6.5 Pound Adjustable Penis Weight Hanging System

Zen Hanger

$ 139.00

 Zen Hanger 6.5 Pound Penis Hanging Kit   

The Zen Hanger 6.5 pound hanging kit with case is our original and most popular product. With the (6) one pound weights and (1) half-pound weight you are able to adjust your hanging weight from just a half pound all the way up to 6.5 pounds in half pound increments. Having the ability to raise your hanging weight by small amounts as you make progress plays a key role in success.

Penis Weight Hanging

Weight hanging is the best natural method to growing your penis. By practicing just 10-20 minutes or day with a light weight hangar on your penis, you can see inches of growth - both length and girth. Do this over time and you will get absolutely arousing results. This penis weight hanging kit will set you up with the basics so you can get started right away. This is a single investment that will yield many great results over time! This is one of the best and most complete products on the market. This kit comes in three different models.

6.5 Pound System with no case

This is base system and comes with the following parts:

  • (6) One Pound weights
  • (1) Half Pound weight
  • (1) metal eyebolt for adjustable weights (Nylon version shown has been upgraded to metal)
  • (1) Hanging noose with double locking beads (color may vary)
  • (2) Ultra comfort silicone sleeves
  • (1) Double gate carabiner

This system is also offered in the other two models below that include our storage case and additional equipment options featured in this product video: 



6.5 Pound System with storage case

This option comes with everything that the basic system has and also includes a storage and travel case with the system. The Storage case is a great accessory to store and carry your system.

6.5 Pound System with storage case + ADS + Zen Clamp

This is the most complete option of this system. It includes the base system, storage case, ADS system and a Zen clamp. All of these parts fit perfectly in our custom storage case. Check out the product pages for the ADS and the Zen Clamp if you are not familiar with these products. This a complete system if you are ready to dedicate to a long term routine. 

 * Printing on weights is for promotional / advertising purposes. The weights you receive may not have the writing / graphics. Green Weights = 1 pound, White weight = 1/2 pound. 

* nylon eyebolt pictured has been upgraded. All systems now ship out with a metal eyebolt. 

Penis Enlargement & Growth Testimonial

[3D Video] 6.5 Pound Penis Stretching Weight Hanging System

Instructional Video 6.5 Pound Penis Weight Hanging System

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