Small Penis Problems? Try A Silicone Sleeve For A Bigger Penis

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Small Penis Problems? Try A Silicone Sleeve For A Bigger Penis

Although every man (just like every woman on the planet) is a unique and different human being, there is one concern that universally unites all guys…

Can you guess what it is?

“Why is my penis small?”

Yeah, that’s the one!

Small penis problems affect the lives of men, no matter the actual measurements of their manhood.

Penis size can become a fixation, preoccupation or obsession for any man who has looked down at their package and declared: “I have a small penis!”

Having a small penis doesn’t have to be a problem though. 

If you’re a guy who’s concerned that you’re packing a dick that is not adequately proportioned for sexual gratification, don’t despair because there are many male enhancement penis enlargement solutions available to help you grow a bigger penis.

A penis silicone sleeve, for instance, can definitely help you stretch out and increase the length of a small penis.

Regular penis stretching exercises, using an adjustable penis weight hanging system, is also beneficial in improving the length and girth of a penis that you’re not happy with.

Having small penis problems doesn’t have to cross the line into a penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD) or body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). If you’re a man who feels dissatisfied about having a small penis, and a low level of sexual confidence, now is the time to do something positively proactive about your small penis size.

Small Penis Problems ? Try A Silicon Penis Sleeve

The biggest thing about small penis problems is that most men who think that their dick is on the small size actually have a penis that is average in length and girth, and more than adequate for sexual activity.

A ‘normal and average’ penis measures 5 to 6 inches (length) and 4 to 5 inches (girth). NOT the porn star proportions that you’ve convinced yourself that every man on Earth, but you, is packing.

If your penis does however measure under 3 inches when erect, you have the rare hormone and genetic condition that’s known as micropenis.

Regardless of the size of your manhood, wearing a soft silicone penis sleeve can definitely boost your stretch and confidence.

Why Is My Penis Small?

Why Is My Penis Small?

If your No.1 fixation is “Why is my penis small?” and you’re constantly seeking the answer, you don’t have to look too far…

Penis size is primary determined by the genetic influences of both parents. It’s all down to those X and Y chromosomes.

The spike in testosterone levels during puberty may also contribute towards the penis growth that naturally stops around the age of 18 or 19.

What Is A Penis Sleeve?

What Is A Penis Sleeve?

A multi-use penis sleeve is a handy little male enhancement penis enlargement device that is made from soft, body-safe silicone and is hollow penis-shaped. It’s designed to slide onto the shaft to offer base to just behind the head coverage.

A penis silicone sleeve can be comfortably worn during penis stretching exercises, with penis hanging weights or stretchers, and left on for a period of time afterwards to minimize the risk of retraction (turtling).

Penis sleeves are available in a choice of diameters and pack sizes. To ensure a perfect fit, a penis sleeve can also be cut into smaller pieces.

Many men who have mild-to-moderate anxiety about penis size report that a penis silicone sleeve makes a big difference in customizing their penis stretching experience. That’s because wearing a multi-use anti-turtling penis sleeve protects your dick from bruising while following a daily penis stretching workout program.

How To Use A Penis Sleeve

If you’re wondering how to use a penis sleeve, the answer is there are multiple ways.

The super versatile multi-use penis sleeve can be worn as a comfort sleeve during male enhancement penis stretching exercises using a variety of penis enlargement devices.

It can also be cut into smaller pieces to provide support and comfort when manually stretching or jelqing.

When you wear a penis silicone sleeve while using an electronic penis enlargement pump it helps to prevent skin bruising and irritation during vigorous pumping.

A penis sleeve is also suitable to be worn with the ADS (All-Day Penis Stretcher) or independently.

Before you use a silicone penis sleeve you need to ensure that it offers a perfect fit. You’ll therefore need to measure your flaccid dick from the base to just behind the head. Once you’ve cut the penis sleeve to the correct measured size, you’re ready to slip it on.

  • Manually massage your dick until it becomes erect
  • Apply lube to your erect penis
  • Slide the silicone penis sleeve onto the shaft
  • Glide it into position so that it covers the entire length of the shaft, from the base to just behind the head

As your erection subsides, the penis silicone sleeve will maintain your erect stretch until you remove it.

Is A Small Penis A Problem?

Is A Small Penis A Problem?

It’s common for men to have a distorted perception of penis size, and to place an unusually high value on penis proportions, especially if they’re convinced that their dick is smaller than the average guy.

There are two types of males who self-identify as having a small penis:

  • Men who allow their small penis worries to affect their lives in negative ways
  • Guys who make the best of what they were born with

Having the belief that your penis is unusually small, in spite of evidence to the contrary, can have a detrimental impact on emotional and mental health, body image, sexual function and relationships.

A small penis really doesn’t have to be a problem. It only becomes one if you remain fixated on the concern.

If you alter your perspective, having a small penis can actually be a blessing. If you’re not satisfied with the length and thickness of your dick you have an opportunity to work on your body, just like an athlete.

Committing to a regular and consistent penis stretching workout program will ensure that you achieve your bigger penis goals, gradually over time. Using a penis sleeve for comfort and support, and for maintaining a mild stretch after your penis stretching training, will help you achieve noticeable results that greatly boost your self-confidence.

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