Facts On Adult Toys And Penis Enlargement Products

Facts On Adult Toys And Penis Enlargement Products

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to adult toys that enhance sexual pleasure and intensify orgasmic climax, women do not have the monopoly.

There is a treasure trove of male centric sex toys and penis enlargement products available, to appeal to men of all ages and sexual persuasion. Wise guys who chose their adult toys with discernment typically select premium quality penis enlargement tools, devices and accessories that offer double-duty benefits.

Penis enlargement products that offer enhanced sexual stimulation and also boost penis proportions are the No.1 adult toy shopping list priority, for any man who wants to maximize gratification.

Must-Have Penis Enlargement Devices

Must-Have Penis Enlargement Devices

If you’re a guy who is pretty open-minded about trying out new things in the bedroom, you may already have an adult toy collection that features a variety of penis enlargement products, like a vacuum penis pump, penis clamps, penis stretchers and penis weights.

While women can shop for vaginal vibrators and clitoral stimulators that enhance sexual wellbeing, men can take their pick from a range of products that can help to attain and maintain a rock hard erection, and to grow a bigger dick.

To help you decide which penis enlargement products to buy for your adult toy collection, here are some helpful facts...

FACT: Penis Weights Promote Safe, Natural And Gradual Growth

Penis Weights Promote Safe, Natural And Gradual Growth

One of the most popular ways to increase the size of your penis is to hang penis weights from the shaft.

Guys looking to improve body image and sexual confidence often opt to grow a bigger dick using an adjustable penis weight hanging system that is easily adapted to accommodate the gradual growth.

FACT: Penis Pumps Help To Grow A Bigger Dick, Fast

Penis Pumps Help To Grow A Bigger Dick, Fast

Invented back in 1870, by Dr John King, penis pumps primarily offered a solution for men with erectile dysfunction issues. Today, the non-evasive, hand-held device is commonly used as a speedy penis enlargement option. that transforms a flaccid penis into an impressive elevation in next to no time.

The intense vacuum suction of an electronic penis enlargement pump increases blood flow in the shaft, causing it to become engorged and rock hard in minutes. Some men report that the pressure inside the transparent cylindrical chamber feels erotically pleasurable.

Although this magnification of your penile proportions is temporary, you can maintain your erection for longer by slipping on the cock ring that is supplied with the penis pump. 

The cock ring is designed to fit snugly around the base of your penis, so that it can apply pressure to the surrounding area. As the pressure squeezes the blood vessels in the erectile tissues, the flow of blood slows down causing your erection to linger for longer.

FACT: You Can Maintain Your Stretch With Penis Sleeves

You Can Maintain Your Stretch With Penis Sleeves

To boost the resistance during penis pumping, it’s a good idea to wear a silicone penis sleeve. Made from body safe, soft silicone, penis sleeves reduce the risk of skin bruising, and keep your penis stretched out until you remove the hollow sleeve. 

Penis sleeves also help to minimize retraction of the penis, after a manual or penis enlargement device assisted penis stretching workout.

FACT: Discreetly Stretch Your Penis With A Penis Extender

Discreetly Stretch Your Penis With A Penis Extender

As penis enlargement devices go, you can’t get any more discreet than a stretching system that straps on to your leg and is hidden under clothing!

If you’re a busy guy, finding the time to fit a daily penis stretching workout into your schedule can sometimes be a challenge. On days when you’re not able to commit to your daily stretching exercises using penis weights, you can opt to stretch your dick with the ADS (all day penis stretcher/ penis extender) instead.

FACT: Maintain A Rock Hard Erection With Penis Clamps

Maintain A Rock Hard Erection With Penis Clamps

One of the penis enlargement products that guys often overlook is the penis clamp. Regularly using penis clamps can naturally and gradually increase the length and girth of your penis over time.

Don’t be deceived by this adult toy’s small and compact size! The compression device is a highly effective penis enlargement tool, and can be used independently or alongside other penis enlargement devices.

Before attaching the penis clamps to your dick slip on a comfort sleeve. Once you’ve tied off the erect penis, the penis clamps’ high-tension springs prevent the increased blood flow from leaving the shaft. The more blood that your shaft can hold, the bigger your penis will grow. 

FACT: Premium Male Enhancement Pills Increase Semen Volume

Premium Male Enhancement Pills Increase Semen Volume

For many men the amount of semen volume that is ejaculated is a sign of virility. It’s worth noting that peak semen production occurs between the ages of 30-35, and decreases after the age of 55. If you need a little help in producing a healthy supply, the quickest and easiest way to boost the production of semen is by popping male enhancement pills. 

If you’re committed to a regular and consistent penis stretching program of exercises that stretch and expand your dick, you will greatly benefit from a daily dose of Volume & Recovery male enhancement penis enlargement pills. The supplements are packed with erection and semen boosting ingredients, and are specially formulated to help speed up the recovery and healing process. 

Whenever you stretch your penis, micro tears occur in the spongy erectile tissues in the shaft. As the micro tears heal and repair bulk is created, which gives your penis the appearance of looking noticeably bigger.

In your rush to enhance your ejaculation quality and quantity, make sure that you don’t hastily buy penis enlargement pills that misleadingly and falsely promise to grow your dick overnight. Only premium penis pills that contain natural active ingredients, like Horny Goat Weed and Mace Root, will have the desired effect.

Penis Enlargement Tools For Your Adult Toy Collection

Must-Have Penis Enlargement Devices

If you haven’t yet started building an adult toy collection, to enhance your sexual enjoyment and sexual health, there’s no time like the present...

Here’s everything that you need to include on your shopping list:

  • An adjustable penis weight hanging system
  • Silicone penis sleeves
  • Penis clamps
  • ADS (all day penis stretcher/extender
  • A vacuum penis pump with cock ring
  • Volume & Recovery penis enlargement pills
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