How Does A Penis Pump Work & What Does A Penis Pump Do?

John Hanger

Are you one of those guys who are curious to know what it feels like to use a penis pump?

Perhaps you’ve heard a few stories or jokes about penis pump experiences that have intrigued you further, or put you off for life?

Well, for starters you can forget about the stereotypical misconceptions that only older men with erectile dysfunction problems use a penis pump. Although younger guys may initially feel a little embarrassed about trying out the device, in reality men of all ages are boosting their dimensions and sex life with the help of a penis pump.

If you’re a dude who already owns a kit full of penis enlargement or male enhancement products like adjustable penis hanging weights, stretchers, extenders and clamps, or an adult toy collection, an electric penis pump is the ultimate addition.

If you’re keen to discover how a penis pump can help you achieve your desired increase results, don’t let anyone else’s taboo tales influence your choice.

What Is A Penis Pump?

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In case you didn’t already know, a penis pump is a hands-on device that is designed to increase the size of an erection. Once you activate the pumping mechanism you create a vacuum inside the chamber, and the penis becomes erect. Slipping on a cock ring helps to maintain the erection for longer.

Vacuum penis pumps are available in a variety of different styles and budgets. Top of the range premium automatic versions, like the Zen Hanger electric penis pump are obviously more expensive that penis pumps that you work by hand. Battery-powered devices are easier and quicker to use, and are great if you lack hand strength or good coordination. What’s more, a premium penis pumps offers up to 40 uses on a single charge!

What Does A Penis Pump Do?

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A penis pump creates a vacuum seal inside the cylindrical tube that draws blood into the penis, making it swell into a rock hard erection. Due to the vigorous and precise pumping action, more blood than normal can be forced into the spongy penile tissue of the shaft. The erection will temporarily boost penis girth and length size, helping you to instantly achieve noticeable increase gains.

With regular use of a penis pump, to complement your penis stretching workouts, you can maintain longer-term gains that are more permanent.

How Does An Automatic Penis Pump Work?

As the name suggests, a penis pump creates a vacuum pressure in which your penis can swell to its full erect potential. The Zen Hanger electronic automatic penis pump is available in standard and XL sizes to ensure a comfortable fit whatever your dimensions.

To use, simply slide your penis inside the transparent cylindrical chamber of the penis pump, and start to apply pumping pressure. For the pumping to be fully effective, it’s important to get a good seal against the skin of the lower abdomen.

Use the automatic penis pump for 5-10 minutes to achieve an awesome elevation and to maximize the size of your penis. Once the penis is fully erect, slide it out of the tube and pull the cock ring over the tip of the penis, and glide it down to the base, to maintain your extended proportions for longer.

What Results Can You Expect When You Use A Penis Pump?  

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You’ll quickly appreciate the noticeable penis pump before and after benefits, of using an automatic device to enhance your penis size and erection. A premium quality penis pump will help you temporarily gain penis length inches and a thicker girth, for a 100% rock hard erection. Although your immediate pumping gains may initially be temporary, regular use of an automatic penis pump, over a period of time, will help you achieve results that are 100% permanent.

To additionally boost your penis pumping, enhanced erection proportions, it’s a good idea to use other penis enlargement products like weighted penis hangers, stretchers, extenders and clamps. Regular and consistent use of a penis enlargement pump also produces noticeable flaccid gains over time.

The non-evasive hands-on approach, to improving the strength of erections, offers a variety of benefits for men of all ages…

  • Increase your penis length and girth
  • Enjoy prolonged erections for extended gratification
  • Experience intensified sexual pleasure
  • Help erectile dysfunction

Penis pumps are safe and easy to use, and are often recommended by healthcare professionals treating patients that have conditions like poor blood circulation or diabetes. Many doctors prefer to recommend the use of a penis pump instead of prescribing medication or surgery for erectile dysfunction problems and Peyronie’s Disease (bent penis).

If you've had prostate surgery, a daily workout with a vacuum penis pump will increase the blood flow to the penis and help to restore your sexual health.

Men who suffer from psychological issues like depression and anxiety can greatly benefit from using a penis pump to enhance body confidence.

Common Side Effects Of Using A Penis Pump

Common Side Effects Of Using A Penis Pump 

Whenever you use a new penis enlargement device it may take a little while to get fully accustomed to it. It’s not uncommon to have minor bruising to the shaft when you first use a penis pump. The painless bruising will disappear in a few days.

Pin-point red spots, known as petechiae, may appear on the shaft. This is caused by bleeding under the skin, and is temporary.

A cock ring will maintain your rock hard erection for longer, but it may also decrease the force of ejaculation. Although semen will initially dribble once you remove the cock ring, your orgasm won’t be affected.

Wearing a cock ring for a prolonged period of time may also make your penis feel temporarily numb.

A Word Of Warning:

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When using any type of penis enlargement device to enhance your length and girth dimensions, and erection duration, it’s advisable that you don’t overdo it. Too much vigorous pumping could damage your penis by forcing too much blood into the spongy tissues of the shaft. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for correct and safe usage of the device.