Why It Can Be Difficult to Get an Erection Hard Enough for Penetration?

It Can Be Difficult to Get an Erection Hard Enough

Any form of erectile dysfunction is always a very difficult topic. So much of the world pushes us towards the belief that our identity as a human being depends upon our sexual and reproductive abilities; our virility and fertility. First of all, this is just absurdly false. And second, you're very much not alone. People rarely want to talk about it, but it's estimated that around 52% of men experience some level of ED at some point in their lives.

Reasons for Erectile Dysfunction

Reasons for erectile dysfunction can vary WILDLY from person to person and from penis to penis. We'll talk about a number of them below! But moving forward, we need to preface the following with two statements!

1. Any advice and treatment options offered should be discussed with your doctor prior to beginning treatments. They'll know you and your body's safety best.

2. There will be jokes and puns about sex, penises, and erections. They will be intentional. They will be there strictly for a chuckle, because you shouldn't put too much pressure on this subject.

So, let's take a stab at some of the reasons you might be having trouble and what we can do about it!

The Physical

erectile dysfunction in lives

As I mentioned above, it's estimated that more than half of men will experience some form of erectile dysfunction in their lives, and honestly due to the stigma of men not wanting to admit to a problem with their * ahem* member, that figure is probably under-reported. There are just too many factors to pinpoint one direct cause.

Ask Yourself

If this is a new experience for you, consider what's changed in your physical life recently. Have you gained a significant amount of weight, or dramatically changed your exercise routines? Have you started on any new medications? Check the labels and talk to your doctor if so, as certain prescription meds can have some erectile dysfunction as a side effect, as can some prostate cancer treatments. It could partially be a result of your age, diet, or even some diseases ranging from diabetes to Parkinson's.

While the physical causes can vary wildly, there are many different treatment options. Some people have great success with erectile dysfunction medications, many of which are available through online realtors or over the counter without a prescription (but seriously, just talk to your doctor).

Other men have reported that different physical stimuli can help to encourage your soldier to stand at attention on command. Erections are caused by blood and pressure in your penis, so anything that encourages extra blood-flow can be helpful. Using a penis pump to increase pressure can help, as can regular (regular, not excessive, don't go all teenage boy on it until it chafes or anything) masturbation. While the myth of “if you don't use it, you'll lose it” is obviously nonsense, making sure your guy knows he's still in the game from time to time couldn't hurt, could it?

The Psychological

performance anxiety

Talk to any athlete, artist or performer of any kind; performance anxiety is a real thing. The bedroom isn't exactly a public stage (I mean, unless you're into that) but performance anxiety can hit you there too. But it can be much more in your head than that as well.

Most Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Some of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction can include depression and anxiety. And if you're like most of us, we get frustrated when things don't work like they should, so we put more pressure on our minds and bodies to perform and then THAT makes us more anxious and stressed and it creates a big old loop of negative feedback. All that negative energy does a great job of keeping us down when we really want to be up, right?

Other psychological causes can be much *cough* harder to get right into. We don't like to talk about our past traumas and often act like they don't affect us, but your experiences may not be as trivial as you'd prefer. When we were kids and had those unplanned erections in awkward public places, what did they tell us? “Think of grandma” or some variation of that. Well, life leaves us with scars, and relatives passing, mistreating us, or really ANYTHING can really kill the mood in bed.

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Whatever the cause, what can we do about it!? Firstly, you should talk to your partner about this, at least to let them know what is going on. Not enough partners have the *hard * conversations before sex, and it's important to make sure you're all in the same bed. Letting them know ahead of time will hopefully avoid the awkward or frustrating experience of a weak reception in the bedroom, and let them know that it's not because you don't want to or that you don't find them attractive. Letting your partner down can make you feel even worse about it, making it even more difficult to get it up next time! Just have the darn talk! Who knows, maybe they'll want to work with you and help you find a way through it!

Consider talking to a mental health specialist about your suspicions. They might recommend therapy or counselling to work through things, but they may also suggest keeping on top of your mental health while working on your physical self as well. Being cognitively aware of the why your body needs its exercise, some tools like a penis pump for ED or aloe vera gel for stimulation, or some extra vitamins can be incredibly empowering. Knowing that you're taking care of yourself, improving, and being positive can get blood flowing to all of the right places.

Don't Be Too Stressed to Impress You're going to be fine.

talk to your doctor for erectile dysfunction

I can't just say “it's all in your head” because that might not be the case. But don't suffer in silence about it, don't beat yourself up over it. There are treatments out there, so talk to your doctor, or if you're not ready for that look around online for some tips or other methods that have worked for other people. Remember that if a treatment sounds painful or too invasive? It probably is and you should talk to a medical professional before attempting it.

See what works for you, though. ED's exact causes can be harder to figure out than your hardest erection, so take your time and explore different treatments that sound viable for you. You know your dick better than anyone else!

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

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