Does Penis Stretching Really Work?

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Does Penis Stretching Work

Most men have at one point or another in their lives considered how to get a bigger penis. There are "solutions" that bombard your email and your ad space on websites promising miracle cures, meaning that the thought can be difficult to escape. If such suggestions have peeked your interest, you may have already been tempted to see if those claims are true, but the real truth is that there are no ointments or pills that can help you achieve a larger size overnight. Instead, there are penis enlargement tools & devices, such as those that do penis stretching. Penis stretching tools have been shown to provide results if kept up with for a consistent period of time, answering the question of "does penis stretching really work?"

Results of Stretching Are In

penis stretching put to the test


Several enhancement methods have been tested and tried many times, but there are just as many that are better to be avoided as well. This is especially true if you do not have experience with stretching penis activities. There have been many studies conducted to see what can happen if you apply different nonsurgical techniques to increase your size.

One of these studies was conducted by urological researchers at the Turin Italian University. The study looked at the surgical procedures that were being done on half of the males in the study, while the other half of the group tried nonsurgical penis enhancement devices and methods. Of course, just like with any procedure that requires anesthesia, there is always the risk for complications from that straightaway.

The traction method, or penis stretching method, on the other hand, posed no such risks when done properly. It provided results that were free of complications and quite promising. Hanging weights were used in these subjects to stretch slowly and gradually and it was used for four to six hours each day over a total of six months. The results were between .67 inches and 0.9 inches between participants.

Those who have erectile dysfunction problems that were in the study used penoscrotal rings to help them test. These rings are tension devices that fit snugly around the base of one's length to help maintain the erection and ensure accurate results. There was even a six-month test that showed that penis pumping using a vacuum device was not as effective as hanging. Instead, hanging was shown to be one of the best ways to achieve the results men were after.

Video Guide to Penis Weight Hanging

Why Do Men Want Bigger Penis?

Why Do Men Want A Bigger Penis


Though a good number of men are satisfied enough with their size, many are not. There are around 45 percent of men who wish they could increase their size. One of the driving factors of this is because men who watch porn will look at the size of the porn star and compare themselves to them, even though they are unrealistic expectations. Even for those who are average or above average, it can lead them to think they are too small. If it really is smaller than average, meaning it is less than three inches, there are ways to increase your length.

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Stretching For Beginners

penis stretching for beginners


Alongside the ancient Arabic massage methods that are said to help extend the length, there are also penis stretching weights that you can take advantage of, too. One of the best ways to do that is to combine different stretching techniques such as massaging and hanging weights while at the same time doing some pumping. Perhaps the most important thing to have is the understanding and proper expectation that you are not going to see results overnight because consistency is key.

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Penis Stretching Toolkit

There are several penis enhancement device options out there for you, and they are as follows:

Penis Hanging Weights

Penis Hanging Weights


By attaching a hanging weight to your penis, you can gradually stretch it out over time. Again, don't expect results overnight. Instead, you must simply begin by using low weights and adding more gradually over time. As you add more and more weights to the tool, you will start seeing more results. Still, do not rush into it and add heavy weights right away or you could injure yourself.

Penis Stretchers

Penis Stretchers


Stretching all day using extenders and stretchers may help you get the results you want over time as well. This type of stretching device features silicone sleeves, an adjustable leg strap and a noose that is easy to use. It is made to be worn under clothing and used to stretch for long periods of time.

All-Day Extenders

ADS – All Day Penis Stretcher & Extender


All-day stretching may help you get better results as well. This device puts more attention on your penis for longer periods, which could help you achieve better results as well. Using an all-day system is something that you should only do once you have gotten used to hanging weights for a shorter period of time. Only then will it feel comfortable and natural enough for you to safely do it.

Penis Pumps

One of the most common ways to make one's penis bigger is to use a penis pump, but those are typically used to get a larger width in the heat of the moment. However, if you use both stretcher tools and pumps and balance your regime out that way, you may enjoy an increase in both girth and length at the same time. They are as easy to use as hanging weights and offer even swifter results.

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Does Penis Stretching Make My Penis Bigger?

There are many reasons why a man might ask "does penis stretching work?" and in this article, we've tried to answer some of them. When you're ready to take the plunge and see if this method of penis growth is right for you, there are several stretching and hanging tools for you to choose from. It just comes down to choosing the best one for you and remembering that patience is key.

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