Penis Pump for Penis Pumping

Penis Pumping For Increased Girth

Penis pumping is one of the most user friendly girth exercises when it comes to penis enlargement due to the fact that penis pumps do all the work for you. With the ease of use comes some increased hazards. The visual appeal and satisfaction of penis pumping while you are actually in the process of using your penis pump can cause over pumping which can lead to injuries. This is why we only recommend pumping with a pump that has a proper pressure gauge that shows pressure is Kpa or inHG measurements attached at all times.

Over Pumping Is a Common Error 

Over pumping is a common error in the pumping community and can actually be counterproductive. The key to gains with penis pumping is consistently applying just enough pressure. Everyones tolerance is different but after years of testing we have found that 10 to 12 HG (inHG) or 33 to 40 Kpa is the sweet spot of pressure for pumping. This has been found to get the most girth gains when applied over a long period of time. 

How to use Penis Pump and how does it work?

Our Goal Is To Offer The Best Penis Pump Products

Our goal is always to offer the best quality products that work. This applies to the penis pump category as much as any other category. We strip away all the bells and whistles and get straight to the point with our one and only automatic electric pump. The Zen pump is your one stop shop to girth gains. We don’t want to confuse you with a bunch of different pump models and features like other companies. This is the best of the best features that you need and nothing more. We also offer long silicone sleeves available in 3 sizes that can be used as resistance sleeves while pumping your penis. Get pumping and on your way to serious girth gains.

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