Penis Pumps For A Bigger Penis

John Hanger

Penis Pumps For A Bigger Penis

When men, who are unhappy and displeased about the proportions of their manhood, think about growing a bigger penis, they usually only consider adding bonus inches to the length.

From a woman’s perspective, the thickness (or girth) is just as important!

One of the easiest and quickest ways to boost the girth of your penis is to use a penis pump. This tried and tested method of male enhancement is so damn effective that it’s even recommended by health practitioners treating conditions like erectile dysfunction.

Whether you want to increase the size of your dick, improve its overall appearance, impress your lover, or treat ED, a penis pump is the must-have investment device to include in your male enhancement kit.

What Is A Penis Pump?

What Is A Penis Pump?

The humble penis pump is the inspired creation of Dr John King. Back in 1870, he designed a device to help his patients overcome erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease (bent penis). 

The design of the first penis pumps was fairly basic and rudimentary, and it has naturally evolved over time to incorporate a variety of technological improvements. While many of the latest penis enlargement models include innovative features, the primary function of the penis pump still remains the same as when it was first invented.

The non-evasive, hands-on male enhancement device is specially designed to increase the amount of blood flow in the penis, in order to enhance the quality, stamina and appearance of an erection.

The best penis pump on the market can improve the firmness and strength of your erections, enhance your sexual performance, and also give you improved ejaculation control. Oh, and it can also give you a bigger penis – by boosting its length and girth size temporarily.

Vacuum penis enlargement pumps are available in a variety of different styles and models to suit your budget. A premium quality penis pump, like the Zen Hanger electric penis pump may be a little more expensive that a standard water-based (hydro) penis pump that you work by hand, but it’s definitely worth the investment over time. A top-of-the-range penis vacuum pump offers up to 40 uses on a single charge!

Penis Pump For Erectile Dysfunction

Penis Pump For Erectile Dysfunction

Penis pumps are an effective natural remedy for erectile dysfunction, with no associated side effects.

If you have erectile dysfunction, a penis pump is safe to use alongside the ED medication that your doctor has prescribed for you. You can also use a penis vacuum pump if you have a penile implant. After prostate surgery, a penis pump will help restore sexual confidence, and help you achieve erections that are harder and stronger.

What Do Penis Pumps Do?

What Do Penis Pumps Do?

Penis pumps comprise of a transparent cylindrical tube, a seal or band that fits around the base of the dick, and a hand or battery-powered pump, and are primarily designed to preserve erectile function.

A penis pump creates a vacuum seal inside the tube that causes blood to draw into the penis, once the pumping action is activated. The increased blood flow to the spongy erectile tissues in the shaft makes the penis engorge and swell into an awesome rock hard erection. 

The gain in penis girth and length size is instantly noticeable, but temporary.

The Best Penis Pump

The Best Penis Pump

When you’re looking to purchase a penis pump to grow a bigger penis or for erectile dysfunction issues, it’s worth investing in an automatic penis pump of the highest quality that your money can buy.

Our premium electronic penis enlargement pump measures the pressure that amplifies your penis size to the proportions that you dream of. The pressure meter regulates the vacuum compression, and maintains it at a level that is safe and comfortable for your penis. 

You don’t have to worry about getting your pelvis and scrotum skin sucked into the pump, as the innovative electric penis pump boasts a superior custom base.

How To Use A Penis Pump For A Bigger Penis

  • Insert your penis inside the transparent tube of the electric penis pump

The super soft silicone completely seals the bottom of the penis pump, forming a protective and comfortable cushion around the base of your dick. 

The airtight seal prevents the suction of your testicles, and also stops the pelvic skin from being sucked up into the pump.

  • Apply pressure

Once your penis is inside the penis pump tube, activate the vacuum motor. The pumping pressure will start to rise from 0. You can keep an eye on the incremental rise by checking the info displayed on the LCD screen. 

  • Time your progress

The penis pump’s built-in timer allows you to keep time of your pumping sessions. If you want to achieve optimal increase gains and satisfying results, it’s recommended that you time your pumping.

Just 5-10 minutes of penis pumping is all you need to maximize the size of your erection.

  • Release the pressure

Once your dick is fully engorged, release the pressure. The increased blood flow in the shaft will make your penis bigger in length and girth.

Penis Pump Before And After

Penis Pump Before And After

If you’re still wondering: “do penis pumps really work?” try one for yourself and check the penis pump before and after results. You won’t be disappointed!

Whether you choose to use a penis pump to enhance the proportions of your erections, or as an effective aid to combat erectile dysfunction problems, you will undoubtedly notice impressive penis pump before and after results.

Regular use of a penis vacuum pump can help you gain bonus inches, and also sustain a stronger, harder erection for a longer period of time. Although the immediate results of using a penis pump may be temporary, 100% permanent gains are achievable over time.

Even if you’re blessed with a dick that is larger than average, you can still benefit from using an automatic penis pump. When you use a penis pump that is recommended for XL proportions, you’ll achieve an erection that is optimized to deliver heightened sexual pleasure, gratification and satisfaction.

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