No Need to Go for Penis Surgery to Increase Penis Size

No for Penis Surgery to Increase Penis Size

Penis size has always been a sensitive topic for men. Whether or not they are growers or showers, they believe their size significantly affects their sexual prowess. Now there are many ways to increase the size of your penis, but many people believe Penis Enlargement Surgery is the only way to achieve and retain length. This article demystifies the staunch belief that makes many people run towards the option of Phalloplasty.

What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

What is Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis Enlargement Surgery (or Phalloplasty) is a more advanced approach to penile enlargement. It aims at increasing the penis girth, length, or both. All penis enhancement surgeries are regarded as experimental, so the risk of complications is pretty high.

According to most medical practitioners, only someone with a micropenis ( a hormonal or genetic condition that makes the penis small in size) would benefit primarily from a penis enlargement surgery. However, it is only suggested as a last resort, especially when hormonal treatment does not work. There are different ways that penis enlargement surgery can be done. It could be through:

  • Penile Reconstruction
  • Injecting Fat Cells (this is usually to increase width or girth). This adds about an inch in about a year. The side effects include lumpiness, scarring, disfigurement, distortion, and increased risk of infection.
  • Surgical ligament Release. However, according to the American Urological Association, this is not proven to be safe or effective.
  • Using a Biodegradable Frame. It is usually wrapped around the shaft.
  • Liposuction. Body fat in the lower abdomen is removed to make the penis appear bigger. It requires following a strict diet and exercise regimen to prevent the fat from building up again.

So, Is It Necessary To Go For Penis Surgery To Increase The Size?

Is It Necessary To Go For Penis Surgery

No, it is not. The risks of the surgery greatly outweigh the benefits. All surgeries come with the risk of side effects from using Anesthesia. It also increases your risk of stroke, pneumonia, and heart attack. While these are common side effects, Penile enhancement surgery also comes with some possible complications. In many cases, your doctor should set realistic expectations, which include the possibility of:

  • Your sutures or stitches get detached.
  • Blood clotting on your penis.
  • The implant breaking off or getting infected.
  • Bulky and misshapen penis.
  • Perforation

All these complications could easily be avoided if non-invasive and non-surgical approaches are taken to increase your penis size.

Non-Surgical/Non-Invasive Techniques To Increase Penis Size

Weight Loss Procedures

Weight Loss Procedures

Losing weight helps increase the size of your penis visually as it improves how the pubic area looks. As men age, they gain weight, and fat is stored in the suprapubic area of their pelvic region. This can mask certain parts of your penis and make it appear smaller than it is. Losing that weight would greatly improve how it looks. However, this only applies to men who are overweight as they may suffer from Buried penis syndrome. Studies show that they gain an inch in size for every 40 pounds they lose. The difference is always very rewarding. The following steps will help achieve the loss of fat that somewhat occludes your penis length.

  • Change up your diet and cut out fatty foods.
  • Replace processed or refined foods with foods rich in calcium, vitamin C, and Omega 3.
  • Do fat-burning exercises.
  • Ensure you consult a dietician and medical personnel before carrying out any change to your lifestyle for proper guidance based on your body type.

Regular Exercise And Healthy Lifestyle

Regular Exercise And Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping healthy and working out will not only shoot dopamine and endorphins running through your body, but it would improve your self-esteem. When you seem fitter or better sculpted, your penis will look better and bigger. It will boost your confidence during sexual intercourse and improve your sex life dramatically.

Increase Size Using Penis Pump

A penis pump helps to increase the firmness and size of your erection regardless of how old you are. Penis pumps are also referred to as vacuum pumps and have proven to be effective with Erectile Dysfunction. It helps men who are unable to achieve a suitable erection for sex to get and keep their erection. While a full erection is not essential for intercourse, it does make it much more pleasurable for sexual partners.

The penis pump can be fitted over the penis where it creates a suction and draws blood to the penis. Using a penile ring and lubrication helps achieve results faster, keeps you erect for longer, and, if done correctly, can help you achieve penile enlargement. An automatic penis pump makes it way easier and gives you the opportunity to be less involved in the process.

While penis pumps may generally have some occasional side effects, using them is way less risky compared to surgical treatments. The slight bruising formed as a result of pressure at the base of the penis (it disappears in a short while) is simpler to deal with than the possible complications from a penis enlargement surgery.

Using Penis Stretcher

A penis stretcher (or penis extender) involves the use of traction to stretch your penis. The results are swift, and it is a Non-Invasive process. Penis stretching shows results in about 3-5 months, and the traction device gives less girth and more length. To use the penis stretcher, you'll place your penis from tip to shaft into the device. Secure the tip of your penis within the device, and then do the same for your shaft using the silicone penis sleeve. Grip the secured silicone tube and pull from the ends outwards. If you feel uncomfortable or in any form of pain, stop pulling. Do this for about 5 hours every day.


While penis enlargement surgery does have success stories, it may not always work. Its effectiveness is still being checked, and the risks are too complicated. This cosmetic surgery is also pretty expensive, and this is also a reason why people with a functioning normal-sized (basically not a micropenis) penis are advised against it. It is clear that the invasive surgical technique is unnecessary for penis enlargement.

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