How To Make My Husband's Penis Bigger

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If you’re a woman reading this, and you’re wondering if your husband or boyfriend measures up, keep going, to find out if he does....

Penis exists in different lengths, shapes, sizes, and thicknesses and it’s no longer news that many ladies and women want their partner endowed in that area for sexual satisfaction.

If you’re already aware that there’s a size issue, hang in there because there’s something you can do about it....You can discover the secrets of penis stretching, and how to make your husband’s penis bigger so that you’re both more than satisfied.

It can be annoying and frustrating to have a great guy, but his penis size isn’t all that great or you discover your past sexual partners are on the bigger size compared to your husband’s penis. Or picture a scenario where you are out with your best girls and one of them throws a question at you – how big is your husband’s penis? And you refused to give an answer.

And you know if your husband’s penis was bigger you would gain more sexual pleasure and he would have more confidence in his dick. Well, the good news is you can your boyfriend or husband out through various ways.

Treat him to a special gift of penis enlargement products, like an adjustable penis hanging weight system, a penis stretcher, and extender, clamps, or a penis pump. Your investment purchase will boost his confidence, penis size length, and girth, and make you one very happy lady.

(If you’re a guy reading this, don’t shy away from discovering what she expects from you!).

Remember that after puberty, you aren’t going to get any bigger.

How Does He Really Measure Up?

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Every guy worries about his penis size at some time or other. Men are mistakenly led to believe that ‘normal’ penis size is actually much bigger than it really is. The internet has a way of making us believe that every other men is more endowed than we are and as a woman you go around with the same mindset and thought of he’s bigger than my husband’s.

Being smaller than average affects just a tiny percentage of men who have the rare condition of micropenis, which is caused by genetics and hormone issues. The average penis dimensions are 5 to 6 inches (in length) and 4 to 5 inches (in girth). Typical micropenis measurements are under 3 inches when the penis is erect.

If your guy is constantly preening and checking out his package, he may have a penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD).

Some people derive more sexual pleasures from thicker and longer penises, while some people may feel good with a partner who has a thinner or shorter penis. At the end of the day, it all depends on personal preference and what satisfies your sexually. According to NCBI, most ladies and women prefer their partner’s penises to be about 6.3 inches long, which is slightly bigger than the average penis size.

Even though your are thinking about your husband’s dick size, it’s not polite, or necessary to take out a tape measure to check out his penis size. As a worldly woman, you’re more than capable of working out the dimensions for yourself. But to help you out...most men have a normal and average size penis that is perfectly proportioned for their body. We are also here to answer your question – how to make my husband’s penis bigger.

The universal worry of having a penis small in size has generated the design of different enlargement devices and medications, and performing of simple exercises that can improve blood flow to the penis. Many men opt for the non-invasive methods to increase their penis size.

What Are You Going To Do About It?

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It can be frustrating to have a great man in your life when he doesn’t deliver the goods in the bedroom. If you’re a woman who has ever asked herself: “how can I make my husband’s penis bigger? ” without openly talking about it with him, there are a number of things that you can do to actively encourage ‘growth’.

  • Boost His Confidence

Before you do anything else, it’s important to boost his confidence. A guy who’s worried about the size of his penis may also have performance anxiety, inferiority complex, or even depression. You can be a supporting partner to your husband or boyfriend by teaching your guy how to adjust his perspective.

Instead of checking out the size his penis by glancing down at it every hour of the day, tell him to admire his manhood full frontal in the mirror. Teach him to appreciate what he has. You can also tell him you like his dick size and you’ve seen smaller ones.

Give him a few pointers on how he can enhance what he’s got, by adopting good manscaping habits like shaving his pubic hairs to reveal his whole dick length and size.

  • Persuade Him To Change His Habits

To improve sexual function and health, a guy has to dump habits that unhealthy. Coax him into cutting down on the booze, quitting smoking, and managing his stress levels. Stress and anxiety can contribute to the reduction of your husband’s dick size. Negative thoughts and feelings can cause blood to flow away from your penis. Hence it becomes extremely difficult to increase the penis size and keep an erection.

