Zen Pump - Combination of Weight Hanging and Vacuum Penis Pump

Zen Hanger

$ 169.00

Vac Hanger and Penis Pump System

Zen Pump - Vacuum Weight Hanging & Penis Pump System

This is our penis vacuum pump and hanger combination set. It is considered to be one of the best ways to get the gains you're looking for due to the way our vacuum weight penis pump works from more than one angle. The system can work both as a vacuum hanger system to increase length as well as a zen pump for increasing your width, all in one. With this vacuum weight hanging penis combination kit, you'll see how it can be one of the most effective methods you can employ for increasing your penis size.

This kit system comes complete with the following pieces:

  • Zen pump automatic head
  • Two sizes of vacuum bases; one of them is meant to fit against the penis while the other is meant to fit the size of the vacuum tube. It comes in two diameters, including 1-inch and .75-inch so that you can ensure the proper fit
  • Extra-large pump tube
  • Slip-proof Velcro strap
  • Extra-large pump base for your sessions
  • Optional 5.5 stack weights, 10.5 stack weights or no weights at all
  • *** Recent change to the diameter of our 1 pound and 1/2 pound weights will result in the weights not inserting to the bottom of the vac tube as pictured. There may be a small space between the bottom of the tube and the weight. This is by design and will not affect the function of the hanger. 

Vacuum Weight Hanging & Penis Pump System - Testimonial

* Vac hanging bases and pump bases are for sale individually in our store if you need replacements in the future. 

With this pump kit system, you will eliminate running into pain and discomfort that you otherwise experience with other pumps. This vac hanger easily spreads out the grip of the sleeve over a bigger portion of surface area. The result is a more even distribution of weight across a targeted area. In doing so, you can enjoy a more comfortable experience when applying the weight while also being more precise over where you place it. This means the ability to pull from higher up in one session to pulling from the middle or the base in another; in this way, you can be sure all parts of your penis are covered.

This new pumping system works through a combination of technologies surrounding automatic electronic penis pump heads as well as a patent pending super soft silicone base. The bases are designed to prevent anything else from getting sucked up into the pump while you use it, and this unique base is there to prevent that.

To get the most out of your Zen pump combo, please review both the hanging video and the pumping video to receive detailed instructions on how best to use the product for both purposes. At present, documented trials with the vac system are underway, and the results are being shared over time for you to review as well. So far, there have been excellent results in the smaller test groups that are being conducted, including both penis width and penis length gains. This was done through the use of 40 years of collective experience to create products that test well and that customers actually benefit from. Also you will get an overview on Penis Pump Cost and Buying Tips

Hanging and Pumping Routines

Every man is different, and every man has different routines that are going to work best for them for that reason. Everyone has different tolerances to things like pressure, time under tension, weight and beyond. You will need to play around and experiment to determine which method is best for you. One of the most commonly asked questions about this system is how to achieve both width and length gains at the same time, and if you complete routines that involve both, you can get the answer. For most people, it is recommended that you do vac hanging followed by pumping and doing so in no more than 15-minute increments. This recommended is an average time, however; some can go for longer. If you do, be sure you are not going over much longer as not to cause damage to your penis.

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