The Real Data About Average Penis Size

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The Real Data About Average Penis Size

While the vast majority of men have no concerns about the size, shape or appearance of their manhood, around 45 percent of guys admit to being somewhat or completely dissatisfied by what they’re packing.

When glancing downstairs, some guys can’t help but wonder: “what is the average penis size?” and “is penis size genetic?”

Most men are naturally blessed with a dick that measures a normal and average penis size of about 5.5 to 6.2 inches long when erect. Even though those measurements are perfectly acceptable, the penile dimensions just don’t seem adequate for guys with penis envy.

What Is The Average Penis Size?

What Is The Average Penis Size?

If you’re a porn addict, you may have an unrealistic view of what average penis size or dick size means. Comparing the length and girth of your penis with the porn star lover who is paid to perform sexual acts in front of a camera is likely to make you feel insecure about your masculine measurements.

It’s perfectly normal to think that your dick is too small, when it’s actually 5.5 to 6.2 inches long when erect (the average). Only a penis that measures under 3 inches when erect is actually clinically defined as ‘micro’. Consistently worrying about penis size could mean that you have the condition that is known as penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD).

Is Penis Size Hereditary?

Is Penis Size Hereditary?

Although it’s fair to say that you can thank your Pa for your ‘average’ penis size, other factors should also be taken into consideration. Your penis size is not solely down to genetics. The all-important Y chromosome that is inherited from your penis packing parent only plays a small part in defining the penile dimension that you end up with as an adult.

So, the answer to the question: “is penis size hereditary?” is… only partially.

What determines penis size is your own unique phenotype genes (what gives you individual traits), hormones, and the nutrition you received in the womb.

When you’re born, there’s absolutely no way of telling if you’re going to be able to earn a decent living as a porn star later in life. And once you overcome puberty, your penis isn’t going to grow any bigger.

How To Increase Penis Size

How To Increase Penis Size

If you’re not happy with the length or girth (or both) of your dick, you don’t have to suffer in silence. More and more men are choosing to enhance their manhood by using non-invasive devices and products, such as an adjustable penis weight hanging system, a penis extender, penis clamps and an electronic penis pump.

It’s highly recommended that you take a daily dose of Volume & Recovery male enhancement penis pills to boost your physical penis stretching workouts. The specially formulated supplements are packed full of potent natural ingredients that help to speed up the recovery of the erectile tissues’ micro-tears so that you can build up the bulk that gives your penis bigger definition. 

How To Measure Penis Size?

How To Measure Penis Size?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s really not possible to tell the size of a guy’s penis simply by looking at his height, shoe size, or the length of his fingers. The only way to get an accurate measurement is to use a ruler or measuring tape.

How to Measure Penis? As the penis is highly sensitive to arousal, frequency of sexual activity, stress and fatigue, it’s a good idea to take several measurements at different times in the course of one day, to get accurate sizing.

Penis Length:

  • Position the ruler (or soft measuring tape) at the base of the erect penis, as close as possible to your body
  • Press the ruler into the pubic bone as far as you can - especially if you have ample belly fat
  • Take the measurement from the base to the end of the penis tip 

Penis Girth:

  • Using a soft measuring tape (or a piece of rigid string that you can measure against the ruler later) gently wrap it one time around the thickest part of the erect shaft 
  • Note the number where the ends of the tape meet

So, what is the normal size of penis? 

Chances are it’s a combination of the measurements you’ve just taken!

What Is A Good Penis Size?

What Is A Good Penis Size

Well, unless you have micro penis, the penis size you have is perfectly proportioned for your body. If you’re convinced it’s on the small side, losing a beer gut or excess body fat can help to enhance the dimensions of your manhood.

Adjusting your perspective (always look full frontal in the mirror, and stop glancing downwards at your dick) can have a positive impact on how you feel about your penis size.

Improving your health and wellbeing by making some lifestyle adjustments (quit smoking and drinking too much) can also enhance your body confidence and the quality of your sex life.

What Is A Good Penis Size For Sex?

What Is A Good Penis Size For Sex?

It’s natural for guys to wonder: “what penis size do women prefer?”

While many women don’t seem overly fussed about the average penis size that a man is flaunting, some will admit that bigger is definitely better. The female majority does however vote that what matters most is the girth. 

If you want to boost the girth of your dick or looking for average penis girth, and to experience erections that are faster, longer and harder, use an electronic penis pump. The easy to use male enhancement penis enlargement device can super size your dick in minutes. 

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Prime your average size penis for sex by slipping it inside the transparent chamber and activating the pressurized pumping action. Once you’ve reached your desired pumped up size, slide out and pull on a cock ring, to help you maintain your awesome rock hard erection for longer.

While you’re growing a bigger penis, by regularly exercising with premium quality male enhancement devices, like a penis weight hanging system or ADS (All Day Stretcher) you can focus your attention on choosing the sex positions that make the most of your penis size, so that you and your lover can enjoy mutual orgasmic gratification.

Raising your sex hormones can also help to increase testosterone levels. One of the easiest ways to perk up your testosterone is via physical exercise. After your regular workout at the gym, head home for a daily penis workout. Committing to penis stretching training that is consistent will reward you with gradual noticeable penis size growth gains that are far from average penis length.

If your goal is to have a longer and thicker penis, and erections that are fast and rock hard, it’s essential that you put in the crucial penis stretching practice every day.

How To Increase Penis Size Naturally

How To Increase Penis Size Naturally

Regardless of your dick size, it’s possible to stretch a flaccid penis to an extended measurement, safely and naturally.

Start by hanging the lowest weight in your adjustable penis weight hanging system, from your penis, to create beneficial bulk building micro-tears in the spongy erectile tissue of the shaft. 

Pop a daily dose of Volume & Recovery male enhancement penis enlargement pills, to speed up the healing process of the micro-tears. And repeat over and over again, to build up extra strength and stamina, increase blood flow and semen production, and to transform your average dick size into an awesome bigger dick.

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.

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