. Ask men wrote an article worth reading about jelqing. It is a building block to penis enlargement and should always be a tool in your PE arsenal. 

Penis Weights and Penis Hanging

Penis weights are directly connected to penis weight hanging.

Using proper penis weights that are accurate in weight and easily adjusted in small increments is crucial for a successful PE routine. 

Penis weight hanging works on length. The only exception to this over the long term are some heavier weight hangers have seen penis base girth increase, but overall the goal of using penis weights is to add length to the penis.

Unlike jelqing that can be done often with little worry of injury or fatigue, penis weights can really fatigue the penis, and should be schedule according to your experience and tolerance to weight training.

Beginners usually start with one session 10 to 15 minutes per day. Watch this video for beginner penis hanging.

Advanced users can spend anywhere from 60 to 120 minutes under tension per day.

This does not mean hanging for 60 or 120 minutes straight.

Even for the advanced user we recommend maximum hanging time of 15 and then take a break to make sure the blood returns to the penis followed by another set.

Split sets are a great technique for advanced users also. This means do half of your sets in the morning and the other half at night. This technique has seen great results in the community.

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We Can't Compare Jelqing and Penis Hanging

jelqing vs penis weights don't compare

Overall the comparison of jelqing vs penis weights in no comparison at all.

Both are great to incorporate in your routine. Some jelqing to warm up before using penis weight is a great idea.

Add some jelqs between sets to help return blood flow is another way to incorporate both exercises in one routine.

Finally, you could use a light jelqing routine as a warm down after using penis weights to help return blood flow faster and start the healing process.

I recommend giving both of these great exercises a try if you have not already and see if they are a good fit for your routine and you penis enlargement journey.

To learn more about natural penis enlargement, read our post How to Enlarge Penis Naturally  or view our video below on Jelqing vs. Penis Weights on how to increase length and girth.