9 Inch Multi-Use Anti-Turtle and Retraction Silicone Penis Sleeve for Stretching and Pumping

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$ 24.99

9 Inch Anti-Turtle and Retraction Silicone Penis Sleeve for Stretching and Pumping

*Discounted pricing when you purchase multiple silicone sleeves. Choose between a single sleeve, 2 pack or a 4 pack of sleeves from the drop down menu above the add to cart button

*Now available in 1", 1.25" and 1.5" diameter

*Try our sample pack for one of each size. Just choose sample pack from the drop down in quantity and size. 

The 9 inch customizable silicone sleeve has multiple uses in your various penis enlargement routines. Don't confuse these sleeves for the comfort sleeves. These in a various diameters and softness. The one inch diameter sleeve comes in two softness varieties. The "super soft" is the same softness as the short comfort sleeves that come with our noose hanging kits. Each Sleeve is made for a different purpose. This sleeve can be cut to whatever custom size you please or cut into multiple smaller pieces. We had an overwhelming amount of requests to create a longer comfort sleeve and after a lot of research and development we have  a great product to offer our customers. Our sleeves are cured in a clean environment and dont have the sticky / tacky feel of others. We performed a lot of research and trials to perfect the right amount of softeness and thickness. We offer penis sleeves for sale individually or at a discounted rate in 2 or 4 packs. Sleeves are available in three different diameters. The dimension of each penis stretching sleeve are as follows: 

9 Inch Penis Stretching and Anti-turtle Silicone Sleeve in 4 Sizes

*Please measure and choose the proper size according to your intended use and your size. Average girth circumference is considered around 4.5" erect. this is just a reference point. If using for pumping the 1 inch super soft sleeve should be one size fits all and is the best of pumping. for stretching please read below for sizing. 


It is up to you to choose you correct size and we do not offer refunds or exchanges for improper fit. If you feel you are between sized you may want to order a single of a few sizes or the sample pack. Keep in mind that when using for penis stretching and anti turtle your diameter will be smaller when your penis is in a stretched position. Measure you penis diameter (how wide it is across) when it is flaccid and a bit stretched. Choose a size that is a bit smaller then your flaccid diameter. 

The 1 inch diameter "standard softness" sleeve is for below average to average girth used as an extender / anti-turtle sleeve. This will be a clean fit on below average guys and a snug fit on average guys. Dimensions of 1" sleeve are: 

Inner Diameter: 1" / 26mm

Outer Diameter: 1.25" / 32mm

Length: 9" / 228mm

The 1 inch diameter "super soft" sleeve is for all girth sizes and can be used as a beginner or long term extender / anti-turtle sleeve. This sleeve is also great for pumping resistance. Due to its extreme softness and flexibility this will be a good fit for almost all guys. Dimensions of 1 inch super soft sleeve are: 

Inner Diameter: 1" / 26mm

Outer Diameter: 1.25" / 32mm

Length: 9" / 228mm

* Extra soft and flexible


The 1.25" inch diameter sleeve is for average girth used as an extender / anti-turtle sleeve or as a tight fit pumping resistance sleeve. This will be a clean fit for average guys and a snug fit for above average guys. Dimensions of the 1.25" sleeve are:

Inner Diameter: 1.25" / 32mm

Outer Diameter: 1.4" / 35.75mm

Length: 9" / 228mm


The 1.5"  inch diameter sleeve is for above average girth used as an extender / anti-turtle sleeve or a pumping sleeve. Average guys may use this as a low resistance pump sleeve also.  Dimensions of the 1.5" sleeve are:

Inner Diameter: 1.5" / 38.1mm

Outer Diameter: 1.7" / 32mm

Length: 9" / 228mm


Some of the many uses of this sleeve are: 

  • Anti-Turtling

The sleeve can be worn over the flaccid penis after a hanging our stretching session in order to prevent retraction of the elongation gains made during your penis hanging or stretching session
  • Prolonged Stretching

A sleeve can be worn over the penis for extended amounts of time independent of any other penis exercise or routine as a form of all day penis extender / ADS to make flaccid and erect penis gains over time. Learn more about penis stretching here.
  • Penis Pump Resistance

During a penis pumping session with the Zen Penis Pump or any other brand penis pump you can use this sleeve to create additional resistance during your penis pumping session. It will also help prevent skin bruising during extreme pumping sessions. Sleeve is to completely cover the penis and head if used for pumping. Super soft sleeve is best for this application. 
  • Jelqing

The sleeve can be used in larger sections to add resistance to your penis jelqing exercise routine or cut in shorter sections and lubricated to move up and down the shaft during a jelqing sessions
  • Stretching / Traction Devices

Sleeves can be cut into shorter pieces and placed behind the glands as a comfort sleeve when using traction devices or stretchers strapped to the penis
  • Vacuum Hanger Sleeve

Our sleeves are great replacement for vacuum hanger sleeves of smaller diameter and can be cut into sections to create multiple penis vac hanger replacement sleeves. These will not fit the Zen Hanger Vac system. We sell custom sleeves for that system in our store. 

9 Inch Penis Silicon Sleeve - Male Enhancer Sleeve Testimonial

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