Penis Hanging - Safe or Dangerous?

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Penis Hanging - Safe or Dangerous

Many men have wondered if there are more natural and safe methods available for increasing their penis length that don’t rely on special medications or surgeries. Well, if you are one of these men then yes there is, and it is known as penis hanging. Penis hanging is a method by which a man can hang weights from their penis, such as the Beginning Deluxe Penis Weight Hanging System available from Zen Hanger, possibly with penis silicone stretching sleeves, in order to take advantage of the natural properties of smooth muscle tissue in order to promote cell growth.

The biggest worry about penis hanging among men when they hear it, is whether it is a safe practice or not. In the end, safety is all about how you go about the process of doing penis hanging. If you use trusted and quality products from good brands like Zen Hanger, and follow the instructions properly, penis hanging can be a safe process.

Don’t let those worries steer you away from penis hanging if you are looking for permanent gains. But, as always, do your research. Below is some information you can use to make an informed decision on whether penis hanging is for you.

How dangerous or safe is penis hanging?

dangerous or safe is penis hanging

Penis hanging uses devices that include penis weights in order to stretch the penis through consistent exercises and periods of times with weights hanging from the penis with a safe level of tension. Penis hanging with weights is safe as long as you are using trusted products like those from Zen Hanger, and following the proper procedures and not getting ahead of yourself in terms of weight or tension when you aren’t ready for it.

Safety of Penis Hanging

Safety of Penis Hanging

Whenever you purchase a penis hanging kit, it will come with proper instructions and guide on how to use the kit itself, and the exercises you should be performing with the kit. Zen Hanger has a full Penis Weight Hanging Guide. Ultimately, you need to do only what is comfortable for you. If you feel any sort of discomfort, or god forbid, tearing, you should stop immediately. If it appears serious or painful, you should immediately contact a doctor or visit an ER for care.

How to use a Penis Hanging Kit

The first thing you should always know with any exercise, whether it is penis hanging, or even just general exercise, is that you start in moderation, always. Your first time using a penis hanging kit should start with the lowest weight available in the kit, and the lowest recommended times for tension.

Penis hanging kits require consistency in your exercise times. Daily use of the kit is important, as it isn’t a quick fix for getting more length or girth on your penis. Starting with low weights and low tension, you can over time increase either weight, or tension, as dictated by the included instructions, or the guide linked above. It is generally unsafe to increase both weight and tension rapidly during your penis hanging forays, and increases should be over weeks, not days.

Your results will vary from other men, as it does with any method of penis enlargement. Every man is different, and each man’s body will react differently to the penis hanging process. Don’t get discouraged if results aren’t what you expected, just keep up your exercises daily.

Know when to start & stop or keep continue the process While penis hanging can be a safe process when you follow instructions, you need to know when to stop in order to prevent unsafe practices. If your penis hanging experience is getting uncomfortable, you should stop immediately and let your penis recover. Always start your penis hanging regime with the lowest weight. For some men this means starting with the 1.5 lbs weight. If you do have to stop temporarily, give yourself a couple days to recover, then start again, but always start slowly so you don’t cause damage.

About ZH Penis Hanger

Zen Hanger offers several high quality kits for all your penis hanging needs. Linked at the top of the blog is the starter kit at 1.5 and 2.5 lbs, and once you are comfortable and need something more, you can move onto either the 6.5 lb adjustable kit, or use the Ultimate Penis growth package that includes several products, including the 10 lb adjustable penis hanging kit.

Safety is paramount when it comes to penis hanging kits, so always read the included guidelines and instructions before beginning your penis hanging journey. For some men there can be issues of “turtling” and “retraction” that can remove your gains, and make it even harder to gain later on. So it's recommended you use silicone penis sleeves such as the one-size-fits-all 4 pack or the larger 9 inch multi use silicone penis sleeve (make sure you take proper diameter measurements to get the right size for your penis.)

Another recommendation in order to help prevent damage while slipping on or off penis sleeves, or using the use of many of Zen Hangers products is to get the Aloe Vera Penis Gel for Penis Growth. Aloe vera gel will provide the appropriate level of lubrication for your penis growth exercises, as well as help your penis recover faster from the strain of an exercise.

Penis Hanging Safe for Your End Goals

Penis Hanging Safe for Your End Goals

Ultimately, it's down to your choice as to whether you take the penis hanging route, but you can rest easy knowing that it is safe for your penis. Always remember though to follow the product guidelines and instructions for a safe penis enlargement experience, and always use quality products. Zen Hanger has a treasure trove of penis enlargement products that are safe to use, from penis hanging to penis pumping, and herbal pills. So, check out the penis hanging and other penis enlargement guides and videos today to make an informed decision. If you have any questions, always feel free to send Zen Hanger an email with your questions, and for any medical information and assistance you should speak with your healthcare provider.

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.

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