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Penis Extenders

Every person is created differently and has unique looks, qualities, and measurements to their body. While some gain a lot of confidence from the deck they have been dealt, others sometimes feel like they are lacking in one way or another. Both women and men have these self-image issues, and society on a whole has been responsible for it, but sometimes there are steps people can take to better themselves, if they so choose—even if that means using a penis extender to improve your self image “down there.”

Enhancements of the male body, no matter where they are, primarily result in a gain of confidence, and this helps them feel better about their lives. Sexuality is a core part of most people's lives, and if you feel like your penis that is not sufficient in size, it can be a real hit to your confidence and can even affect sexual performance with a partner. That’s where a penis extender can help.

When it comes to the male penis, the two main measurements that are cared about are length and circumference (or girth). While it is generally accepted that skill is more of a factor in sexual pleasure with a partner, those with what they believe are smaller penises often wonder if there is something they can do, beyond surgery. A penis extender may be the answer for these men, but there are a lot of questions to ask and a lot of research to be done before deciding if this is the route for you.

A quick internet search may have given you a lot of results (many of them probably not exactly what you meant to find), but something some men looking for a little extra length or girth have wondered is, “do penis extenders work?”

Types of Penis Extenders

There are several types of penis extenders available, from the moderately well-known penis enlargement pumps to the lesser-known penis weights and penis stretchers. So, what is each type capable of, how do you a use penis extender, and how do penis extenders work?

Penis Extenders

Penis Enlargement Pumps

Penis enlargement pumps are either manual or automatic electronic pumps that use a vacuum suction to draw blood into the penis. They are more often used for treating erectile dysfunction or for giving temporary increases in girth of the penis for a sexual encounter than they are for use as a penis extender. Repeated daily uses could see some longer-term penis enlargement, though, but it is different per person.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

Penis Weights

Penis weights have multiple components: a silicone sleeve that goes over the shaft of the penis for comfort, a hanging noose that attaches to the penis over the sleeve at one side, and on the other side, the weights. Penis weights take some time to get used to for some men, and most come in half-pound increments. Daily exercises with penis weights involve 10- to 20-minute sessions, wherein incrementally more and more weight is added over weeks. This can result in some penis length extension, but results as a penis extender may vary.

Penis Weights

Penis Stretchers

Penis stretchers can come in a couple forms, either a plastic bodied stretcher that attaches directly to the penis, or a version similar to penis weights. The version of penis stretchers that are similar to penis weights again uses a silicone sleeve for comfort, but instead of attaching weights to the hanging noose, the penis is attached to a leg band just under the knee using a tension pulley. The tension pulley is adjustable and can be worn for several hours at a time, creating gentle tension, which over the course of a month or more of daily use, can function as a penis extender.

Penis Stretchers

Penis Stretching - Instructional Video

The Theory Behind How to Extend the Penis

Most penis extenders work under a similar principle of using their own body's healing mechanisms to a man’s advantage. When an extender is used, like the penis weights and penis stretchers, the tension created causes painless micro tears under the skin in the muscle tissue (this is known as traction therapy.) When these micro tears occur, nearby cells release chemical messengers that alert the brain and the brain releases neurotransmitters to alert the body to begin a healing process. Amino acids and other components fill up the gap created by the tear, adding to the cell mass of the area. This increase in cell mass over time could result in an incremental increase in penis size over time.

Do Penis Extenders Really Work?

Most information you find through online research with penis extenders is going to be anecdotal responses to the question, “do penis extenders work?” since there are limited clinical trials. However, generally, you will find that, for many, penis extenders will work to varying degrees. Often, they won’t work as well as a penis surgery can, but extenders are a fraction of the cost, and they can be a more convenient and affordable route.  

What’s the Best Penis Extender?

Trying to figure out the best penis extender for you through research is going to be tough because results can vary between men. Do some online research, check out reviews for individual products, and in the end, you may just need to choose one and try it out. Whether it is a penis weight, penis stretcher, or penis enlargement pump you decide to try out, if one is not working for you, you can always try one of the others.

Are Penis Extenders Safe?

There have been few clinical trials based on penis extenders, so caution should be taken when trying out penis extenders; you only have one penis. To minimize risk to your penis, always carefully follow the instructions that come with your penis extender, and start slow. Never push yourself to the point of feeling pain, and avoid sudden movements, depending on the type of extender you are using. Check the materials used in the product you are trying, and check for online reviews as well. Finally, if in doubt, stop. Discoloration, pain, and numbness are all signs that you should back off.

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How Long to Use Penis Extender?

The length of time you need to use a penis extender varies depending on the type used. Penis weights should only be used 10-20 minutes a day. Penis stretchers can be designed to be used for several hours at a time comfortably. Penis pumps generally are used in 10- to 15-minute-long sessions. No matter which method you use, you won’t see lasting results unless you use them daily for their recommended amounts of time for a month or two. Any penis extender companies promising results within days are not to be trusted.

If you are interested in trying a penis extender, whether it is to boost your confidence in the bedroom or you just want to try them for a bit of fun, visit for a selection of high-quality penis extenders.

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