How to Enlarge Penis Naturally

One of the most frequently asked questions in the penis enlargement community is: “Can you enlarge your penis naturally?”

The simple answer is Yes…. BUT, if you want to grow your penis naturally and safely, you’ll first need to navigate your way through all the hype and misleading information that’s out there, regarding what ‘naturally’ actually means.

Let’s get the obvious, but not always discussed, elephant in the room out of the way…

There is no quick way to enlarge your penis.

No matter how many spam emails you receive from companies pushing penis enlargement products, you need to get real about what’s actually possible.

There are plenty of companies out there that are preying on your insecurities and your need for instant gratification.

If you’re reading this, it’s highly likely that you’re hungry for genuine information about ways to naturally enlarge your penis dimensions.

Although it’s not the news you want to read, the fact is there is no miracle pill, cream or super-secret exercise that is going to suddenly extend your penis overnight, or in the next 30 days. Magic penis enlargement products simply do NOT exist.

You can however, use natural penis growth techniques that have proven to give results. You’ll need to commit to the training process and practice patience. But, if you’re serious about achieving noticeable results, natural penis enlargement can help you increase penis length and girth, over time.

Are you still keen to discover how to enlarge your penis?


…As we have the answers you’ve been searching for.

Proven Natural Penis Growth Techniques

If you’re unhappy with what you’re packing, it’s possible to grow your penis without having to resort to penis enlargement surgery. Growing your manhood, via penis enlargement naturally methods, costs a fraction of what you would need to spend if you opted for a cosmetic procedure instead. Penis enlargement exercise, using a variety of high quality penis enlargement products, can help you see the difference in penis enlargement before and after, provided that you put in the necessary effort.

There are a number of penis enlargement methods that you can try in the safety and privacy of your home.

Not sure which penis enlargement products to invest in?

No worries. We’ll make things easy for you so that you can achieve natural penis enlargement.

Penis Weight Hanging:

penis hanging

This penis enlargement technique requires a balance of gravity, physics, and time. By attaching weights to the penis, for a short period of time on a consistent basis, the penis will gradually increase in length over time. The Zen Hanger noose system, and weight stacks, is a great penis enlargement product option for this particular technique. View our range of penis weight hangers to learn more.

You can also read more about this penis enlargement technique in our Ultimate Guide to Penis Weight Hanging.


Penis Stretching:

penis stretching

Stretching is similar to weight hanging, but the amount of tension is lower and is usually applied at a lower rate than penis weight hanging. Penis stretching can be accomplished with the use of traction stretchers that include small threaded rods and a spring, to add length over time. These devices have to be worn for long periods of time. The recommended time is usually 8 hours per day, which can be difficult for most users. We recommend stretching as a supplemental exercise to be used in combination with weight hanging if possible. Some people do get the results they want from exclusively stretching.

The Zen Hanger ADS is a great way to supplement or exclusively use the stretching technique, and it is easier to use than traction stretchers. View our ADS penis stretcher for more details.

Penis Pumping:

penis pumping

Pumping with a penis enlargement pump is a highly effective way to increase penis girth. Noticeable results are achieved because the pump forces blood into the penis, expanding the corpora cavernosa (two tubes in your penis that fill with blood when you get an erection) beyond the normal amount you would naturally be able to pump into your penis. This also helps to expand the tunica (the outer sheath that surrounds the corpora cavernosa) and trains it to expand further and thinner, which helps you gain a thicker penis/erection. 

Our vac hanger/pump combo system is designed to give you the length and girth gains that you desire. The base of the vac hanger allows you to create an even distribution of hanging weight for comfort. This gives you more flexibility in terms of weight pulling, so that you can achieve the optimal growth.

View our Automatic Electric Penis Pump for further information on the best, quiet and waterless penis enlargement pump on the market.

Penis Clamping:

penis clamping

This is arguably the best penis enlargement and girth exercise possible for gaining penis thickness and enlarging penis naturally. It is also the most difficult to master.

Your penis has a two-way highway for blood to enter and exit. The clamp is designed to clamp around the base of the penis tight enough so that blood is not able to exit the penis. At the same time, you can momentarily bypass the clamp with the pressure of the Kegel muscles (in the pelvic floor), and force more blood into the penis. Each time you repeatedly contract and relax the Kegels you force a little more blood into the penis and expand the girth.

If you are not familiar with Kegels, think about the muscle you use when you’re urinating and need to cut it off suddenly. That is your pelvic floor muscle doing all the work. It’s the same muscle that controls the strength of your erection and your ability to pump more blood into you penis manually. You can give this muscle a workout through repetitively contracting and releasing it.

