The Zen Hanger Automatic Penis Pump Difference

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The Zen Hanger Automatic Penis Pump Difference

What penis pump is right for you? It's ingrained in how we consume products these days, we always have to look for the review that breaks down why a product is better than the rest. Consider this your review for the Zen Hanger Automatic Penis Pump and why it's going to be the best bang for your buck!

Are penis pumps relatively the same? No, they are not. There are several types that vary in how they achieve the growth that you are looking for along with how comfortable it is for you to operate. So you have to really understand what functions you are looking for that work for not only your lifestyle, but the results you want.

Factors to consider, accuracy. With hand pumps, you are faced with the inability to measure precisely how much suction you are getting therefore it can vary and hinder your progress. You need to consider discretion, nobody wants a loud pump that the neighbors can hear. Lastly comfortability, you are using suction to increase blood flow the last you want is for it to be uncomfortable or leave you bruised.

When you are weighing all these facts also consider the price point, will the pump you want deliver the features you prefer while also maintaining a palatable price point? Today we are going to cover how the Zen Hanger can fulfil your needs and has all the features you need including the results you are looking for, let's dive in!

Does the Automatic Penis pump actually work?

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In short yes, The Automatic Penis Pump works by continually applying the same amount of regulated suction that can be read and monitored on the bright LED screen. With an exact pressure anywhere from 0 to 50KPA you can set your pump and let it do all the work for you.

Penis pumps have been used for decades to not only combat and correct ED but also to stimulate sustainable growth. They have come a long way from the original hand pump designs and with a solid routine can aid in your growth journey.

Ok, so how does it work?

The pump comes with an ultra comfortable patent pending base that you simply slide your penis through into the vacuum tube. This is one of the key factors that sets apart the Zen Hangers Automatic Penis Pump from the competition. The main complaint from penis pump users is that the suction tube sucks up pelvic skin and can sometimes bruise. The patent pending base is made from ultra-comfortable silicone and ensures only the penis is exposed to the suction. For extra added comfort try Zen Hangars Aloe Vera Penis Gel, it not only naturally increases blood flow but works great as a lubricant when using your pump. The Gel in conjunction with the pump makes for a great product pack that can ensure your long term success.

Once you have inserted your penis ensure you have pressed the pump down to the base and the simple LED screen selection allows you to select your pressure and time. It is only recommended to use the device for longer than 15 minutes at a time. If you are looking to prolong your routine take a 10 minute break in between sessions. The best way to establish your routine is to simply pump in the more and then again at night in two ten minute sessions with five minutes in between.

The device comes with two modes that allows you either control the pressure yourself or let the pump maintain it for you. If you experience any discomfort or marks that will let you know you are using too much pressure and should dial it back. It is recommended to build up your pressure over time to gauge what you are comfortable with.

From there it is as simple as maintaining a schedule and routine. The pump has a detachable vacuum for easy cleaning and discrete storage so you have one less thing to think about.

How do you store your ZH Automatic Penis Pump?

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The ZH Automatic Penis Pump comes apart in three pieces, the comfortable patent pending base, the interchangeable sized tube and the vacuum with the LED screen. After the device has been cleaned of any Aloe Vera Penis Gel or lubricant used these three items can be stored some place dry where it will be kept at room temp. Since all three pieces are indistinguishable as a singular device they can be stored discreetly in separate places to ensure your privacy.

No matter the lubricant you use, be sure that before storing you thoroughly clean the silicone base to prevent any issues creating and maintaining a seal for future uses.

Automatic Penis Pump results and reviews!

Ok, so you have learned about how it works and how to properly maintain your Automatic Penis Pump but the real question is does it actually work? The answer is yes! With a consistent routine you can in fact increase the girth and length of your penis. The right routine will get you exactly where you want to be.

Check out Zen Hanger for real user results broken down to the equipment used and the growth gained. From ages 19 to 43 men are seeing the results they are looking for after a few months! Tracking your growth and routine tips with the FREE ebook The Ultimate Guide to Penis Hanging is the best way to ensure not only temporary but long term success.

Take it from Tony R. of Boston who decided to try out Zen Hanger at age 31. Using his Zen Hanger products we went from a starting length of 5.5 inches to an ending length of 7.2 inches in 12 months.

Or, Cody from Eugene, Or who purchased his first kit at 19 and 12 months later went from 6.25 inches to 7.8 with a girth increase of .4 inches as well!

The results are out there and the routines are proven. The Automatic Penis Pump comes in at an affordable price compared to its competition and will deliver the results while backed up with a manufacturer's warranty. Results and at a price point that won't make you shrink before you put it in the cart, the Zen Hanger Automatic Penis Pump is a win-win all around.

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Final Words

There you have it, not all penis pumps are created equal and none have been created with the same level of detail as the Zen Hanger Automatic Penis Pump. From a patent pending silicone base to aid in comfortability to a price point that won't set you back for months, the Zen Hanger Automatic Penis Pump is the way to go especially when used consistently and alongside partner products like the Aloe Vera Penis Gel. When you are looking for a device for yourself do you research and see for yourself that no other pump on the market can claim the same as the ZH model. Now that you have found the right pump for you and you understand the ZH Automatic Penis Pump difference, stick to your routine and growth awaits.

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.

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