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Penis Clamps for Increased Girth

Using penis clamps or cock clamps for your penis clamping exercise in theory is one of the most basic girth exercises you can do and also happens to be one of the most effective. The problem is that while it may be the most effective, it is also one of the most difficult penis enlargement techniques to master.

Why Penis Clamping for Enlargement? 

Facilitated by the Zen Clamp, our innovative approach to penis clamping not only focuses on stretching the penis walls and naturally increasing blood flow during arousal but also addresses concerns such as penis turtling. The process involves maintaining a full erection with the clamp strategically positioned at the base of your penis, providing comprehensive benefits. Although it may seem intimidating initially, with practice and commitment to refining your technique, achieving enhanced girth and preventing turtling becomes an attainable goal.

    Our Cock Clamping Products

    The Zen Hanger cock clamp AKA the Zen Clamp is custom made for Zen Hanger with high tension springs and the hardest composite plastic. We put in the highest quality materials to ensure that there is no spring lock up like other cheap clamps on the market. Our clamps have quick release safety buttons and small incremental clamp down positions for small adjustments of tightening as you need it. We also include two comfort sleeves to wear under the clamp for optimum comfort when clamping. If you are going to explore penis clamping make sure you do it with the best and most reliable clamps on the market. The Zen Clamp.

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