What is a Penis Pump?

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When it comes to getting better, longer-lasting erections in a safe and simple way, there are few better options than a Penis Pump. These products, originally developed to help people with erectile dysfunction (ED), are used around the world by people who are interested in growing their penis and getting better erections. We here at Zen Hanger have developed a state-of-the-art Penis Pump that gets results. Our Zen Hanger penis pump and other products are safe and effective.

Zen Hanger recommends our penis pump and aloe vera penis gel. We describe both in more detail below, along with why these products stand out in an industry that can take advantage of men seeking solutions. But first, let’s learn more about penis pumps in general.

What is a penis pump?

Let’s start with the basics: a penis pump is vacuum device that helps draw blood into the penis for harder and longer-lasting erections. It’s best to think of blood as the fuel that powers an erection. Erections happen because our bodies send blood to our penises, which then arranges the cartilage in the shaft to create an erection.

Penis pumps work by creating a vacuum seal around the base of the penis. Then, a pump is used to draw blood into the penis by displacing the air around the penis. This creates an effect that helps bring more blood into the penis than normal, helping increase its size while giving it the fuel it needs to get hard and stay hard.

Why do some men prefer the pump?

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There are a lot of reasons why people prefer penis pumps to other products. Chief among them is their safety and simplicity. Penis pumps, when used correctly, are a fantastic entry point and give near-instant results. So, if you want something that is fun to use in the moment and isn’t complicated, then a penis pump may be the right choice.

Explore the results of penis pumping in this blog article. 

Myths vs Facts

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Penis pumps, despite their well-documented effectiveness, have been subject to a lot of misconceptions. Let’s go through a few of the major myths surrounding penis pumps, why they are wrong, and find the truth.

Myth #1: Penis pumps make your penis larger permanently. Penis pumps are usually designed to temporarily increase the size of your penis but its continuous use will make your penis larger permanently. They are proven to temporarily and safely increase the amount of blood flowing into your penis, which can lead to fuller erections and an increase in length and girth when used correctly. To make your penis larger permanently we can recommend some other products too which includes Zen Hanger’s penis stretchers, weight hanging systems and penis extenders. These can be used to train your penis to grow, especially when used with our supplements and aloe vera penis gel.

Myth #2: Penis pumps are useful only for people with ED. Penis pumps were originally designed to help people with specific issues regarding their penises. But since then, their widespread use has led to many people using them for pleasure, not simply to address erectile dysfunction. While they can help with ED, especially when used in conjunction with a cock ring, penis pumps are also great for anyone who wants to experiment with changing the size of their penis. They are also a fun added element to many people’s bedroom experience. The important thing to remember with penis pumps is that they can be a lot of fun when used correctly, regardless of whether you struggle with ED or not.

Myth #3: Penis pumps can damage your penis if you use them for a long time. When used incorrectly, this is unfortunately true. Penises are not indestructible, which is why care and caution need to be taken when using penis pumps. If you are new to the world of penis pumps, not to worry. We cover the proper use of one further in this very article. Make sure you read up on the instructions, including the ones that come with your pump, to make sure you do everything correctly.

Myth #4: Penis pumps are very expensive. This could not be further from the truth. There are very expensive penis pumps out there (and bargain basement versions as well). The truth is, however, that a high-quality penis pump doesn’t have to be expensive. Both sizes of the Zen Hanger penis pump are only $129, which is an incredible bargain when you take into account the technology housed inside, and the benefits we know you’ll see. Visit our site to get a discount code.

How to use a pump safely

Step 1: Clean Your Device

You should clean your device if it is storage from long time.

Step 2: Apply some lubrication

Recommend to use lubrication to avoid irretation from the tube. We recommend ZH Aloe Vera Gel for the better results, it will also help to increase the blood flow.

Step 3: Switch on the device

Follow all the instructions mentioned on the device to avoid any unwanted situation. For visual instructions you can watch our video.

Step 4: Start Pumping

By following the device instructions go slowly. You can pumping from 30 seconds - 3 minutes and make sure if it hurts at any point, release the pressure immediately.

Step 5: Switch off & remove the device

Once you got the required erection, release the pressure and remove the pump.

Step 6: Slide Rubber Ring

Slide the rubber ring to the base of your penis to maintain the erection as long as possible.

Some precautions need to be considered when using pumps. Chief among them: start slow. You can get a great amount of pressure but that can be hard on penises that aren’t used to it. If you notice any marks or bruising, then it’s a sign that you’re using too much pressure.

The penis pump solution

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The Zen Hanger penis pump is one of the most technologically-advanced penis pumps on the market. We designed this product to be precise, effective and simple to use. When combined with our aloe vera penis gel, you can see penis growth in both length and girth.

What makes the Zen Hanger solution different, is a scientific approach. We develop each product using an understanding of what is proven to help people enjoy their penises more and apply that to all of our research and development.

Take, for example, our aloe vera gel. We approached its development first from a known fact: that aloe vera gel dilates the blood vessels and helps in healing. Knowing that blood flow is key to penis enlargement, we figured aloe vera gel could help the process if approached correctly. So, we set to researching and developing products, testing along the way, until we had something we are confident about.

Our classic Zen Hanger penis pump was developed using these same guiding principles, which is why we are confident that it will have the effects that you seek.


If you are interested in using a penis pump, then you have come to the right place. Zen Hanger has one of the world’s easiest and most technologically-advanced pumps on the market. When combined with our other products, you could permanently increase your penis size and have a lot of fun along the way. Be sure to check out all our products and watch our many instructional videos so that you can get the most out of all of them.

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.

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