Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. If you don't see the answer to your question here feel free to send us a message through the contact us page. 


How discreet is your shipping? 

We understand your need for privacy when ordering from us. All orders are shipped in plain packaging with no logos are hints of what is inside your package. The return address is printed as "Z shipping department" so even if someone happens to read your mail they wont have an idea of whats inside. For international orders we do not use the word penis on customs forms. We use vague and basic descriptions such as "weights" or "stretching system" to help keep your privacy a priority even with customs. 

Can I really make my penis penis bigger? 

This is probably the most asked question when it comes to penis enlargement products. The simple answer, YES. There are a lot of products that offer false promises of quick gains but with the use proper use of our products you will achieve the gains you want. 

Is penis hanging safe? 

Yes, penis extension through weight hanger has been around a very long time. As with any exercise there is alway a risk if you are careless. If you use common sense and set a routine that works for you penis hanging is very safe and effective.


Will I achieve girth gains along with my length gains from penis weight hanging? 

Some users experience girth gains and some do not. Most commonly user will gain girth in the base of the penis if girth gains are achieved from penis weight hanging. If you want to focus on girth gains we recommend our Zen Clamp penis clamping kit. 

How much and how fast will my penis grow from weight hanging? 

There are a variety of factors that you have to consider to get the answer to this question. How often you are able to do your exercise routine, how long your routines are, how long you have been doing your routine and individual genetics all play a factor in how much you will gain. All of are customers have had some degree of success when they put in the proper effort. Check out our real user results page for examples of actual users of our products and how much they gained. 

Will my flaccid length also grow? 

Yes. How much varies from user to user but you will get flaccid gains along with your erect gains. For example, one user may have gained on inch erect length and only show a quarter inch gain when placid while another user may have also gained an inch erect but show half an inch gain when flaccid. This seems to vary from person to person. 

How often should I measure for gains? 

We realize that everyone is excited to see gains but take it from us that constant measuring is not a good idea. Gains come slow and it is much more rewarding to see noticeable gains every so often then trying to capture every millimeter of gain. Our standard rule is measure no more then once per month but we recommend every 6 to 8 weeks. If you have great patience measure every three months. Its like counting down the days to christmas. 


What is the best way to measure and track gains? 

When measuring length there are two standard ways to measure. You can choose one or both but you must stay consistent in how you measure for accurate tracking. The first method is call BPEL (Bone press erection length) which means placing a ruler or soft tape measurer above your penis at the base and then pressing in until you hit your pelvis bone. Once you have hit the bone record the length from the tip of the penis. The second method is NBPEL (Non bone press erection length) which is the same as BPEL with pressing in to the bone. Just place your ruler or tape above your penis and measure to the end. NBPEL is not always accurate especially if you don't have very low body fat. There is a third way measure if you have a lot of curve in your penis. Use the same method as described above but use a soft tape measurer. Rather then measuring straight out, lay the soft tape along the top of your penis and take the measurement at the tip. This will take into account the curve of your penis. The first method of BPEL is the most accurate and the one we recommend. Remember always measure from the top above the penis at the base and straight out to the tip. Anything else is cheating and you are only cheating yourself. 

How much weight should I use? 

This is completely up to you. If you are new to weight hanging we advise you start with as little weight as possible when you first start hanging. Test the waters and see where your threshold is to begin and grow from there. Many of our customers never grow out of the 6.5 pound adjustable system and continue to make gains. 

Why does it take so long to see results?

We all wish we could take a magic potion and grow 3 inches overnight. There are many products out there that will promise you just that. The truth is that the only way to get results is slowly. you are manipulating a body part and slowly training your penis to grow longer and wider. This can only happen slowly over time.

Does penis clamping really work?

Absolutely. Just like penis weight hanging it is a slow process. Each time you clamp you are force extra blood flow into your penis and limiting how much blood can escape. By repeating this process over and over again you are training your penis to have the ability to hold more blood when you get an erection. This results in added girth in your penis over time.

