Electronic or Electric Penis Pumps - What Are They and How to Use Them?

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Electronic or Electric Penis Pumps

Electronic or (electric penis pumps) are popular devices, either to deal with erectile dysfunction, problems maintaining an erection, or just for pure pleasure. However, before you go out and get yourself a penis pump for some sexual enjoyment, you should learn more about it.

What is an Electronic Penis Pump?

What is an Electronic Penis Pump

An electronic penis pump is a vacuum device that is used to help with getting an erection, or maintaining a harder erection for a short period of time. If you have erectile dysfunction, it can be used alongside other methods in order to combat the condition and enjoy a full sex life. They are often also known as penis enlargers, or vacuum penis pumps, but in general they are all the same.

The electronic penis pump is a fairly simple device, made up of a plastic tube that fits over the entirety of your penis, with a pump attached to the tube to create suctions, and a gentle ring that fits around the base of the penis in order to keep the erection once one has been achieved. While electronic penis pumps are often used for just pleasure purposes, if you do have ED, or trouble maintaining an erection, you can get a prescription for a penis pump in many places from a doctor.

Why do People Like the Penis Pump?

Why do People Like the Penis Pump

The main reason that people love our Zen Hanger penis pump is the ability for it to give you a harder, and longer lasting erection; particularly useful if you have trouble getting or maintaining due to erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps in general are very safe, especially here at Zen Hanger, so using them for erectile dysfunction is often highly recommended, as they are also very effective. Penis pumps also often cost less than other medical methods, such as prescription medication, or surgery. Penis pumps are non-invasive, and don’t require anything special in order to function other than the device itself, and can even help in the recovery of normal erections when used in conjunction with certain medical procedures.

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For those not using them for medical reasons, they can temporarily allow you to gain almost an inch in both length and girth, helping with either sexual insecurity, or just to have more pleasure for both you and your partner during sexual intercourse.

Myths and Facts About Electronic Penis Pumps

Facts and Myths About Electronic Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps Can Cause Damage - This myth is mostly untrue. If the penis pump is used correctly according to its instructions it is a scientifically proven safe method for improving your erection. Decades of studies have gone into modern designs, such as with the Zen Hanging electronic penis pump to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

Penis Pumps Can Increase Penis Size Permanently - While it does increase your penis size while using it, and for a short time after you use it, continued use generally will result in great increases in length & girth. Instant visual gains stay for 24 hours but over the time permanent gains will happen.

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Penis Pumps Are Only for Erectile Dysfunction - This is a myth. Many people use penis pumps for pure pleasure in the bedroom while either alone, or with a partner in order to experience a larger, harder erection.

How to Use Electronic Penis Pumps Safely

The proper use of electronic penis pumps is important in order to avoid the low chance of getting an injury. Of course, if you are feeling any discomfort while using a penis pump, or there is any under skin bleeding, you should stop using it, and contact a doctor immediately. But, following these simple steps should result in a safe use for your pleasure.

Step 1: Cleaning the device.

If your device has been in storage for any significant length of time, you should give it a fresh clean.

Step 2: Apply Lubrication.

Like many activities in the bedroom with toys, you should be using some form of lubrication. Depending on what you are doing, water, or oil based lubricants can be used, and Zen Hanger has a great Aloe Vera Gel lubricant that can help with lubrication, while keeping your skin healthy.

Step 3: Put on the device.

Follow the specific instructions included with any device, such as the Zen Hanger electronic penis pump.

Step 4. Start Pumping.

Follow the device instructions, go slowly, and make sure you are always comfortable using it. Pumping will generally take 30 seconds to three minutes, and if it hurts at any point, release the pressure.

Step 5: Remove the device.

Once you have gotten your erection, release the pressure and remove the device.

Step 6. Slip the rubber ring that came with the device over your penis down to its base.

This will help maintain your erection as long as possible.

Benefits of Electronic Penis Pumps

Benefits of Electronic Penis Pumps

As mentioned above there are many benefits for using an electronic penis pump in the bedroom. The main reason is to be able to better achieve and maintain an erection for sexual activity. This can be done in order to combat erectile dysfunction due to a disorder, after a prostate surgery, or due to age. Penis pumps have low side effect rates, so is often a better option for many people than taking medication, which can affect blood pressure and heart rate. A penis pump can be used daily. Penis pumps can be used in conjunction with other erectile dysfunction treatment without additional risks. Finally, it can be also used by just about anybody, and many men use it just for purely pleasure's sake.

Trying Out the Best Quality Electronic Penis Pump

If you are ready to give it a shot, then you should be trying out the best electronic penis pump in order to give you the best results, and experience in its use. Head on over to the Zen Hanger online store, and check out our electronic penis pump, and aloe vera gel lubricant.

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 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.

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