Weight Stack - 6.5 Pound Adjustable Penis Hanging Stack

Zen Hanger

$ 69.00

6.5 Lb Weight Stack for Penis Hangers

* We have stopped selling pre built individual weight stacks. You are welcome to go into our accessories section and build any size custom weight system you like by purchasing five packs of one pound weightsindividual half pounds weightsvarious size eye boltscotton hanging noose and double gate hooks

Zen Hanger weight stacks are available in three different sizes. We offer these weight stacks for customers that are looking to upgrade the amount of weight for there existing Zen Hanger penis weight hanging system or for customers that already have a hanger they like to use and are looking for weights to use with there current hanger.

Adjust Weights in Half Pound Increments

The 6.5 pound stack lets you adjust in half pound increments. We also offer 5 packs of our 1 pound weights, individual 1/2 pound weights and different size hanging eye bolts in case you choose to upgrade to more weight in the future or would like to add a half pound option to your larger stack. Our systems are built to grow with your needs. Having the ability to raise your hanging weight by small amounts as you make progress plays a key role in success.

Penis Weight Hanging

With penis weight hanging, you can get real results over time. You can expand both the length and the width of your penis by hanging light weights on it for about 10-20 minutes a day. That is all it takes to get massive growth in no time. This kit has everything to set you up for successful penis growth. This is a high-quality investment that will serve you well for many years to come. Get growing! These weight stacks are the best and highest quality product on the market providing you with the heavy weight you need in a convenient compact and adjustable package. If you are looking for complete penis hanging system you can find these same weight stacks in our store as a complete system that includes silicone sleeves and a noose hanger. Below are details for the 6.5 pound weight stack

6.5 pound adjustable weight stack

  • (6) one pound weights

  • (1) half pound weight

  • (1) Nylon 5.5" hanging eyebolt 

  • 6.5 pounds total weight in a 3" x 3.5" stack

* Printing on weights is for promotional / advertising purposes. The weights you receive may not have the writing / graphics. Green Weights = 1 pound, White weight = 1/2 pound. 

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