Should I use a penis clamp or penis pump for girth gains?  

This is a hard question to answer. The best option if you have the time is to utilize both techniques. Clamping is an advance technique and takes more discipline and experience. We recommend starting with the Zen Pump and slowly introducing clamping into your routine. It takes a while to perfect clamping but once you master the technique of manual blood flow control with a clamp it is great exercise to promote erection strength and control. Pumping is great for beginners and advanced users. Penis pumping gets you used to the feeling and exercise of pumping additional blood into your penis. Both penis clamping and penis pumping are great ways to make penis girth gains. 

Do penis extenders work? 

Yes. There has been studies to show that over time penis extenders do work to add length. If you are not familiar with penis extenders they are medical grade devices that are rigid and use threaded rods to extend your penis outward. The reason we chose not to develop our own extender is we don't believe they are practical. Manufacturers of extenders recommend wearing them 8 hours a day and you won't see results for months. Who has 8 hours a day to wear a bulky medical device? Most of us have jobs and lives to get on with. Weight hanging has better growth results with far less time committed. We also make our ADS system for long term stretching. The ADS is the same concept as an extenders but can be worn long term comfortably and even wearing under clothing is possible. Extenders almost certainly need to be worn with no clothing. Our ADS can be used as a stand alone product but when we created it we intended it to be a compliment to our hanging systems for enthusiastic users that wanted faster gains. 


Why not just hang regular weights or random items rather then Zen weights? 

Over the years we have seen and heard of people hanging all kinds of things as weights. This is one of the reasons we developed our products. As we have said many times the most important part about penis enlargement is having a consistent routine. You could very well hang any random item in your house or a weight from you home gym but it is awkward and there is no precision. You don't but 87 octane in a race car and you don't cut corners when it comes to one of your most prized possessions. Our systems were developed for convenience and accuracy. Our 6.5 pound adjustable hanging system is only 3.5" tall and 3" wide and adjustable in half pound increments. Our 10 pound weight system is only 6" tall and 3" wide and adjustable in one pound increments. Thats 10 pounds and just a tad bigger then a soda can! We live in a world of DIY madness. Our products are high quality and an investment that will last you a lifetime. We are confident you will be very satisfied you chose to go with a Zen Hanger product. 

Do penis pills and creams work? 

We dislike that we have to include this question but somehow people are still buy into gimmicks. We all know deep down its a gimmick but the slight chance of instant gratification makes us doubt ourselves. NO, penis pills and creams do not work. Not to mention a lot of them have ingredients that are not FDA approved and are potentially dangerous. There is no proof of any "penis pill" EVER causing penis growth. Its simply clever mass marketing and prey on insecurities. So what about the Zen Volume and Recovery pill? We don't consider this in the same category as "penis enlargement pills". We dont market our pills as miracle penis growth pills. We put in over a year of R&D on our volume and recovery formula to make a supplement that increases blood flow to the penis to help you get 100% of your existing size. The volume and recovery pill also aids in recovery after PE workouts and also increases semen volume for you guys that enjoy shooting big loads. 

What is your warranty / return policy?  

Do to the Nature of our products we only accept returns for items with defects or if the wrong item was sent to you. In the event the wrong item was sent to you we will expect the correct item to you asap and pay for shipping on the returned item back to us. We warranty to all of our products for defects of craftsmanship. If a product fails or breaks due to quality issues under normal use we will replace it free of charge. We only warranty products and we do not accept returns. We put a lot of effort into our product pages that include details descriptions, photos and videos of our products. This gives you every detail of each product and lets you make an informed decision. Once your order is placed we are not able to cancel orders or accept returns. Please respect this policy and keep this in mind prior to ordering. 

To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. In the event you are eligible for a return please contact us at Support@ZenHanger.com and include your order number in the heading of your email along with a valid reason for your return request.