The Best Solutions to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Best Solutions to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction

Everywhere you look in our society, from our personal interactions to our media and advertising, sex is a near-constant presence in our world. We're bombarded with images and sexual context in everything from buying a sports car to simply picking a deodorant brand, it really doesn't stop. So, it can definitely seem very isolating and depressing to feel like you're not included in so much of our daily lives due to erectile dysfunction.

You're not alone! Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction, and they mostly do so in silence out of embarrassment. But you don't have to publicly declare your issues to seek help and treatment! Talk to your family doctor to discuss treatment options, or do some searching online. There are many discreet services who might be able to help!

Why Is This Happening to Me? - Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Bodies are complicated and they're all different. Some factors in your life might be the cause of ED for you, but not for another person, so it's not fair to get too down on yourself.

Physically, erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of anything from slightly high blood pressure to Parkinson's disease, there are just so many factors. Erectile dysfunction has been found in those that suffer from obesity, diabetes, heart disease and multiple sclerosis. Treatments for other conditions can also cause ED, such as certain prescription medications or prostate cancer treatments. Talk to your doctor if you're concerned about any of these being a factor for you.

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Psychologically and mentally, there may be just as many other causes of your erectile dysfunction. Depression and anxiety are often significant culprits, as well as high stress levels. If your ED is recent or seems to become an issue irregularly, consider if it's been during times of higher life stress or difficult events. Were you fighting with your partner during those periods and your issues weren't resolved? Maybe it was the anniversary of a traumatic past event, or maybe it was the week leading up to the big presentation at work. The problem with trying to track depression and stress and our own erectile dysfunction at the same time is that when our penises aren't working up to our personal standards, it can lead to even more depression or stress to perform, and you can end up stuck in a cycle. Talk to a mental health professional about your concerns, as hosts of mental illness can contribute to erectile dysfunction as well, or possibly the medications you're taking to treat those mental illnesses.

Other risk factors that may contribute to some performance trouble are tobacco, alcohol and other substance use and abuse. Lack of exercise and weight gain can put pressure on your body it isn't used to. Injuries and nerve damage can do unpredictable things to your body as well.

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Just as there are so many possible causes of erectile dysfunction, there can be many different treatments. Unfortunately, since our bodies and the causes of the issue aren't uniform, there isn't any one simple cure, but let's talk about a few! Talk to your medical professionals if you think any of these may work for you.

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Some of the ways to see the fastest results in curing erectile dysfunction can be to simply remove the simpler possible causes of your issue. If you smoke tobacco, quit. Cut down on alcohol or other drug use. Work some extra exercise back into your daily schedule or modify your diet to be healthier; losing a few pounds can be a simple fix (and a confidence booster!). Keep a steady and regular sleep schedule. Remove some of the stress triggers in your life, or work through nagging personal issues with your family or partners.

Other natural options can include therapy of many different types. Sex therapy can help you and your partner explore intimacy in a way that helps you get where you need to be. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other therapies can help you work through whatever mental blocks you may have, whether they're psychological stress or trauma responses, or even religious beliefs.

What is the best supplement for erectile dysfunction?

erectile dysfunction pill

More direct treatment options can include erectile dysfunction pills or supplements. While there are dozens on the market from various distributors, you should talk to your doctor prior to taking any of them as they can be an additional health risk or conflict with other medication (for example certain heart disease medications can react badly with any ED medications). The FDA has approved the use of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra and they're the most common pills you can take to get through your erectile dysfunction. They're unfortunately not a cure and often need to be taken long-term and prior to sexual activity (these pills are usually about 80% effective).

Penile injections can also be used to treat erectile dysfunction. Again, use these under the direction of your doctor, but the FDA has approved an injection called Alprostadil, which should cause an immediate erection. It's reported to be approximately 80% effective.

Try a penis pump

penis pump

Other sensory stimulation can also be helpful for temporary treatments for erectile dysfunction. Your erection is largely just additional blood flow through the penis, so an erectile dysfunction pump may also help. While masturbation may not be effective in maintaining an erection (that's the first thing most of us would try anyway) the sensations from a electronic penis pump, similar to those used to attempt to increase penis size, could in theory cause stimulation that would encourage blood flow to the penis and cause an erection. This method will vary from person to person, and very much depend on the actual causes of your erectile dysfunction.

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Simple or Complex, There Is Help

erectile dysfunction might be a simple fix

Correcting your erectile dysfunction might be a simple fix, or it might be a difficult trial-and-error process to even diagnose why you're experiencing these issues. Whatever the reason or diagnosis, there are medical professionals that can recommend penis enlargement treatments and products available so you can find the help that you need to get back your erection, sex drive, and confidence.

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