Over time penis clamping will give you great girth gains and lead to stronger erections overall. View our penis clamp to check out this natural penis enlargement proven method.


Manual Exercise For Natural Penis Enlargement

Aside from using a high quality penis enlargement device to achieve the best penis enlargement results, you can also add manual exercises to boost your gains. Real penis enlargement requires dedication and consistency over time, no matter which natural penis enlargement methods you choose to follow.

Manual exercises are great for beginners as they allow you to get a feel for real penis enlargement. These techniques can be effectively used for warming up, but are not recommended for long-term growth results.

Any guy who wants to find out how to enlarge your penis naturally needs to know the most popular manual exercises, and how to perform them correctly. Whether you’re using a penis enlargement device or your hands, before you grow your penis it’s important that you make sure that:

  • Your penis is soft and flaccid
  • You’re comfortably seated on a chair, bed or floor
  • Alternatively, you can stand against a wall while manually exercising
  • If you feel any pain or discomfort, stop what you’re doing immediately


Jelqing is an ancient Arabic massage technique that is often used to manually naturally stretch and grow the penis and enhance girth. The massaging motion stimulates and increases blood flow in the penis, allowing it to accommodate more blood and to boost the hardness of an erection. A typical jelqing workout lasts 20-30 minutes. If you’re a beginner, 5-15 minutes per workout (3-4 times a week) is sufficient.

How to:

  • Start by putting your index finger and thumb together in an ‘O’ shape
  • Slide the ‘O’ over your penis and rest it against the base
  • Reduce the size of the ‘O’ shape until you feel mild pressure on the shaft
  • Slowly move the ‘O’ towards the head of your penis, stopping when you reach the tip
  • Increase or reduce the pressure until you find your jelqing comfort zone

Manual Stretching:

Your hands can work wonders on temporarily increasing dimensions without the aid of a penis enlargement device. It’s no surprise that this is one of the easiest home remedies for penis enlargement.

How to:

  • Using your dominant hand, grip the head of your penis and gently pull your penis upwards, stretching it out for a count of 30 seconds
  • Applying pressure on the area around the base of the penis, with your other hand, is entirely optional
  • Repeat the exercise, this time pulling your penis in a downward motion for another 30 seconds
  • Pull your penis to the left for 30 seconds
  • Finish the manual exercise by pointing your penis to the right for 30 seconds


Kegel exercising is a health practice that is recommended for both men and women. Exercising the pelvic floor is essential if you want to maintain good sexual health. If you practice Kegels for just 5 minutes, 2-3 times a day, you’ll quickly notice that you have more urinary control, improved erections and orgasms that are more intense. While Kegels don’t produce any visual impact on male penis enlargement, having a strong pelvic floor is a beneficial foundation to achieving the permanent penis enlargement results that you want.

Kegel exercises are easy to do, once you know exactly which muscles you need to target. To locate the Kegels, head for the restroom:

  • Halfway through urination, try to slow down or stop the flow of urine
  • Don’t hold your breath in anticipation, and try not to tense the muscles in your buttocks, abdomen or legs
  • Keep stopping and starting, until you’re able to control the flow – once you manage it you’ll know where the Kegel muscles are located

How to:

Some people find it easier to do Kegel exercises lying down, as your body doesn’t have to worry about fighting gravity.

  • Contract the muscles for a slow 5-10 seconds, and release
  • Repeat

When you first start Kegel exercises, spending 5-10 seconds on the workout may seem tougher than putting in time at the gym. Keep at it though. After a few weeks of daily practice you’ll be able to contract and release the Kegels on cue.

These manual exercises for natural penis enlargement are great foundation staples to a good PE routine. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to rely solely on these penis enlargement techniques in the long-term.

Natural Ways To Enlarge Penis

It’s unfortunate that penis enlargement is such a taboo subject. As it’s not yet a subject that’s out in the open it leads to a lot of misleading and false information being passed around. The truth is that natural penis enlargement is a real thing, and it’s within reach of anyone who wants to put the time and dedication into getting the penis gains they want.

Remember, there is a big difference between natural penis enlargement and magic penis enlargement. Magic does not exist, and there is no Top Secret or miracle pill, cream or exercise that will get you instant enlarge your penis results. Nothing replaces knowledge, dedication and patience.

Zen Hangers products and reputation is based around proven male penis enlargement methods without the hype. With our products you can achieve natural penis enlargement safely. Check out our natural penis enlargement products with proven results.