Guide to Penis Hanging

penis hanging guide with penis weights

Want to understand how and if penis hanging works?

Then you're in the right place. 

This guide to penis hanging will show you tips and best practices to ensure your penis hanging routines result in a bigger penis while staying safe. 

With all of the information out there on the web about penis hanging, it can be a bit confusing to know where to start.

We believe in keeping it simple and basic with our methods of penis enlargement, and would like to offer you this quick and simple guide to penis hanging.

By eliminating clutter of all the advertisements and disinformation out there, and sticking to the basic proven methods of penis enlargements, you can save yourself some time and get on the fast track to the penis length gains you are looking for.

Let’s Break Penis Hanging Down into 5 Basic Categories:

1. Time Under Tension (TUT)

This represents the amount of time that your penis is actually under the tension of the weights.

We recommend no more than 15 minutes at a time per hanging sessions. This does not mean you can’t hang for longer than 15 minutes, it simply means you should take a short break and let the blood flow return to your glands and penis shaft prior to your next session.

Recovering can usually be managed between 2 and 5 minutes between sessions. The amount of time you dedicate to time under tension will be a big factor in how fast you progress toward your goals. An extra 15 minute session per day adds up over time. That extra session per day is an additional 7.5 hours of time under tension each month.

2. Length of Training

This is different than time under tension. Length of training refers to the time that has passed since you started training consistently. The penis must also have recovery time so time has to past to make progress with a combination of time under tension and time since your training began.

For example: if you were hang four 15 minutes sessions per day that would equal 1 hour of time under tension each day. Over the time of a month this would equal 30 hours of time under tension for a 30 day training period. Those 30 hours of time tension could not be done in a week safely.

This shows the relationship between time under tension and length of your training. There has to be an even balance.

3. Weight / Volume Balance

There are many opinions out there regarding how much weight is necessary to achieve penis length gains.

The real answer to that question is that there is not one good answer.

We have worked with thousands of guys trying reach their penis enlargement goals and get feedback daily through our support email. The truth is that just like working out any other part of the body everyone is different.

Some guys make quick gains right away with light weight sessions and others have to build up to over 8 pounds to start seeing results.

There are basically two types of training: 

  • high weight low time under tension

  • low weight high time under tension

An example of high weight / Low TUT = 10 pounds penis weight hanging x 5 minutes sessions. An example of low weight / high TUT = 4 pounds penis weight hanging x 15 minute sessions. The actual amount of weight that is consider “high” or “low” will also vary person to person.

Some guys start out at 5 pounds no problem and move up from there. For some guys, 2 pounds feels heavy for them and slowly move up in weight.

Weight / volume balance in penis hanging is a personal matter and only you can find what your tolerance is through trial and error. The is no magic bullet when it comes to penis enlargement. Find your weight tolerances and don’t be afraid to mix up your program with a combination of both high weight / low TUT and low weight / high TUT.

4. Turtling / Retraction

This affects some guys more than others.

We love getting emails from guys telling about their gains but we also get emails from guys that are frustrated and not gaining after consistently hanging for a while.

One of the first questions we always ask is if they are using any anti turtle protection. Turtling or retraction is the process of the penis retracting like a rubber band after a hanging or stretching session and removing the gains that were made.

Some even say that if this goes on over and over again, it can make the penis tougher and harder to make gains later on even with more weight.

Retraction can be prevented a few ways:

One way is using the Zen Hanger ADS (all day stretcher) for 30 minutes to an hour after your hanging sessions. The tension can be adjusted so you can stay in place and use higher tension for a shorter session or go with low tension for longer sessions.

all day penis stretcher

You can also use our anti turtle silicone sleeves that can be cut to length and worn from the base to just behind the glands / head to keep the penis is a semi stretched state and prevent turtling. Some are more susceptible to retraction then others. It is a great practice to get into if you are serious about hanging.  

anti turtling sleeve

5. Fatigue and Safety

You only get one penis is life and you should never put it at risk.

Always error on the side of caution when it comes to any penis exercise. This is a marathon no a sprint race. This is why or company motto is “ a patient man is a bigger man”. We are guys so we like to try to force things and make things go faster, but penis hanging is not an area that is a good mentality to have. Patience is key and necessary.

Always start with a low weight and work your way up slowly from there. We offer a half pound weight that is compatible with all of our penis weight hanging stacks so you can adjust the weight in half pound increments.

penis weights - half pound increments

Your training performance will not always be consistent. If on a certain day your penis feels fatigued after your first or second set but you usually do four sets, don’t risk it. Call it a day and see how you feel the next day. The goal is to stretch your penis to the point of fatigue but not to injury. As you hang and get to know your body better you will more easily be able to identify were that fatigue line is.

If you take a break from hanging for any long amount of time always start low and work your way back up to the weight you were working with before your break.

There you have your basic guide to penis hanging

The most important weapons you can have in your arsenal of penis enlargement tools is knowledge and patience. There is no overnight success or magic bullet. With the 5 basic categories above you can begin or continue your journey of penis enlargement and reach your penis weight hanging goals with confidence. Also read our post on How to Enlarge Penis Naturally (5 Proven Techniques)

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