Penis Shrinkage: Causes, Treatment and More

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Penis Shrinkage: Causes, Treatment and More

It’s a harsh fact of life that as men get older, their penises and testicles experience some degree of natural shrinkage.


Penis shrinkage is a decrease in penis size that can be treatable, or permanent. In the same way that penis size varies amongst men, neither race nor ethnicity has anything to do with the proportions of your manhood being minimized.

As a man ages he can expect to experience the loss of about an inch in penis length by the time he’s heading for retirement. 

While some guys may not notice the proportional reduction difference, there are other men who are greatly concerned about the bad news regarding potential penis shrinkage.

There is good news however...

Guys who regularly exercise their precious cargo with penis stretching devices, such as an adjustable penis weight hanging system and an electronic penis enlargement pump can relax and chill, instead of breaking out into a cold sweat worrying about their disappearing dick.

How Much Does Penis Shrink?

How Much Does Penis Shrink?

On average, penis shrinkage reduces the size of your dick by 1/2 an inch or less. However, it’s also possible that your penis can shrink up to a more noticeable inch!

If you have an active and satisfying sex life, natural penis shrinkage really won’t make much of an impact.

But if you’re wondering “can your penis shrink overnight?”

Well, because the penis is under the influence of the autonomic nervous system, which also regulates heart rate and blood pressure, it has a habit of doing its own thing.

The penis can grow (when you’re sexual aroused) and also shrink without you doing absolutely anything. And don’t forget that exposure to cold air or water will cause the sympathetic nervous system to make your penis shrink.

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What Causes Penis Shrinkage?

What Causes Penis Shrinkage?

Before seeking penis shrinkage treatment, it’s important to understand why does penis shrink. Knowing what causes penis shrinkage can help you overcome unnecessary concerns.

There are a number of key reasons for penis shrinkage...

  • Aging

As a guy gets older, his penis and testicles may get slightly smaller. This can be caused by a build-up of fatty deposits in the arteries that reduce blood flow to the penis. As a result, the cells in the spongy tubes of the shaft’s erectile tissue can become withered.

Men’s bodies also produce less testosterone with age. As the testicles are producing less sperm, they can naturally appear to be smaller in size. If you think of your testicles as a pumped up balloon, as you age you’ll experience some deflation (which results as penis shrinkage decreased size), without actually losing overall dimensions.

  • Scarring

If you’re a guy with a healthy sex life, it’s possible to experience minor injuries to your penis that result in scarring to the erectile tissue. Playing high-impact sports can also cause this type of genital injury. 

Once the scar tissue builds up around the spongy erectile tissue, collagen suppleness is reduced. This can mean that the size of your erections becomes compromised, creating penis shrinkage.

  • Obesity

Guys who gain weight around the lower abdomen usually notice that their penis suddenly looks shorter. In extremely obese men, the abdominal fat can enclose most of their dick, making it virtually disappear!

An enlarged belly envelops your penis because it’s attached to the abdominal wall. Getting back in shape can eliminate worrisome penis shrinkage.

  • Prostate Surgery

It’s reported that some men experience mild to moderate shortening of the penis after having prostate surgery. The possible main cause of penis shrinkage in this case, is the contractions of the abnormal muscles that pull the penis farther into the body.

  • Bent Penis

If you have Peyronie’s disease, your dick will have an extreme curvature that makes penetrative sex painful or impossible. Peyronie’s disease can also reduce the length and girth of your penile dimensions.

Penis shrinkage can also occur if you opt for surgery to remove the scar tissue that causes the bent penis condition.

Penis Shrinkage Treatment

Penis Shrinkage Treatment

If you’re keen to maintain a healthy penis that flaunts optimal proportions, it’s highly recommended that you take action to stop penis shrinkage.

Your self-care penis shrinkage treatment should involve:

  • Being physically active
  • Regular and consistent penis stretching workouts
  • Eating nutritious foods that support penile health
  • Quitting smoking
  • Limiting excessive consumption of alcohol

Maintaining a healthy erectile function is also vital, as erections fill the penis up with oxygen-rich blood and can prevent premature shortening.

If you’ve recently undergone prostate surgery, the temporary penis shrinkage may take up to 6-12 months to reverse. Some men may opt for the medical penis shrinkage treatment that is known as penile rehabilitation, which involves taking erectile dysfunction drugs and using an electronic penis enlargement pump.

Hormonal therapy may also help correct the imbalance that is caused by prostate cancer that can result in shrinkage of the penis.

How Can Penis Shrinkage Be Reversed?

How Can Penis Shrinkage Be Reversed?

If you’re guy who ‘s alarmed by thoughts of “why does penis shrink”, rest assured that there is something that you can actively do about it.

Can penis shrinkage be reversed?

Yes, it can!

It’s possible to stop penis shrinkage by following a penis stretching program of daily exercises, using premium quality male enhancement penis enlargement devices.

Boost your self-care penis shrinkage treatment with manual penis stretching and jelqing techniques, to warm up your dick in prep for using top-of-the-range male enhancement penis enlargement devices.

Stop penis shrinkage in its tracks by committing to a penis stretching regime that increases the length and girth measurements of your manhood safely, naturally and gradually over time.

Essential Anti Penis Shrinkage Equipment

Essential Anti Penis Shrinkage Equipment

An adjustable penis weight hanging system is a beneficial piece of kit in reducing potential dick inch loss, no matter the reasons for your penis shrinkage.

To minimize bruising to the skin of the shaft, it’s recommended that you slip on a super soft, multi-use anti-turtle and retraction sleeve prior to beginning your penis stretching exercises. The second skin, body-safe silicone penis sleeve can be cut down to size for use with other male enhancement devices, such as a vacuum penis enlargement pump.

To further enhance your penis shrinkage treatment, it’s a great idea to pop a daily dose of Volume & Recovery male enhancement penis enlargement pills. These specially formulated supplements are packed with powerfully potent natural ingredients that promote healthy blood flow in the shaft, increased semen production, and faster healing of erectile tissue micro-tears.
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