Why All The Fuss About Penis Enlargement?

penis enlargement stigma why all the fuss

Due to the social pressure put on men, increasingly, more and more guys are looking to improve their physical appearance. An estimated 50 percent of men also desire to enhance their sexual experience via the process of upgrading their manhood. Penis enlargement products like penis weights, hangers, stretchers, extenders, pumps and clamps offer a non-evasive alternative to the male cosmetic procedures that are growing in popularity.

Penis size anxiety isn’t going to go away simply because women say that size doesn’t matter. Sexual factors are definitely playing a big part in mainstream society’s gradual acceptance of penis enlargement needs and practices.

The Stigma of Penis Enlargement in Society

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A sure fire way to make men feel nervous about penis enlargement is to bring up the subject of cosmetic surgery. Whilst women are continually encouraged to alter their physical appearance and to enlarge certain body parts men doing the same is still considered to be a taboo subject.

The stigma of penis enlargement in society means that there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding cosmetic surgery procedures and alternative methods of making your member bigger. Just like women, men who want to upgrade what they were born with need to have access to the information and options available to do so.

Thankfully, reality TV, podcast and the media are demystifying the negative stigma that is usually associated with male cosmetic surgery and penile enhancement practices. Podcast such as Alienate the Audience is a great example of a source that is breaking down barriers and casually talking about taboo subjects like penis enlargement techniques and products. These resources are also heightening public awareness of what can be done both surgically and non-surgically, should you desire to transform your body.

Although men prefer to be private about talking about their privates, male-centric cosmetic procedure options are finally beginning to go mainstream. Despite the fact that penis enlargement isn’t making front page news on a daily basis it doesn’t mean that men are not seeking intimate physical transformation behind closed doors. The quest for the body beautiful is no longer reserved solely for women. Guys want to feel cocksure about their looks.

Penis Enlargement & Weight Hanging On The Rise

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According to recent surgical request statistics, the interest in penis enlargement is definitely on the rise. In Germany, the world’s penis enlargement capital, the cosmetic surgery trend began growing in 2011 and today, one in five intimate nip and tucks are now performed in Europe’s biggest country.

Advancements in the cosmetic surgery industry suggest that procedures like penile augmentation and penoplasty are just as safe as having a boob job. Silicon implants and acid injections are maximizing the options in the genital surgery department.

Non-evasive penile procedures like using penis enlargement products - penis weights, hangers, stretchers, extenders, pumps and clamps - can help to boost physical dimensions if you’re squeamish about going under the knife.


Are You Considering Penis Enlargement?

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Look, it’s ok to have a hang up about your body. In fact, there are very few guys who wouldn’t alter something about their physical appearance given half the chance.

You could alienate the audience by openly sharing all of your body concerns. Or you can privately do something about it.

If you suffer from penis anxiety, penis enlargement can offer an enhanced sense of masculinity, potency and wellbeing.

Perhaps you’re considering penis enlargement because:

  • You feel that your penis is too small in proportion to your body size
  • You’ve been diagnosed with the medical condition of micropenis (an erection of 3 inches or less) or Peyronie’s disease (a bent and/or painful erection)
  • You want to gain sexual confidence

Penis enlargement is commonly a consideration that is purely for aesthetic purposes. The average average-sized guy simply wants to be bigger, in length, girth or both. A normal size penis is 3.5 inches when flaccid and 5.75 inches fully erect. Penis enlargement via cosmetic surgery, or using penis enlargement products like penis weights, hangers, stretchers, extenders, pumps and clamps, can lengthen the penis by about an inch. Girth can also be proportionally increased. Men wanting to sustain longer and harder erections should initially consult an urologist.

What Are Your Options to enlarge your penis?

penis enlargement length and girth

Whatever your preference for penis enlargement, optimizing your size can help to improve self-assurance, body confidence and sexual wellbeing.

Cosmetic Surgery

Aside from the costly cosmetic surgery options of penoplasty, phalloplasty and penis augmentation, there are other ways in which men can enhance what they were born with at a fraction of the expense.

Penis Enlargement Products

Traction devices that gradually stretch the penis are a popular alternative. To achieve successful results using penis weights, hangers, stretchers, extenders, pumps and clamps, it’s essential that you have realistic expectations and can commit to regular daily practice.


Penis enlargement supplements that help to stimulate growth and boost sexual function are an ingestible option, that can be used to complement your daily 10-15 minute penis stretching workout.

Lifestyle Choices

Improving the quality of your diet, health and lifestyle are important factors that shouldn’t be ignored if you want to enhance your sexual wellbeing. Physical exercise will help you lose any excess weight that could be compromising the appearance of your pubic zone. The leaner you look, the larger your penis will appear!

It’s Good To Talk

Listen up guys; if you want to achieve sexual confidence and boost your self-esteem, it’s good to talk about the issues that concern you.

Internet chat rooms and forums provide an anonymous space where taboo topics like penis enlargement can be openly discussed. In all male chat environments you can confidently explore a variety of options without worrying about whether you will alienate the audience. You also don’t have to result to baring your intimacy secrets to your best mates.

Achieving Desired Penis Enlargement Results

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Men who have realistic expectations about penis enlargement, and understand how the physical appearance (length, girth or both) can be altered by surgical or non-surgical practices, are most likely to achieve the winning weiner results they’re after.

It’s important to acknowledge that whilst penis enlargement products, such as penis weights, hangers, stretchers, extenders, pumps and clamps may enhance and elevate your size, how your penis works is still up to you. Unfortunately, aesthetic changes have no impact on sexual performance style or endurance.

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