Is Penis Weight Hanging Safe?

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is penis weight hanging safe

It’s no longer news that many men seek ways to enhance the length and girth of their penis. There are many penile enhancement techniques and products on the market designed to meet your needs. Hanging weights on penis is one of the penis enhancement techniques in vogue recently. It is one of the most prevalent penis-lengthening exercises.

If you are reading this article, it means you have researched the best and most comfortable ways to get a larger penis, and now you want to know more about weights on penis using penis weight hanging and penis stretching. So let’s take a look and find out everything you need to know about penis hanging and ways to stay safe.

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding penis weights is, do penis weights work? As you keep reading this article, you get the answer to this question and many others and access to relevant information regarding putting weights on penis. Read to the end to get all the information you need.

What is Penis Hanging?

You might be wondering what is penis hanging? It's not a complicated term. The penis weight hanging is just like its name implies. Penis hanging or pe hanging is a type of stretching exercise that increases the length of the penis by using weights suspended from the shaft(usually just behind the glands) of the penis. The penis weights stretch the penis by creating resistance and stretching the shaft tendons/muscles to gain more length.

Penis hanging weights are created in many types and forms. For example, it may come in the form of a ring attached to the end of your penis shaft. Penis weight hanging results in improved blood flow to your penis to achieve a strong and last-long erection and increase in length.

What is the Mechanism of Penis Weight Hanging?

The name of this method tells a lot about it; you will obviously hang a weight from your penis. The question now is, what is going to happen when you do this? In order to comprehend everything, let's discuss the anatomy of the penis first. The penis is composed of the following parts.

    1. Head(Glans):

We can classify it into heads of uncircumcised men and heads of circumcised men. The head is covered with a tissue called mucosa in uncircumcised men, which is also covered with a foreskin called the prepuce. The prepuce is removed surgically in circumcised men, and the mucosa turns into dry skin.

    1. Corpus Cavernosum:

The corpus cavernosum part is responsible for erections. It is composed of two columns running on the two sides of the penis and a form of tissues filled with blood when a man is sexually aroused, causing an erection.

    1. Corpus Spongiosum:

The Corpus Spongiosum is the column running in the middle of the penis and ending at the head. When you have an erection, this part becomes filled with blood to keep the urethra open. All the previous parts are formed of smooth muscle tissue, so the questions that should be asked now are what is smooth muscle tissue, and how does it grow?

Smooth muscle tissues are soft, spongy tissues that differ from the cardiac and skeletal muscle tissues, especially in how they grow. Skeletal muscles, like the muscles of your arms, grow through a process called hypertrophy which means the size of the tissue grows without any increase in the number of cells forming this tissue.

Smooth muscle tissues do not grow this way. They grow via hyperplasia, which increases the number of cells within the tissue, so its overall size will also grow. And to stimulate the process of hyperplasia, you need to stimulate it physically. This is done through methods like penis weight-hanging. Penis hanging weight can assist you in building both the girth and length of your penis in a similar way a random person or an athlete builds muscles in a gym by lifting weights.

Is Penis Weight Hanging Safe?

Yes, hanging weights on penis is safe, but only if you do it right!

This post will show you how penis hanging increases your penis size from a medical point of view, the best tips to avoid any possible injuries, and the best routine to apply. We strongly believe that you should use multiple techniques for your penis enlargement.

How much can a penis hold during penis hanging exercise depends on each individual. It is a function of how much weight your penis can tolerate without you experiencing any form of pain or discomfort.

When using a penis weight hang for the first time, we strongly recommend you start with the lightest weights before building your way up to avoid injury to your member. Your safety is paramount.

Many penis-hanging reviews online mention some pure assumptions about hanging weights from penis method, making it sound dangerous. At the same time, it is totally safe when you do everything right.

How Does My Penis Actually Grow?

Penis weight hanging is like exercise for your penis. It is a resistive physical stimulation that enhances hyperplasia of the smooth muscle tissue of the penis. After a while, the tissue will adapt to the changes and become more prominent. And that is exactly the primary goal, and this is how penis weight works. Weight-hanging results are only noticeable when you are dedicated and consistent to hanging weight on penis. But like everything, there are pros and cons to this method. So what are the pros and cons of penis weight hanging methods?

Penis Weight Hanging Benefits

  1. You can use your hands freely after attaching the weight to your penis. Notice that you should not move around a lot or do any heavy activities to avoid causing any damage. Sudden movement while using penis weights may cause pain. Stay still as much as possible.
  2. There is no limit to the penis weights you can use or the length you want(within reason). Give the exercise the proper time and consistency, and you will get the length you want. Of course, starting with light penis weights and then gradually increasing them is best. It is also worth noting that all men are different when it comes to the amount of time under tension and the amount of tension required for growth. Some men will be easy gainers, while others will take more time and tension to see gains.
  3. Penis weight hanging is not only about the length. The exercise may increase the base girth (overall circumference) of the penis by up to half an inch.
  4. The penis hanging process is totally controllable when you follow the instructions typically. As we said, please start with the weight that makes you comfortable and gradually increase it. Suppose you are new to weight hanging start very low with 1 to 2 pounds hanging weights from penis to be cautious.
  5. Hanging weights on penis is safe as long as you take the proper precautions. You have to monitor your physiological indicators and stress levels during the whole process too. The primary key to this method's success is not to rush the results. Give the tissues of your penis the proper time to adapt to the new changes.
  6. Penis weight results are guaranteed, but be patient and let the method work for you. All studies say is that it is a very effective and natural way to achieve penis enlargement.

Are there risks associated with penis weight hanging?