As you are daydreaming about how you will have a conversation with a friend and say a phrase along the line “my husband’s penis is too big” remind him to reduce or stay away from is tobacco sticks. Smoke particles from tobacco can create a blockage in the arteries that supply blood to the cock. The flow of blood to many organs on the body can get affected including the penis.

  • Feed him aphrodisiac foods

You can include aphrodisiac foods like oysters, bananas, ginkgo biloba, asparagus and chocolate on his diet to elevate his erectile response. Don’t forget to also increase his arginine intake with chicken, turkey, pork loin, dairy, soybeans, seeds, green veggies, and peanuts. One of the few expected way to improve sexual health is through diet. These aphrodisiac foods help to dilate the blood vessels found in the penis; hence increasing blood flow to it and enhancing erection.

  • Urge him to take a warm shower

One of the easiest approaches on how to make penis bigger is by having a warm shower.. It helps to increase blood flow to all your body parts including the penis. The warmth from the water augments blood flow into the penis; hence enabling penis growth.

  • Raise His Sex Hormones

Moderately increasing the levels of the male sex hormone testosterone can have a positive effect on sexual confidence and performance. A guy in peak health will usually have heightened testosterone levels first thing in the morning, with fluctuating dips throughout the rest of the day. Low testosterone levels can cause symptoms like low sex drive, low self-esteem, depleted energy, moodiness, weight pain and loss of body hair.

Encourage your husband or boyfriend to work up a sweat by taking up some form of regular physical exercise. To optimize natural testosterone production, and to stabilize normal hormone function, rest and repair time between training sessions is highly recommended.

  • Use Your Hands And Imagination

To instantly make your husband’s penis bigger, put your hands to good use. Penis stretching exercises that involve manually massaging the erectile tissue in the shaft, with your hands, is a great way to ‘check out’ the size of his penis. As you gently stretch the skin of the penis, micro-tears are created in the erectile tissue. This has an engorging effect on the penis and can make the penis look noticeably longer.

Commit to regular stretching practice and encourage him to grow his penis safely and naturally, with manual stretching and jelqing exercises. To achieve the results that you both desire, it’s important to keep up the penis enlargement training. Performing these exercises once won’t give you your desired results. You have to be consistent (do it always) and patient. It’s not magic.

The main reason why most men don’t get big from exercises is that they aren’t consistent. They stop doing them and become lazy and inconsistent. As a wife or girlfriend, you can put your two hands into good use by helping your partner perform the exercises. This will make the exercising quicker, fun, and more pleasurable. All you need are your hands and a bottle of lube to lubricate his penis.

Invest In High-Quality Penis Enlargement Products

Penis Enlargement Products

Most couples with a healthy sex life have one or two adult toys to play within the bedroom. If it makes sense to purchase toys to boost the libido and enhance sexual enjoyment, why not invest in high-quality penis enlargement products to achieve the penis dimensions of your dreams?

Penis enlargement devices like stretchers, extenders, penis hanging weight systems and penis pumps can help him gain precious penis length inches over time. A flaccid penis can be safely and naturally stretched using penis weights and hangers. Regular penis training will cause micro-tears in the shaft’s erectile tissue that bulk up the appearance of the penis as they heal. Penis enlargement products like extenders, stretchers and weight hanging systems can improve penile strength and sexual stamina.

If you want your husband to increase the girth of his penis, get him pumping with an automatic penis pump on a regular basis. To achieve noticeable gains over time, regular and consistent use of the device is required. In the short term, pumping produces temporary flaccid gains that can help to boost confidence.

If your husband is one of those people that are afraid of pills, the use of automatic penis pump is a perfect option to gain thickness and length and can be used over and over again. It is designed to increase the size of your penis by increasing the pressure in the penis. The penis pump can achieve more than an increase in your boyfriend’s penis size, but can also be used to manage erectile dysfunction.

