How To Get Harder Erections

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How To Get Harder Erections

Any man will tell you that the penis is the most temperamental part of their body. Sometimes it stands to attention ready to perform on command and demand, and on other occasions it responds rather poorly. Many guys have also experienced the appearance of a rock hard erection at an inappropriate time or situation.

An estimated 85 percent of men (aged 20-39) claim they can easily get a rock hard boner practically every time that they’re in the mood for sex. This means that 15 percent of men experience some kind of erection issue, at least some of the time. Around 20 percent of guys aged 40+ admitted to be able to mostly rise to the occasion.

Getting and maintaining an erection can therefore sometimes feel like it’s a huge effort. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Although you’ll never be able to definitively predict how your penis will respond and perform, you can learn how to get harder erections every time that you want to enjoy sexual pleasure and gratification.

What Is An Erection?

What is an erection

It may surprise you to learn that there are three types of erections...

  • Reflexogenic erection is caused by arousing physical contact
  • Audio and/or visual stimulation with no physical contact involved, (or your vivid imagination!), causes psychogenic erection
  • Nocturnal erection occurs while you’re in the deep state of REM sleep

While you’ve getting some rejuvenating zzzzzzs your penis is enjoying 3-5 nocturnal erections that end with an impressive ‘morning glory’ salute. Each nocturnal erection can last as long as 30 minutes.

If you’re effortlessly achieving a rock hard erection while you sleep, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to learn how to get an erection, how to keep an erection, and how to get longer harder erections during day time hours.

What Causes An Erection?

What Causes An Erection

Stimulation via erotic thoughts or sexual contact sends a signal to your brain telling it to activate nitric oxide. This vasolidator relaxes and widens the inner muscles of the blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow to the penis. The expansion of the blood vessels hardens the erectile tissues, creating a rock hard erection.

If your body didn’t have phosphodiesterases enzymes, you’d be able to maintain a rock hard erection for an indefinite period of time! The enzymes cause your relaxed blood vessels to reverse action, dampening the stimulus and making your penis flaccid in the process.

How To Get An Erection

How To Get An Erection penis enlargement pump

Although it would be great if you could get an instant erection on command, achieving one places a number of demands on your body. Your nervous, vascular and hormonal systems have to work together, while you entertain a sexual urge, in order to transform a flaccid penis into a rock hard erection that you can be proud of.

There are however a number of things that you can do to stimulate and speed up the process…

Touching your penis triggers the nerves in your peripheral nervous system in preparation for erection. To activate the limbic system in your brain, so that it can send signals to your erectile nerve centers, you can use visual/audio stimulation.

Using male enhancement products, like an electric penis pump, can help you achieve the erection of your dreams with little effort. A penis pump creates a vacuum seal inside the transparent cylindrical tube that draws blood into the penis, making it engorge and swell up. The vigorous pumping action forces more blood than normal into the spongy tissue of the penis. As a result, you’ll achieve a temporarily boost in penis girth and length dimensions, and a rock hard erection that is ready to perform for longer.

How To Get Harder Erections Faster

male enhancement penis enlargement pills

Health experts recommend that if you want to boost blood flow in the body, nothing beats aerobic exercise. Physical exercise helps to build up your reserves of nitric oxide, which maintain rock hard erections.

If hitting the gym improves your physique, it makes sense to devote some regular time for penile exercise. A regular penis workout with male enhancement products like penis extenders and stretchers, a weighted hanging system, clamps, and a penis pump will boost the efforts of your body training methods. Volume & Recovery male enhancement pills are specially formulated to help you recover faster from your regular penis enlargement workouts and daily penis stretching routines.

Penis enlargement devices like penis stretchers, penis extenders, penis weight hanging systems and penis pumps can help you achieve noticeable penis gains over time. You’ll improve penile strength and sexual stamina, with enhanced sensitivity and improved ejaculation control. Not only will you master how to get harder erections faster, but your orgasms will be intensified too!

Why Can’t I Keep An Erection?

How to Maintain An Erection

It’s not uncommon to occasionally experience an erection setback. Your penis may not be up for sex if you’re feeling stressed, tired or anxious. Consuming too much alcohol will also impact on your erection ability. If you find that you frequently have problems getting and keeping an erection, you could have erectile dysfunction (ED). It’s recommended that you see a medical professional to identify the cause of your symptoms.

How to Maintain An Erection

When trying to figure out how to keep an erection, many men opt to use a little assistance. Male enhancement devices and penis enlargement products provide a practical, easy to use resource for achieving your desired results.

When using an electric penis pump to maximize length and girth size, slipping on a rock ring once you’ve reached your pumped up peak, helps to maintain a rock hard erection for longer. The adjustable, stretchy, vibrating or solid cock ring slides down your penis, to the base of the shaft, and helps to keep blood flow just where you want it.

How To Get Stronger Erections

How To Get Stronger Erections

Once you’re able to get harder erections, you’ll probably want to know how to stay erect for hours, so that you can maximize your sexual pleasure.

Well, the best way to strengthen your heart and your love muscle is via exercise. A physical workout increases your strength, stamina, flexibility and endurance. By improving your cardiovascular health you’re also boosting the blood flow to your penis. A harder, stronger erection requires 8x the amount of blood than a penis that is flaccid and isn’t up to the task.

While you’re regularly and consistently training your penis with penis stretching workouts, it’s a good idea to throw in some Kegel pelvic floor exercises to further strengthen the penile muscles that retain the flow of blood.

Quitting unhealthy habits like smoking (which damages blood vessels and can cause penile tissue damage), improving your diet (eat protein rich foods that contain essential amino acids) and regular penile workouts will elevate your chances of permanently enjoying harder and stronger erections.

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