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Weight Hanger Hanging Eye Bolts

Zen Hanger

$ 9.99

Hanging Eye Bolts for Penis Weight Hanger

The Zen Hanger eyebolts are available in three different sizes. These eyebolts are offered for customers who are curious about creating their own unique weight hanging systems and want to build their own using individual weights from our shop. Each eyebolt is good for use with any existing Zen Hanger system when you want to add weight and need a bigger eyebolt in order to be able to make this happen.

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We have a 5.5-inch eyebolt that can hold six, 1-pound weights and a half-pound weight, or seven of the one-pound weights. The 7.5-inch eyebolt is capable of holding up to 11, one-pound weights; the 13.5-inch eyebolts can hold as much as 22 pounds and 1 half-pound weight or 23, one-pound weights.

Built To Grow With Your Needs

The capability of raising the hanging weights in small increments while you get bigger is a crucial part of your success. If you are ready to bring more weight to your hanging routine, additional weights are waiting to be purchased. You can add tiny amounts slowly over time in order to continue stretching yourself and achieving gains in a safe and effective manner. 

Weight hanging is one of the most trusted techniques that will bring length as well as girth to your penis. You can achieve the results you're looking for by hanging for just 10 or 20 minutes at a time, a technique that will bring you visible results with time. Keep in mind that hanging is a long-term commitment that you will need to stick with in order to see results. We offer premium quality products that will outlast plenty of uses to come, so you only have to make one purchase to get results that last a lifetime.

Below are details of each eyebolt:

5.5" eyebolt

  • 5.5" total length / 4" threaded shaft

  • Hold up to 7 one pound weights or 6 pound and 1 half pound weight

7.5" eyebolt

  • 7.5" total length / 6" threaded shaft

  • Hold up to 11 one pound weights or 10 pound and 1 half pound weight

13.5" eyebolt

  • 13.5" total length / 12" threaded shaft

  • Hold up to 23 one pound weights or 22 pound and 1 half pound weight

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