The Benefits of Using Zen Hanger Automatic Penis Pump

Benefits of Using Zen Hanger Automatic Penis Pump

Using Penile enlargement devices like penis pumps, penis hangers, and penis stretchers is a great way to increase penis size without surgery. However, not many people know how they work and how they are beneficial. This article explores the in-depth use and mechanism behind the Automatic penis pump (think of it as a penis pump guide).

What Is An Automatic Penis Pump & How Is It Different From Others?

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A penis pump is a penile enlargement device that seals the base of the penis with a suction tube to bring more blood into the shaft of the penis. It has been used to gain erections and has medical proof of its activity. While some come with a bulb where you have to control the suction yourself, others are automatic. The bulb penis pumps do not offer the same amount of pressure all through, which may affect the results. This is why the Automatic penis pump is the way to go.

The Automatic penis pump differs from other penis pumps in the market in three major ways.

  1. It is extra comfortable. There is no uncomfortable pain at the base of the penis while pumping.
  2. No need to put in any effort. This penis pump has a timer that lets you relax and does the pumping for you.
  3. It does not produce noise. It is quiet and does its work efficiently.

What's not to love about the automatic penis pump?

What Do Penis Pumps Do?

Penis pumps, including the automatic ones, have similar roles in the penis enlargement process. Aside from improving erections, the penis pumps help increase penis size if done right. A penis pump creates a vacuum environment that increases penis girth and the flow of blood into the penis. It enlarges the volume of a spongy tissue called corpora cavernosa, which retains blood to form an erection. The penis pump also stretches the suspensory ligament to make the penis lengthen during an erection.

Why Should I Use A Penis Pump?

Why Should I Use A Penis Pump

Penis pumps are usually recommended for men who have cancer (colon or prostate), diabetes, decreased blood flow to the penis, and anxiety/depression. However, as one grows older, the penis needs to be exercised just like any other part of the body. Also, certain medications negatively impact sexual function, and regular use of a quality penis pump can reduce or totally prevent the possibility of developing Erectile Dysfunction (ED). It also works as a penis enlargement pump. It is a non-invasive penis enlargement technique, and the side effects are less detrimental than other treatments (like medications, injections, and surgery).

Who Can Recommend A Penis Pump?

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A Urologist or Surgeon can recommend a penis enlargement pump for their patients. This is mainly for patients who have undergone procedures that can shorten the penis, like prostate surgery.

Penis Pump Helps With Peyronie's Disease

The penis pump has been found to stabilize and improve the penis curve in people with Peyronie's disease in all stages of the disease.

Penis Pump Can Help With ED

The penis pump has been dubbed the erectile dysfunction pump because it was initially created to produce erections in men with ED. With a lubricant and penis pump, people with ED would get an improved sexual life. For more details read, How automatic penis pump help with ED & how to use it.

How Can Zen Hanger Penis Pump Help Me?

The Zen Hanger Penis Pump is your guide to a quality sex life. While it may not cure ED, it helps with oxygenating and rejuvenating penile tissues. This improves blood flow and preserves erectile function. There is nothing shameful about using a penis pump. Most men who use penis pumps have experienced better sexual health and an overall increase in penis size.


The penis enhancement industry is filled with different products that claim to be the one and only solution to increase in penis size. However, many of them are selling devices that may be harmful to you and your sexual health. Safety and efficacy are the most important benefits of the Zen Hanger Automatic Penis Pump. So, while choosing a device to boost your sex life and also your self-esteem, choose the best penis pump available. Zen Hanger is home to a thorough and quality collection of the best penile enhancement devices and supplements. You can always maximize the penis pump by using other methods to achieve your results faster.

Some FAQs & Facts

How To Use An Automatic Penis Pump

Using an automatic penis pump is really simple. It ensures that the suction is only done on the penis and not the rest of the pelvic area. This prevents pelvic bruising. The steps to use an automatic penis pump are:

  • Apply a lubricant to improve blood flow and reduce friction (The Zen Hanger Aloe Vera Penis Gel is excellent for this).
  • Insert your penis into the automatic penis pump and press the pump down to the base.
  • Select your desired pressure and time through the LED screen. Ensure you do not use less than 15 minutes per session but take 10-minute breaks between sessions.
  • At any sign of discomfort, adjust the pressure to prevent pain. There are two nodes that represent time and pressure, which you can use to adjust the pump to your comfort level. Always build up the pressure gradually.
  • Establish a routine where you have a minimum of two sessions in the morning and at night. Maintain your routine and schedule.
  • You can easily detach the vacuum and clean it without stress. That is all there is to the automatic penis pump.

How Does A Penis Pump Work?

As stated in the penis pump guide, a penis pump forms a vacuum inside a tube that makes blood flow into the penis. It works best when paired with other penile enhancement devices.

Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

Yes, they do. They have helped people with ED for many years and are now being used to stimulate a sustainable increase in penis size. There are many testimonials of men that have had great success in their penis growth journey while using penis pumps. The automatic penis pump makes it much easier and helps you achieve those length/girth goals with less stress.

Is The Zen Hanger Penis Pump Costly?

There is no penis pump that is not costly. Besides, it is way cheaper when considering the one-time penis pump cost compared to other invasive penis enlargement methods. Surgery and the medications that follow are much more costly.

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.