  1. Injuries are rare but possible. You must follow all the precautions to avoid any damage. The men who tried this method don't usually mention the injuries. All the online information about the injuries and complications of penis hanging is due to poor judgment and practice.
  2. The movement is limited. Don't move around too much, and don't perform any heavy tasks to avoid injuries.
  3. Privacy is needed. It is a challenging method to apply if you don't have a private room where you can wear only your shirt and the penis weight.

Now, let’s discuss the precautions that you must follow during performing penis weight-hanging.

How do I ensure I safely enlarge my penis as quickly as possible?

  • Start Slowly: 
Think of this method as going to a gym. It would be best if you worked your way up in weight and time; after all, it is all about getting bigger muscle. Even if you have tried other methods, you still need to start slowly. Never try to feel like a man by hanging the heaviest weight. Putting weights on penis to gain length is not a magic show. It needs time, patience, and consistent penis hanging exercise.
  • Stop When You Feel Pain: 
This applies to all penis enhancement methods. Once you feel pain, stop immediately. Remove the penis weights. Feeling pain serves as a stop signal. It indicates that your penis needs a break. Hanging weight from penis is designed to stretch your penile tissues slowly. So, don't rush it.
  • Warm Up: 
It is a precaution to decrease the risk of injuries. We will discuss it in the safest routine. Warm-ups help to prepare your penis for actual exercise.
  • Watch The Blood Circulation: 
Make sure that blood reaches all the parts of your penis while hanging the weights. Look out for any redness or bluish bruising and numbness. Also, have some rest periods during the hanging to restore the circulation. You need to test to see your tolerance time, but we recommend a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes per set and then rest and let blood flow return for at least 5 minutes. The penis weight hanging results are surprising, but they take time so let's talk about the routine you should follow.

What is the Best Penis Weight Hanging Routine?

You need a routine to achieve your desired results while hanging weights from your penis. Not just any routine – a safe routine. Let's look at some of the best penis weight-hanging routines.

  • Again, the best way to start the penis hanging exercise is gradually (start with the lightest weights). The damages and injuries can be severe and permanent if you overwork your penis, so please take care.
  • Patience, time, and consistency are the main qualities you should have to see actual results.
  • Opt for a daily routine that may last for months, so you need to ensure that you have the proper time before starting.
  • Before starting, warm up for about 10 minutes of heat before attaching the weight to your penis. Use the most comfortable penis weights, and don't try to add more hanging weight on penis.
  • Use the penis weights for about 10-20 minutes daily. This routine can be done every day, and as you advance, split sets of one in the morning and one at night can be done.
  • If you ever experience too much fatigue or soreness, skip your next session and give your penis time to recover.
  • Add a maximum of ½ to one pound when you feel it is time to increase weight. You can go ahead to test the new weight with caution.
  • Don’t be afraid to go back down in weight if the weight increase seems too much.
  • When you are done with weight hanging, it is a good idea to use an anti-turtle device such as the Zen hanger ADS Penis Stretcher or the anti-turtle silicone penis sleeves to prevent your gains from retracting.
  • NEVER attach penis weights for a long period of time, hoping you can speed up the rate of penis growth.

How to Maximize Your Penis Enlargement Weight Hanging Results?

Having a safe penis weight-hanging routine is vital, but you can also speed up your results. Here are some tips to accelerate the process and get penis weight-hanging results sooner:

1. Increase the weight hanging period to Enlarge Weight Hanging Results

The hanging routine usually takes about 10 hours per week. You will see the results sooner if you add extra hours to this routine. Of course, you must also follow all the necessary precautions during these additional hours. This is why you must not neglect your safe ways.

2. Learn More about Your Penile Tissues

Understanding how tissues grow will provide you with the patience and consistency needed. Think of it as understanding how to grow your muscles in the gym because it is actually the same thing. As we mentioned earlier, gaining length through penis hanging is no magic show. If you take your time to learn and understand the basic information about your penile tissues, you better understand how penis weights work on your penile tissues and muscles.

3. Keep Working on Your Same Tissue As Long As Required

Changing the targeted tissue early is a common mistake. Your main goal is to reshape the tissue so keep working on the same tissue until it is completely deformed.

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Some FAQs:

Does penis hanging work?

From actual human results, we can say that putting weights on penis is a technique that works. It is one of the old penis enlargement techniques that can help with increasing the size of your penis. Most of our customers have shared reviews that hanging weights on penis works, but it is a gradual process that requires a lot of patience and consistency.

Nearly all the people who shared their experiences with penis weight hanging say that it can be safe, and the injury risk is rare as long as you follow all the precautions. So, the penis weight hanging is secure. Just go light and increase slowly, and you will see your penis grow.

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How many weights can my penis hold?

How much can a penis hold depends entirely on your body. It all depends on what is comfortable for your penis. This is why we strongly advise you to start with the lightest weights in your kit. You can keep adding to find your threshold when you feel comfortable and stick with it.

Will My Penis Grow Fast from Weight Hanging?

With penis weights, you can only achieve desirable results in length and girth with slow and steady penis-hanging exercises. Your genetic makeup may also play an essential role in how much gains you achieve. Your organ is different from someone else’s – no two penises are exactly the same. Avoid comparing your weight-hanging results with another person’s own. But combining penis weight hang with other Zen Hanger penis stretching devices can speed up your results. Your body weight may also contribute to the results you get.

How Do I Know My Penis is Gaining Lengths?

After consistently hanging weights on penis for some time, you can measure the rate of your gains by wrapping a measuring tape around your penis shaft to check for any increase in inches. You can also use a ruler.

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.

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