Penis Enlargement Surgery vs. Non-Surgical Alternatives: Pros and Cons

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Penis Enlargement Surgery Alternatives

It’s really not uncommon for guys to worry about being comparatively ‘small’ in penis size.

Penis concerns can have a detrimental impact on self-image, sexual confidence and intimacy. To overcome any shortcomings, a lot of men tend to exaggerate the size of their manhood when casually boasting about sex and gratification in the locker room.

As penis size is pre-determined from genetics, chances are that you’ve got a penis that is, well...‘average’.

It’s not all bad news though...

There are alternative ways in which you can achieve penis length and girth gains without the need for costly and potentially risky penis enlargement surgery. There are a number of non-surgical options that allow you to take full control of the process of adding inches to your manhood. Premium quality penis enlargement products like an adjustable penis weight hanging system, penis stretchers and extenders, an automatic penis pump, and clamps, offer a safe and organic way to achieve noticeable and long-term results without surgery. 

Still not sure which penis enlargement method is best for you? Read on and explore the pros and cons of penile enlargement surgery.

What Is Penis Enlargement Surgery? & Do you really need a Surgery

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Many men worry that their overall penile dimensions simply don’t measure up. Whilst current culture freely promotes cosmetic surgery procedures to enhance, improve and completely alter your physical appearance, it still requires making a big decision and commitment, if you’re looking to beautify your body.

There are two types of penis enlargement surgery that are performed under a local or general anaesthetic – penis lengthening and penis widening (increasing girth size). You can also opt to have both procedures done at the same time! Some cosmetic clinics also offer penis enlargement that involves the use of collagen fillers that need to be regularly touched up to maintain the enhanced effect.

Cosmetic surgery may provide you with a seemingly easy solution to growing your penis, but it comes at a price. Not only do you have to have a hefty chunk of cash available to pay for the procedure, but you’ll also have potential side effects and complications – infections, nerve damage, decrease in sensitivity, scarring and difficulty in achieving an erection – to consider, if you’re thinking about going under the surgical knife.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Alternatives - Manual Method

The size of your flaccid and erect penis may be pre-determined by genetics, but it’s also associated with blood flow. To achieve a rock hard erection, the brain must activate the signal that causes a rush of blood to be pumped into the spongy erectile tissues in the shaft. Man’s natural ageing process slows down the cardio vascular system, which results in less blood flowing to the penis, and a noticeable decrease in penis perkiness.

One of the best penis enlargement surgery alternatives and easiest ways to enhance the length and girth of your penis is via manual stimulation. A flaccid penis can be easily transformed into a rock hard erection using your hands as penis enlargement tools.

The ancient Middle-Eastern technique of jelqing involves massaging and stretching the penis to improve the all important blood flow that boosts elevation and dimensions. The simple and basic technique uses your index finger and thumb to create an ‘O’ shape that you glide back and forth along the shaft, whilst alternating pressure. As you stretch, the blood flow to the penis is increased, resulting in noticeable growth gains.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Alternative - Using Penis Enlargement Devices

If you want to grow your penis so that it’s noticeably longer and thicker, you’ll need to make a commit to using penis enlargement devices that are specially designed for the job. Penis enlargement products like adjustable weighted hangers, stretchers and extenders require daily and consistent use, if you want to achieve your desired penis growth gains.

Safe and easy to use, a penis weight hanging system allows you to ‘train’ your penis every day. Penis weights are attached to your flaccid penis to gradually stretch it using the natural forces of gravity. It’s important to begin penis weight hanging practice with the lightest of weights. Once your penis feels comfortable hanging the starter weight you can move up to the next incremental weight in the hanging system.

An automatic penis pump can effectively boost blood flow in the erectile tissues through the application of vacuum pressure. As the air inside the transparent tube is sucked out, your penis will become fully erect and look thicker and fuller. Regularly using an automatic penis pump will help you gain penis growth results that are for long term.

Provided that you are regularly and consistently committing to a daily penis stretching workout, you’ll soon start to see noticeable results that will undoubtedly encourage you to continue your penis growth exercise regime. You may want to try out the minimally invasive ADS (All Day Stretcher) penis extender that is designed to be worn under your clothing throughout the day.

Unlike expensive and potentially risky penis enlargement cosmetic surgery, growing your penis with penis enlargement devices is safe, and a lot more cost effective. You also have full control of the entire ‘grow your penis’ process.

Penis Enlargement Supplement Support

To boost your penis stretching workouts, with premium quality penis enhancement devices, it’s highly recommended that you support your efforts with Volume & Recovery male enhancement penis enlargement pills. The premium quality male enhancement pills are packed with active ingredients that help to stimulate blood flow and growth gains, and to boost semen production volume. The supplement formulation works with your body so that you can recover faster from your daily penis stretching workouts.

Last But Not Least...

To further enhance your self-help alternative method to penis enlargement surgery, it’s a good idea to make a few positive lifestyle and grooming changes. Physical exercise and improvements to your diet can make a big difference to how you feel about your body.

Trimming excess pubic hair will reveal your noticeable penis growth gains, and create an overall ‘bigger’ impact. To achieve an increase in proportion, it’s best to avoid shaving off all of your pubes. Trim and tidy up the hedges, and cultivating a lion’s mane – removing all the hair off your balls and the base of your penis, whilst leaving pubes above the penis – will promote the illusion of ‘larger’ that you’re hoping to achieve.

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