Penis Weight Hanging Vs. Penis Jelqing. Which one is Safer or Superior?

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Penis Weight Hanging Vs. Penis Jelqing

What is penis weight hanging, is it even safe? What is Jelqing? Does it work the same as the weight? How do either of these things help me out? Today we are going to dive into some common questions surrounding techniques used to enlarge your penis. Both of these techniques have their benefits but it is time to break down what is right for you and why.

Penis Weight Hanging

weight hanging

The first technique we are going to get into is Penis Weight Hanging and how it can help you add some length and girth to your penis over time.

What is penis weight hanging/hanger

A penis weight hanger or the act of weight hanging is the process of suspending a weight from the shaft of the penis to encourage tissue growth. This is a technique used through the ages tracing its roots through some say the egyptians. It became popularized in the 1980’s as men looked for ways to truly gain the penis size they wanted. It has also been used to solve issues of erectile dysfunction and peyronie's disease.

How does it work?

Penis weight hanging can be accomplished in one of two ways. The first is to attach a weight to the shaft of the penis while sitting or standing and simply let it hang for several minutes at a time. The Zen Hangar product ensures safety with a comfortable and soft noose that attaches to the shaft to prevent any uncomfortable pressure. Over time you can increase weight and time you allow the weight to hang slowly increasing your length.

The second way is to attach the end of the device to a solid surface while sitting or standing and use the consistent pressure to pull for you. This can be accomplished against a desk or even against your leg for long term stretching. The All Day stretching device allows you to securely attach your penis to your leg so you can perform your stretching regimen throughout the day.

The science behind it is remarkably simple, your penis begins to expand as the stretching increases the flexibility of your tissues adding length a little at a time.

Benefits of weight hanging

Outside the most obvious benefit of Penis Weight Hanging is that you get a longer penis there are several benefits to this technique as opposed to other enlargement methods.

  • First and foremost there is no need to get your doctor involved, this product is simple to order for yourself.
  • No negative side effects like loss of sensation that can be attributed to other lengthening techniques.
  • No expensive surgery that can leave you worse than when you started and put you out of commission for weeks.
  • Increased blood flow, supporting a healthy blood flow to your penis becomes a long term effect staving away several other reproductive issues like erectile dysfunction.
  • Easy to use and proven benefits. We are going to get into the medical studies a bit further down but why not do something you are sure will work and has science to back it up.



The second technique we are going to discuss is Jelqing which is a technique designed to add girth to your penis through using your hand to manipulate tissues under the skin.

What is jelqing

Jelqing is the process of creating “micro tears” in the tissues of the penis that when healed look bigger thus increasing the girth of your penis over time. This process has a pretty long history as well and is even consistently being studied by scientists around the world to figure out the real benefits although so far no studies have been published with conclusive results.

How to perform jelqing

Jelqing is essentially stretching your penis with your hand or a designated device in slow succession to create those micro tears. Using lube to prevent chafing and curving your finger over the shaft of your penis like an “ok” symbol and squeezing and stretching over time maintains the thicker look. Maintaining an even pull weight can be difficult but possible with some practice and ensuring you are paying attention to your process.

Benefits of jelqing

Again outside the obvious of being able to stroke yourself to a thicker penis jelqing has the added benefit of being for the most part free. While a lubricant should be used and this takes a significant amount of energy to do over time this method is essentially free. Another benefit is that you get to learn your penis, spending time using your hand in the attempt to create these tears you get a chance to learn more about what your penis can and cannot handle.

Comparison between Jelqing & Penis Weight hanging

Comparison between Jelqing & Weight hanging

How do you compare the two? One method designed for girth the other for length. I personally have found Jelqing to be a process that leads more often than not to “completion” rather than any measurable success. But again that's just me, the process of using a weight hanger for several weeks has proven its benefits for me. It is a simple technique that does not lend itself to extra curricular distractions and is part of a fun routine. That is not to say jelqing will not work for you it is just in my experience I have not had any success with it other than some old fashioned “self -discovery” time.

When it comes to safety concerns most would assume it's the weight hanging that is the least safe of the two techniques but that would be incorrect. Due to the unpredictable pull weight of your own hand you are prone to injury pulling too hard when Jelqing vs the consistent and measured pull weight of a weight hanger. Think about it this way, you can achieve measured and safe results with a hangar because the weight is consistent vs your hand that lets face it you may end up pulling or squeezing too hard.

The room for error that can cause bruising, swelling and numbness are a major factor for me when choosing the weight over the jelqing although both have their benefits. I always know how much weight is being applied and know that fact alone is going to help me see results long term. I like good data, being able to plot weight vs length over time and add weight to continue seeing results is right up my alley.

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Penis weight hanging

Which is the superior technique? Well that depends entirely on you and your goals and how you want to go about getting them accomplished. Personally I am going to go with the weight hanging simply for the fact that if girth is what I want along with length the hanger gives me the option to have both over time.

At the time of writing this I was unable to find any medical data that supported Jelqing as a technique with miserable results. The results found at this point have been anecdotal and vary from individual to individual (most likely because grip strength, and time are hard to measure for multiple people).

Medical data does currently support weight hanging as a method used to enhance the penis size over time and help with several other issues as well. My vote is going to go for weight hanging as the superior technique but I encourage you to try it for yourself and let us know your own results!

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.

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