Activities That You Should Avoid While Wearing the Best Penis Enlarger

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things to avoid while do penis enlargement

Some people have low confidence in their body and look for ways to improve themselves. This is not just to impress others, but also for the self-love feeling that comes from feeling confident about the way you look. Women often want different sizes of breasts, either smaller or larger. They will seek cosmetic surgery to try to get the look that they think will suit them. There may be other options to change the look of a woman’s breasts, such as padded bras. For men, low confidence can come from the size of their penis. There appears to be an expectation in society that a man needs to be a certain size to pleasure a woman. “Bigger is better” is what is heard repeatedly, and “size does matter.” This perception has had men for hundreds of years trying to find a way to have a penis enlargement. There have been creams and pills for many years that have not produced the results that men are seeking. Now there is another option: the penis enlargement device.

penis enlargement device

A penis extender is a modern way to work towards the size of penis that men dream of. A penis stretching device is a device that you can wear for hours at a time while it stretches your penis. Although this device can be worn for long periods of times, there are some things that should not be completed while wearing the penis extender.

Routine workouts

routine workout

When wearing a penis stretching device, working out should be avoided. Planning your workout around the time that you are wearing the device is recommended. There may be some workout activities that could be completed, such as curls; however, any activities that require lots of movement, lying on your back, or squatting should not be completed when wearing the penis enlargement device . Sit ups, squats, dead man lifts, and other strenuous activities need to be completed when you are not wearing the penis enlargement device.

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Driving or riding

driving or riding

Although you may be wearing the best penis enlarger, there are some activities that will be uncomfortable. Sitting for working out is not recommended, and the same recommendation applies for driving or biking. The sitting motion can be painful no matter what clothes you chose to wear. There is a thought that, if the pants are baggy, it will be better for sitting and driving; however, the sitting position inhibits the penis enlargement device from functioning properly. Riding a bike also requires sitting and will have the same affect. Neither of these activities are recommended while wearing a penis enlargement device.

Watching porn

stop porn addiction

This may seem like common sense to not wear your penis enlargement device while watching porn; however, as you wear the device for longer periods of time, it becomes quite comfortable, and this may make it seem like it wouldn’t be a risk. However, a penis extender can place a penis in a semi hard state while it is being worn. Men know that this state can be uncomfortable at times, regardless of how well-made the penis enlargement device is. Watching porn can be very stimulating, and if there is a sudden erection, this could cause injury. Watching porn may not be the only activity that places your penis at risk of injury. Understanding what may cause an erection and avoiding these activities is essential in planning your day.

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There are a few reasons that you should not go swimming while wearing a penis enlargement device. The first is the clothing that needs to be worn while swimming. Swimsuits are often tight and short. Having the device attached would cause public concern while at a public pool. It may also be embarrassing while wearing the best penis enlarger in the change room. Additionally, the device would be uncomfortable while swimming and will restrict your movements while in the pool – it’s not safe as anything restricting movement in the water could lead to drowning. Another reason to reconsider swimming while wearing a penis extender is the environment and scene that may be at the pool. Often, there are women and men who are also dressed in tight or short bathing suits. This may trigger a sudden erection and cause damage to your penis.


The penis enlargement device is comfortable; however, it should not be used when sleeping. After using the device for a few months, it feels natural and you are able to do more activities when wearing the penis extender. However, sleeping is another activity that should be avoided. While sleeping, the body is supposed to go into a natural relaxation state where the muscles and the body relax. The heart will slow down, and your blood flow will slow. This lack of blood flow could cause the penis to become flaccid, and it could become detached from the penis extender, rendering the device useless during this time. Sleeping may be the time to give your penis a break from the penis enlargement device.

This list may have you wondering if wearing a penis enlargement device is worth it. This is a very short list of activities that should be reconsidered while wearing the device, and all of them are able to be scheduled around the time when you are wearing the penis extender. There can be great penis stretching results for those who are committed to following the regimen. Using the best penis enlarger can have you feeling confident about your body in a short time. Rescheduling some activities around using the penis enlarger seems like a small sacrifice to make for the confidence and self-love you can have, and if your partner is someone who does think that size matters, then think of how happy you could be making them and how positive this could be for your relationship.

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