Using penis enlargement devices will help your husband, boyfriend or lover achieve a rock hard erection, with enhanced sensitivity and improved ejaculation control. Expect orgasms to be intensified too!

Popping Penile Supplements

Penile Supplements

To complement his daily penis enlarging efforts using penis enlargement devices, you can boost the gain results with Zen Hanger Recovery & Volume Penis Supplements. Our penis enhancement pills contain combination of natural vitamins and ingredients found in commercially sold dietary supplements. These pills are made to increase blood flow to the penis.

Penis enlargement pills can increase the blood flow to the shaft, therefore making it look bigger. If your guy measures an average 5 inches, he can gain 0.5 of an extra inch by popping a penile supplement. Not only can it increase your husband’s penis size, it can also increase the amount of sperm and semen you produce.

Our volume and recovery pills are not magic pills. You can only see results from slow and steady usage over time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Now that you know all the secrets about how to make your husband’s penis bigger, check out the latest high-quality penis enlargement products to help him get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

faq - penis pills

Is it safe to use penis hanging weights to increase the size of my husband’s cock?

Increasing the size and length of your husband’s dick with penis weight hanger is safe as long as you don’t overdo it or careless about it. Penis extension and length gain through weight hanger has been a practice for a very long time.

Can I really make my husband’s dick bigger?

This is one of the most common question asked when it comes to penis enlargement products and devices. Your answer is YES although there are many products on the penis enlargement market that offer fake promises of instant gains. You can only achieve what you and your husband or lover desire with consistency, patience, and proper use of our products. You get to achieve the gains in length MD width you want.

How fast and how much can my husband’s dick size grow from weight hanging?

This question can be answered based on variety of factors. Various factors such as, how long does your boyfriend or husband exercise? How often does he perform the exercise routine. Also individual genetic factors play a factor in how much he gains from penis stretching exercises. But also keep in mind that no two penises are the same. Every penis is unique. All our customers at Zen Hanger had some degree of success when they do it right and put in effort coupled with consistency. You can check out our user results page for testimonials.

How often should I check out my husband’s dick gains?

We know you are excited and eager to see your husband’s penis size increase, but constant measuring or checking out his penis size is not the best idea. It may leave you disappointed or increase his stress and anxiety level (remember this is not good for his penis growth). Dick gains are gradual and slow and it is better and satisfying to see noticeable gains once in a while rather than trying to capture every millimeter or inch of gain. We recommend measuring once monthly or every six to eight weeks, and if you have enough patience you can do it every three months.

How much weight can my husband hang on his penis to have a large penis?

The use of penis weight hangers is a natural way of increasing penis size and how much weight your husband use is up to him. But we strongly recommended to start with the smallest weights if he’s new to weight hanging. Don’t try to overdo it because you are excited to see gains. Test the waters and see the number of weights he can hold without feeling pain. You can grow from there.

Can penis extenders make my boyfriend’s dick bigger?

The simple answer is YES. There has been various studies to show that the continuous use can add length to penis. To speed up the rate of increase, we recommend the use of penis extenders in conjunction with other stretching devices and exercises and Zen enlargement pills. Penis extenders stretch your penis at a high tension level to achieve maximum gains on penis length.

Are there exercises that can increase my husband’s dick?

There are various exercises that can help with penis growth. Jelqing is the most common form of exercise among men. It involves massaging your penis in an OK sign with your thumb and index finger and then slowly move your hand up the shaft with consistent and moderate pressure for about three minutes up to 3-4 times in a week.

Kegel is another massaging exercise where you have to use your hands to gently massage the penis before intercourse. It helps to increase penis thickness and size. Kegel exercises involve contracting and flexing of pelvic floor muscles which can improve bladder control and helpful for premature ejaculation.

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.

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