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Cotton Hanging Noose For Penis Hanging and Stretching Exercises

Zen Hanger

$ 24.99

Cotton Noose for Penis Hanging & Manual Stretching

With the Zen Hanger soft cotton noose, you can enjoy your penis stretching exercises more comfortably than ever before. This noose comes with double beaded locks that make for the most pleasant stretching experience possible thanks to the adjustability and softness. It is fashioned out of custom double round soft cotton which makes it especially soft and smooth. It can be used when you are doing manual stretching routines, as a tool to replace the weight-hanging noose you have worn down or as a weight hanger, though a weight does not come included. It can be used both dry and wet, making it safe for the shower.

The Soft Cotton Penis Hanging Noose Includes:

  • (1) Cotton noose with double bead locks (color may vary)

  • (2) Silicone ultra comfort sleeves

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