Why You Should Not Undergo Penis Enlargement Surgery!

John Hanger

Why You Should Not Undergo Penis Enlargement Surgery

Despite having a penis that is considered to be ‘average’ in length and girth size, many men have an exaggerated idea about what is actually regarded as ‘normal’ in terms of manhood measurements.

If you’re one of the many guys seeking to increase the proportions of your dick, you may have looked at penis enlargement surgery as being your only viable option.

Going under the cosmetic surgical knife isn’t your only choice, if you’re seriously dissatisfied by what you’re packing.

Penis enlargement surgery is risky and costly, and doesn’t guarantee the penis growth gains that you want to achieve.

But don’t despair, as a bigger, longer and thicker dick can be yours via alternative means...

Investing in male enhancement penis enlargement devices, such as an adjustable penis weight hanging system, an electronic penis enlargement pump and/or an ADS (All Day Penis Stretcher) can help you increase penile dimensions safely, easily and effectively, in the comfort of your home.

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What Is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

What Is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

As the name clearly implies, penis enlargement surgery is a cosmetic procedure that involves making the penis larger in length and/or girth size. 

A growing number of men are choosing to follow the women who undergo surgery to attain physical enhancement. Guys who are considering penis enlargement surgery can choose from penile augmentation and suspensory ligament release.

If you have the rare condition known as micropenis, and your dick measures under 3 inches when erect, penile surgery involving the insertion of silicone implants, the transfer of fat cells, or the use of skin grafts to increase the overall size, is potential your best bet.

Guys who have a penis that adequately functions for sex and urination, and who don’t want to take unnecessary health risks, or to spend a small fortune in the proces, are far better off looking at alternative penis enlargement solutions.

How Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

How Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

Penis enlargement, via a cosmetic surgical procedure, can be performed in a number of different ways:

Silicone Implants

The insertion of a crescent-shaped piece of medical grade silicone implant under the skin of the shaft can make your dick look longer and wider. The surgeon makes an incision above the penis and inserts the silicone implant through it. They then shape the implant to ensure that it fits the size and shape of your dick.

Fat Transfer

During a fat transfer penis enlargement procedure, the surgeon removes fat cells from a fatty area of your body and injects it directly into the small incisions that have been made in the shaft.

Suspensory Ligament Division

Suspensory ligament division surgery (also known as ligamentolysis) involves cutting the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone. The surgeon severs the ligament and moves skin from the abdomen (or other fatty area) to the shaft. The process may result in a flaccid penis that hangs further south, but doesn’t increase its size.

Other Penis Enlargement Surgery Procedures

  • Tissue grafts
  • Hyaluronic acid injections
  • Polylactic acid injections
  • Penile disassembly (ouch!)

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

Although cosmetic clinics may boast a high number of completed penile procedures, surgery that is performed to increase penis proportions can frequently result in poor treatment outcomes and low satisfaction rates, as well as infections, poor wound healing, permanent scarring, physical damage and psychological complications.

Plus there’s the recommended downtime to factor into your lifestyle after penis enlargement surgery. This is typically 30 days of no intense physical activity and 60 days of no sexual activity (masturbation included)!

In short, there’s simply no guarantee that penis enlargement surgery works, and that your average size dick will be safely and effectively enhanced to look noticeably bigger, longer or thicker after penis enlargement surgery.

How Much Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost?

How Much Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost?

Aside from the potential priceless health risks involved in surgically enhancing the proportions of your dick, “how much is penis enlargement surgery” is a top concern for any man thinking about undergoing a cosmetic penis enlargement procedure.

You can realistically anticipate being parted from around $15,000 (with an upfront $1,000 deposit) if you want to undergo penis enlargement surgery at a prestigious cosmetic clinic.

If the bill is too expensive, don’t despair. You can achieve your desired bigger penis by committing to a regular and consistent program of penis stretching exercises that grow your dick safely, naturally and gradually over time.

You’ll simply need to invest in premium male enhancement penis enlargement products and devices that boost penile proportions, while also delivering a host of other sexual health benefits.

What’s The Best Alternative To Penis Enlargement Surgery?

What’s The Best Alternative To Penis Enlargement Surgery?

If knowing how does penis enlargement surgery work has put you off saving up your money to undergo penis enlargement surgery, it’s important to remember that you still have other options available, if you want a bigger dick.

The vacuum electronic penis enlargement pump was originally invented for the purpose of helping men overcome erectile dysfunction problems. The non-invasive hand-held device quickly and effectively draws blood into the shaft and makes the penis engorge and swell into an awesome rock hard erection that is bigger and longer. It also boosts the girth dimensions of your dick.

Penile extenders, like the ADS (All Day Penis Stretcher), deliver a controlled stretch over lengthier periods of time. This discreet device can be worn under clothing while you’re at home or at work.

Penis stretching with an adjustable penis weight hanging system can produce noticeable and permanent growth gains, provided that you’re committed to following a daily program of exercises.

Regular manual stretching of the penis, and the Arabic technique of jelqing, increase blood circulation in the erectile tissues of the penis, which results in your dick looking bigger.

Penis enlargement pills and supplements containing a potent blend of erection benefitting herbs, minerals and vitamins can certainly aid your penis stretching workouts. Specially formulated to work with your body, Volume & Recovery male enhancement penis pills speed up the healing process after your regular and consistent penis stretching exercises. The micro-tears in the erectile tissues heal much faster when you pop a daily dose of the powerful formula.

So when you’re weighing up the overall cost of cosmetic penile enhancement with other penis enlargement methods, it’s clear to see that there are multiple reasons why you should not undergo penis enlargement surgery.

It really is possible to transform your physiologically normal penis into a bigger, longer and thicker dick without any risky procedures.

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