When Does Your Penis Stop Growing? And Can You Increase Penis Size?

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When Does Your Penis Stop Growing

The penis, the male sex organ, has an important function in all life for humanity and is a necessary component to sexual reproduction outside of artificial insemination. Throughout their lives though, males are often worried about their penis size, whether it is the length or the girth; and being a prime target for insult, some seek out steps to improve the size of their penis by any means necessary. A small penis can often lead to a lack of confidence but, do size increasing techniques work?

Penis Growth Guide, How to Measure Penis Size & What is the Average Male Penis Size?

how to measure penis size

Throughout a young male’s life, their penis will continue to grow up to a certain age, and if this size isn’t satisfactory to them, they may seek out help to increase it. But, at what age does the penis stop growing? Growth of the penis starts early in life, with a slow by steady increase. Once a male hits puberty though, penis growth will often accelerate, particularly between ages 12 and 16, and will often stop by the late teenage years or early 20s based on your puberty timeline. Length and girth will generally grow at similar rates, where the testes will remain the same size until puberty then rapidly grow between 8 and 15. There is a correlation between height growth and penis growth, as they are both related to puberty. If you have stopped growing taller, you have likely stopped growing longer.

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Getting an accurate measurement of the penis is often mired in controversy, as men will often overestimate their size (often to be more enticing to potential partners). Generally if you are looking to measure the length of the penis, you want to position a rule or measuring tape at the base of your erect penis, and press it into the pubic bone as far as you can to get a clear starting point (belly fat can get in the way). Once you have the base at the bone, measure along the length to the very tip. If you are looking to measure girth, you use a soft measuring tape or a piece of string that has no stretch. Gently wrap the tape or string around the thickest part of the shaft of the penis, then note where the tape meets, or the string meets then measure the length of string.

What is the average penis size? The overall average length of an erect male penis is 5.5 inches, and flaccid is 3.5 inches, although it can vary based on location in the world. The girth of an average penis is 4.8 inches. Penises that are 6 - 6.5 inches erect are considered larger than 90% of the general population, and below 3 inches are considered a medical condition known as “micropenis” and is relatively rare. Understanding the averages can help males alleviate some of their hang ups about size, but if you are still concerned, you can look into natural penis size enlargement techniques, or surgical options from a medical professional.

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How to Increase Penis Size Naturally

increase penis size naturally

There are several methods that can be used to increase your penis size naturally, however their effectiveness is going to be limited; do not expect to be able to boost a penis size by inches from most methods beyond surgery. Supplements can be used to try to help penis size, but these are more about increasing blood flow, or augmenting arousal, and not actual permanent increase in length or girth.

Penis exercises are one of the most common natural penis size methods, and generally involve pulling the penis shaft forward, backwards, upwards and downward rhythmically. This method takes a long time, and results are varied, and limited.

How to Increase Penis Size by Using Penis Enlargement Devices/Accessories

Increase Penis Size Naturally

There are a variety of penis size increasing solutions that use devices or accessories that are proven helpful. Always remember though, if it hurts, stop doing it, using a device or accessory can cause damage if not used properly.

Penis Pump

A penis pump uses a motor to create a suction within a tube where you insert your penis. It can be used for up to 15 minutes at time, and can be used to give temporary gains in length and girth, and often used before a sexual encounter. Also helpful for erectile dysfunction.

All-Day Penis Stretchers

All-day penis stretchers use an easy to use sheath to attach the end of your penis to an anchor point just below the knee. With gentle stretching pressure for a few hours a day, over the course of a month or two you may see length gains.

Penis Weight Hanging Systems

Penis weight hanging systems have a similar concept as all-day penis stretchers, but instead, attached to a sleeve on your penis are weights. You should always start with the lowest weight in a kit, and over the course of several weeks increase the amount of weight used. Both methods rely on microtears, and the body’s natural healing functions to increase cell density, and therefore girth and length of the penis.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Can you increase the penis size by using surgical procedure?

A. Yes. Surgical procedures are available for those that have micropenis, or are unhappy with the length of their penis. You must consult with a doctor in order to pursue this method. Not recommended Surgical procedure. 

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Q. How effective is the vacuum penis pump at increasing the penis size?

A. Penis pumps are effective but not always give permanent length or girth increases, however for a temporary boost they work great, with the added benefit of helping with erectile dysfunction. If you are looking for more permanent results, you must use the penis pump daily, in 10-15 minute sessions, for at least a month if not longer.

Q. Does penis enlargement drugs or pills help to increase penis size?

A. There are drugs and penis enlargement pills out there that claim to help increase penis size. 

Q. Do people achieve desired size by using natural penis enlargement procedure?

A. Many do, although the method chosen can vary the amount of success that people achieve in their size changes. Consistency is the biggest part of getting the desired size change when using natural penis enlargement procedures. Without consistency, you will not be able to take advantage of the body's natural healing properties and microtears to boost length or girth.

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Q. When does your penis stop growing?

A. Once a male hits puberty though, penis growth will often accelerate, particularly between ages 12 and 16, and will often stop by the late teenage years or early 20s based on your puberty timeline.


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You should go into penis growth with the right mindset though. Be prepared for daily exercises or procedures, and don’t expect to be gaining 2-3 or more inches. In general, you should keep your expectations in the range of 0.5-1 inches erect increase for length with the proper amount of time invested.

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