Temporary Erectile Dysfunction - Its Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Temporary Erectile Dysfunction

ED or Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most common sexual health conditions in men all around the world. When it is the cause of medical conditions or chronic illness, ED can turn out to be a chronic problem. However, in most cases, it is temporary.

As per a study report, it is estimated that around 30 million men in the United States alone suffer from ED. Those having Erectile Dysfunction find it difficult to obtain an erection instantly or sustain an erection long enough to ensure a pleasurable, satisfying intercourse period.

While several cases of Erectile Dysfunction tend to be long-term in nature, there are others that are temporary. These occur as a result of problems like alcohol consumption, anxiety related to sexual performance, or the use of specific medication. Let us help you understand all about temporary Erectile Dysfunction and its diagnosis.

Types of ED (Erectile Dysfunction)

Types of ED

Depending on your cause of ED, you can have either short-term or long-term ED. Let us understand in detail:

Situation ED:

It is a type of Erectile Dysfunction that takes place only under specific circumstances. For instance, some men might experience trouble in retaining an erection with their partners, but not during masturbation. Situation ED is mostly the outcome of psychological factors -like performance anxiety or nervousness. In such cases, focusing on resolving psychological challenges is the best treatment. Drug use and alcohol consumption can also lead to situational ED.

Temporary ED:

It can be the cause of specific lifestyle factors. In such a case, ED is mostly temporary and can improve by bringing about a change in the lifestyle. Temporary ED can be the result of:

  • Chronic stress
  • Poor diet
  • Smoking
  • Physical inactivity
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic syndrome -like low testosterone levels

Long-term ED:

Erectile Dysfunction can be difficult to reverse if it arises due to a physical problem. Some conditions like spinal cord injuries, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis can affect the nerves connected to the penis. Some of the potential causes of long-term ED are:

  • Nerve damage
  • Penile tissue damage
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Blocked arteries
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Diabetes

Temporary Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis

It is normal to experience temporary Erectile Dysfunction. However, if it occurs on a regular basis and affects the sexual life of an individual, it should be concerning.

One of the best ways to diagnose temporary ED is by talking it out to the doctor. The specialists can diagnose the cause of temporary ED by going through sexual and medical history. Your doctor can also suggest blood tests and offer a physical examination to rule out specific conditions.

How to Treat Temporary Erectile Dysfunction?

Treat Temporary Erectile Dysfunction

With proper treatment, you can bring about a significant improvement in temporary Erectile Dysfunction. This type of Erectile Dysfunction is almost always treatable -either with lifestyle changes or medication, therapy, or combining different approaches.

If you are experiencing temporary ED, it is important to reach out to a healthcare specialist to get information about your symptoms, conditions, and possible treatment options. Some leading treatment methods are:

    • Quit Smoking:

      If you smoke, it can damage the blood vessels while affecting the overall flow of blood to the penis. Research also reveals that the presence of nicotine in cigarettes can lower your overall response to sexual stimulation.

      If you are into smoking, you should make dedicated efforts to quit smoking at the earliest. Smoking cessation can help in improving Erectile Dysfunction -especially in young smokers with the condition.

    • Reduce Alcohol Consumption:

      When you drink too much alcohol, it could lead to situational ED. It is known as ‘whiskey dick’ or ‘alcohol-induced ED.’ Some research reports also link heavy consumption of alcohol to a heightened risk of continual erectile dysfunction.

      While it is completely fine to consume alcohol occasionally, you should aim at avoiding heavy drinking at all costs. As per the recommendations of the experts, it is advised that you should drink no more than 2 servings of alcohol every day as a man.

    • Add a Healthy Diet:

      Consuming a well-balanced diet will help you maintain healthy body weight. According to study reports, it is suggested that specific diets -like Mediterranean meals, can help in improving erections and the overall sexual health and well-being.

    • Add Exercise to Your Routine:

      Exercising can also help in improving your overall cardiovascular fitness. It can help in treating ED that is the result of poor health or diet. To top it all, exercising is a natural form of ED treatment -especially the one arising out of depression or other mental issues.

    • Take Supplements:

      There are some supplements that can help with temporary ED symptoms. While you can come across a myriad of options out there, only a few of them turn out to be effective in the category of penis enlargement pills or supplements. One such reliable product you can trust is Zen Hanger Male Enhancement Penis Enlargement Pills. These supplements are especially made to allow men to ensure a swift recovery from the existing penis enlargement routine.

      The pills not only help in increasing the penis size over time, but also helps in increasing the amount of semen produced.

    • Destress Therapy:

      Anxiety and stress are other common causes of temporary ED. With effective destress therapies like yoga and meditation, you can improve symptoms related to ED.

    • Try Medication like Penis Pump:

      One effective medication that can help you naturally improve symptoms related to ED is using an Automatic Penis Pump. Zen Hanger Silicone Penis Sleeve for pumping and stretching allows you to ensure stretching exercises with great ease. The sleeve by Zen Hangers comes with different softness levels to enhance its overall use.

After trying out all the methods, if you do not experience any major improvement, you should consult your doctor for expert help.


Many men feel embarrassed to talk about potential ED challenges. However, if you are experiencing symptoms, your doctor can help you find the best treatment option.

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.

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