Zen Penis Vacuum Pump

Zen Hanger

$ 169.00

Vac Hanger and Penis Pump System

This is our patent pending zen vac hanger and pump combo system. This is a whole new category in the penis enlargement industry and we are really excited for you guys to try this out and start making gains. This system doubles as both a vacuum hanger system for length gains and a pumping system for girth gains all in one package. Vac hanging can be one of the most effective hanging methods and pumping is known for outstanding girth gains. 

This system comes with the following parts:

  • Zen pump automatic head
  • XL pump tube
  • two sizes of vacuum bases (one side is fit to the size of the vac tube and the other for your penis. Comes in two diameters, .75 inches and 1 inch, so you can find the best fit for you)
  • velcro strap to prevent slipping
  • XL pump base for pumping sessions
  • Optional 5.5 pound stack, 10.5 pound stack or no weights

* Vac hanging bases and pump bases are for sale individually in our store if you need replacements in the future. 

With the system we have solved what we found the most common reasons that guys quit hanging and pumping....... PAIN AND DISCOMFORT.

Our vac hanger spreads the grip of the sleeve over a large surface area creating an even distribution of the weight across a targeted area. We have tried all the hanging systems out there and this is by far the most comfortable when it comes to applying weight. You can also strategically place the base on different parts of the shaft during different sessions. This means you can work on pulling from higher up just behind the glands and during another session you can focus on pulling from the middle of the shaft or from the base. This is the ideal strategy to achieve the most growth. 

Our new pumping system is made possible with the combination and technology of our automated electronic penis pump head and our patent pending super soft silicone base. These bases are revolutionary. The worst part about pumping is the problem and pain of getting your testicles and skin sucked up into the pump while pumping. This happens with every brand of pump we have tried. We solved this issue with our new bases and we know you are going to love them. Once you try them you won't ever pump any other way. 

Please review the Vac hanging video and the pumping video for detailed instruction on how to use the product for hanging and for pumping. We are currently running documented trials with our vac system for hanging and pumping and will share the results once the trials are complete. We have seen outstanding results so far in our smaller test groups in both length and girth gains. We are confident this is the most effective penis enlargement tool on the market. We utilized over 40 years of combined experience to develop this products. You will receive everything you need to both pump and vacuum hang with comfort and ease when you purchase the Zen Hanger vac system. Also, you will get an overview on penis pump cost and buying tips.

Pumping and Hanging Routines

Every guy is different. We all have different tolerances to weight, time under tension, pressure, etc... You are going to have to experiment and find what is right for you. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is can you work on girth and length at the some time (can you have penis pumping and pens hanging in your routine at the same time). The answer is, yes. We have found that a combination of vac hanging followed by pumping is an excellent routine. We recommend no more then 15 minutes of hanging and / or pumping per session when you are new. Some people never surpass 15 minutes while other are able to. Take you time, use good judgement and develop a routine that works for you. This system is designed for gains. Get growing today with the Vac and pump combo system.

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