ADS (All Day Penis Stretcher) and Penis Extenders

Zen Hanger

$ 44.99

(ADS) All Day Penis Stretcher and Penis Extender

The Zen Hanger ADS (All day Stretching) system is the perfect stand alone or add on exercise for guys looking to add length. Impressive gains have been made over time using this system by itself or together with Zen Hanger penis weight and penis hanging systems. Our ADS system is superior to others on the market because of a few added features you wont find elsewhere.

1) Our system includes a set of ultra comfort silicone comfort sleeves as a protective layer and a comfortable and easy to use cotton noose. Previous versions of our ADS had silicone cups or leather lace up wraps. Through customer feedback and research and development we have come to the conclusion that our cotton noose is the most comfortable and easy to use solution for a secure and comfortable fit. We are confident you will find the noose system on our ADS superior to other systems that use lace ups or silicone cups.

2) A soft elastic cotton band is included to be worn underneath the leg strap for extra comfort when wearing the stretcher for long periods of time.

3) Finally, the most important feature that sets our ADS system apart from others is the included tension pulley that enables you to apply as much tension as you wish and is not limited by a cheap spring lock or single setting elastic cord like other ADS systems on the market. The barrel lock pictured in this system is simply to hold the slack of the shock cord in place and out of the way. The ability to customize and increase the amount of tension is important in order to achieve results over time.

Penis Stretching For Longer Amounts of Time

The Zen Hanger penis stretching ADS system can be worn for extended amounts of time and even in your sleep once you are comfortable with long term use. It is possible to wear underneath clothing with proper planning. The adjustable leg strap can be worn below or above the knee and enough elastic cord is provided for users of all heights to cut to their custom length. This is a high quality product developed for comfort and results. When you purchase this item you will receive the following:

  • Adjustable leg strap​ with D ring

  • Tension cam for easy tension adjustment

  • Cotton noose with locking beads

  • (2) ultra comfort silicone sleeves

  • Elastic shock cord 

  • Soft elastic cotton band for added leg strap comfort

  • Canvas storage bag

  • Written Instructions for using the ADS 

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