Penis Clamps

Penis Clamps for Increased Girth

Using penis clamps for your penis clamping exercise in theory is one of the most basic girth exercises you can do and also happens to be one of the most effective. The problem is that while it may be the most effective, it is also one of the most difficult penis enlargement techniques to master.

Penis Clamping Is To Stretch The Penis Walls

The purpose penis clamping with a penis clamp is to stretch the penis walls while at the same time training the body to naturally force more blood then usual into the penis when you are fully aroused. In order to do this, you must be able to keep a full erection for the entire length of your session while wearing the clamp at the base of your penis.

It sounds a little intimidating, but is very achievable to anyone willing to put in a little time and effort to practice and protect your technique.

Clamping also benefits you by strengthening all around erection strength when you are not clamping. Who doesn’t want that? You are welcome to start with the clamp and practice but we do recommend beginners to purchase both our pump and clamp when they first start training. Pumping will help you train and learn the feeling and action of increasing blood flow into the penis through suction of the pump. As you progress, you will find yourself being able to achieve the same results manually with the clamp which are much more beneficial - this will happen over time.

Our Penis Clamping Products

The Zen Hanger penis clamp AKA the Zen Clamp is custom made for Zen Hanger with high tension springs and the hardest composite plastic. We put in the highest quality materials to ensure that there is no spring lock up like other cheap clamps on the market. Our clamps have quick release safety buttons and small incremental clamp down positions for small adjustments of tightening as you need it. We also include two comfort sleeves to wear under the clamp for optimum comfort when clamping. If you are going to explore penis clamping make sure you do it with the best and most reliable clamps on the market. The Zen Clamp.