Penis Enlargement Products: Do They Really Work?

Penis Enlargement Products: Do They Really Work?

Penis enlargement is a booming industry and for good reason: many people are open to exploring the benefits that come with penis enlargement and using Penis Enlargement Accessories. Today, we wanted to explore the many options available, what the average length for a penis is, and some strategies people can use to enhance their penis and their sex lives.

Average Penis Size

Average Penis Size

Let’s get this out of the way: most large-scale studies on the subject of erect penis length put the average penis between 5 and 5.5 inches long. So, if you are 5 inches or longer, congratulations. You are average or above!

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The issue with penis length is perception. Most people believe the average length of an erect penis is 6 inches, which leads to self-esteem issues regarding if their penis is “big enough.” On the contrary, one recent study found that over 85% of people are wholly satisfied with their partner’s penis length.

Of course, people want to grow their penis for more reasons than simply getting themselves “above average.” That can be a wonderful thing to explore, and there are many different strategies that people can use for penis enlargement and making their sex lives more rewarding for themselves and their partners.

Penis Enlargement Accessories and Devices 

Penis Enlargement Accessories and Devices

Penis stretcher: First designed to help with Peyronie’s disease, this device is a set of weights and fixtures that use gravity to gradually stretch out a person’s penis and make it longer. Zen Hanger’s all day penis stretcher has seen fantastic results for people of all length and can help you grow your penis and improve your erections.

Penis pills: Penis pills have been a mainstay in mainstream health for decades. When most people think of these, they think of erectile dysfunction prescriptions, like Viagra. The truth is, however, that most penis pills are supplement-based. Zen Hanger’s pills were scientifically created to address underlying issues with erectile dysfunction, like poor circulation. Supplements are a less prescriptive way to improve health relating to erections and penis length.

Penis pumps: If penis stretchers are devices used on a flaccid penis, then penis pumps are used on erect ones. These devices that use a vacuum seal to draw more blood into a penis for stronger, more long-lasting erections. Zen Hanger’s penis pumps are designed to be used on their own or in conjunction with our other penis enlargement accessories.

Penis gel: Think of penis gel as a penis pump in liquid form. While the results aren’t quite the same, penis gel uses nitroglycerin to stimulate blood flow to the penis, helping create stronger erections. Unlike the “little blue pills,” these can be used in the moment for help with erections, rather than being used hours earlier in anticipation.

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Surgical Procedures for Penis Enlargement

Surgical Procedures for Penis Enlargement

If Penis Enlargement Accessories and products aren’t to your liking, there is one more option: surgery. Currently, there is only one surgery that is approved by the FDA that is used solely to address penis enlargement, which is called “Penuma.”

The Penuma procedure involves inserting a silicon tube into the shaft of a penis, giving it about 50% more girth. It does not, however, change the length of an erect penis. What can happen is that people who are generally “growers” rather than “showers” may have a larger flaccid penis as well.

Another common surgery used to address penis enlargement involves severing the suspensory ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone and moving skin from the abdomen to the penile shaft. This creates the illusion of greater length because it hangs lower. This procedure can lead to unstable erections, however, and should not be undergone without consultation with your medical practitioner.

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While other non-approved cosmetic surgeries do exist, it is recommended that you speak with an experienced urologist about options. Many exist with a wide variety of results and a certain amount of risk. And some offer small results that leave patients dissatisfied.

Other Strategies to Help

Other Strategies to Help for Penis Enlargement

Penis enlargement can be a wonderful journey for a person with a penis, either on their own or with partners. But it must be approached with open communication and honesty. After all, a bigger penis can be more fun, but it isn’t couples therapy. So, we wanted to discuss some other strategies that may address issues that penis enlargement can help or enhance.

Weight loss and healthier living:

Weight loss and healthier living for penis enlargement

Did you know that problematic obesity, excessive drinking and other habits can lead to erectile dysfunction and issues with staying erect? If you are experiencing these issues, it may be time to ease up on drinking, quit smoking and change your diet. 

Doctor consultation:

Doctor consultation for penis enlargement

All products offered here at Zen Hanger are safe and can help with erectile issues and penis length. We recommend that you consult with your doctor before you use any of them, especially if you have health issues or on regular medication. Only by being open with your medical practitioner can you get the most out of our penis enlargement accessories and products.

Open communication with your partner:

Open communication with your partner for penis enlargement

Sex is always better with more open communication. That is why you should be speaking with your partner or partners when looking into penis enlargement accessories. Being open about your goals and what you want it to accomplish in your sex life is a great place to start. And by opening the dialogue, you can better explore your sex life together.


If you are thinking about enhancing your sex life with penis enlargement and penis enlargement accessories, then you have come to the right place! Zen Hanger has a wide variety of Penis Enlargement Products and devices that can help you grow your penis, strengthen your erections and improve your sex life and sexual experiences. Be sure to check out our many offerings and be sure to discuss any of these options with your medical practitioner.

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.