Penis Enlargement Techniques in One Look

Penis Enlargement Techniques in One Look

Do you want to get bigger but are unsure of how to get there without falling victim to wasted time, money, and possibly injury? Well, today we are going to talk about how to enlarge your penis with proven methods and techniques that you may not have heard of. All of these techniques you can perform at home so no uncomfortable and expensive trip to your doctor!

Is it really possible?

Is Penis Enlargement Possible

The first question asked and rightly so, is it even possible? The answer is yes it has been clinically proven that through several of these techniques a larger, fuller penis is achievable. The next question is usually if it works why doesn’t everyone do it? That answer is easy, more people do it than you think and these things take time and patience. I mean we could all be the size of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson if we put it the work but not everyone does it. Think about these techniques as part of your daily or pre-session routine that over time build you up to the size you want to be.

Penis Enlargement Products

Penis Enlargement Products

These techniques we are about to cover work through increasing your blood flow and strengthening the tissues in your penis. Your penis has a need to be “exercised” much like your muscles although the penis is not a muscle. It is a combination of tissues and blood vessels. Your brain automatically exercises your penis on a daily basis especially when you sleep by giving you late night and early morning erections. This increased blood flow is exercising your penis by enriching your penis with oxygen and blood thus maintaining the function of the penis.

Increasing the rate in which this “exercise” happens not only maintains but can increase the size and volume of your penis size leading to bigger erections! Here are some techniques that can be used to provide that added “exercise”. The Penis Enlargement Devices we are about to discuss include the Automatic Penis pump, Penis clamps, Penis Extenders, Penis Hangars, Penis Pills and recovery gel. All have their merits and are great ways to build your routine to enlarge your penis.

Automatic Penis Pump or Vacuum Pump

Automatic Penis Pump

It is no secret that the Penis pump has been used for years since 1874 to be exact by a man named Dr.John King. However, the device you are familiar with today can be linked back to a man named Geddings Osbon. Mr.Osbon was just trying to solve his own issues when he got the penis pump approved by the FDA in 1982. Today the penis pump builds on the experience of 40 years of technology and is now fully automatic and timed! The Zen Automatic Penis Pump is a great example of how to increase your blood flow and size for not only temporary growth but a long-term enhancement.

Due to this technique's automation, you can easily keep track of the time you use the device and know you are getting the right amount of pressure applied automatically. If you are a data lover like I am it can be easy to chart and log to see your progress over time. Simply use the pump for 15-minutes at a time to see an increase in length and girth.

Penis Clamps

Penis Clamps

While most of the products we will be discussing aid in supporting blood flow the Penis Clamp or ring-type devices are generally used to hinder blood from flowing out of the penis. Having an influx of blood flowing in can provide a way to force the penis to stretch and maintain an erection a lot longer. While prolonged use can lead to tissue damage it is an effective way to temporarily enlarge your penis. It kind of acts like blowing up a balloon (your penis) with air (your blood) and then trying the end of the balloon (the clamp) and keeping that air inside.

Penis Extenders (ADS)

Penis Extenders - ADS

The benefits of stretching consistently are widely known which is why yoga is such a popular pastime. But what if you could exercise and stretch your penis at the same time? All-day Penis Stretching is a technique that involves attaching an elastic shock cord to the adjustable leg strap and gently but firmly stretching your penis all day. The cotton noose makes sure to not irritate, pinch or otherwise damage your penis for a comfortable pull that helps you attain your desired length.

Because it is so comfortable and allows you to control the tension this technique is excellent for daily use. The tension applied continually pulls on your penis to stretch the tissues slowly over time to add length. This device can also be worn attaching the anchor point to an object in front of you while seated.

Penis hangers & Penis Weights

Penis hangers & Penis Weights

This method has been used for centuries by many different cultures to lengthen and strengthen the penis. Adding weights may seem scary but it is not as intimidating as you think. The comfortable cotton noose used by the all-day stretcher along with a hanging weight can be an enjoyable experience.

The same concept applied with the all-day stretching technique is applied with Hanging Weight Discs. These half-pound weights are used to slowly ramp up the gravity-assisted stretching of your penis. It is all part of a routine that is built on increasing size in small increments. Once you have enjoyed the benefits of the all-day stretcher or while you are utilizing that device adding weights for ten to twenty minutes a day will increase growth.

Penis Pills (Volume & Recovery Pills)

Penis Pills

Supplements for penis recovery time and volume increase are not new concepts. While this method does work not all pills are created equal. The Penis Enhancement Pills at Zen Hangar are designed to not only provide added support to your existing penis enhancement routine but also have the benefits of semen volume and reduction of recovery time. What is the point of enhancing your penis size if you are not ready for round two when your partner wants it?

This supplement works by ensuring you reach the maximum erection your penis is capable of by increasing the blood flow. The recovery aspect which was the intention behind this supplement reduces the refractory period in which it takes your body to recover from sexual activities. When we are young that period is short but as we get older the time it takes to be ready again increases. If you are looking to recover faster, add more volume to your semen and grow all at the same time this technique is the one for you.

Aloe Vera Penis Gel

Aloe Vera Penis Gel

Aloe Vera, over the years this plant has been adapted for many uses mostly in the medical world. You can find Aloe Vera in medicines, lotions, deodorants, juice, and aging serum. What makes it such a versatile plant, its gel is a vasodilator. Much like all the rest of the techniques, this works by increasing your blood flow. Now Aloe Vera Penis Gel isn't just for you to rub on and hope for the best it is used as an add-on to your enhancement plan. As well as a skin-nourishing treatment for use with the other techniques. We are talking about growth right, why spend all this time getting bigger and not also take care of your skin so your partner can enjoy it?

Rub the Gel on as a lubricant when stretching or after for use as a recovery tool to be prepared for the next session. Think of it as your “post-workout” shake in the gym, you want to repair and replenish quickly so you are ready for your next workout. That is how you make steady gains and progress over time.

Final Thoughts

That was a quick look at some of the best ways to enlarge your penis over time without having to go to the doctor. All these methods work and can be validated with a simple routine and consistency. Anything worth having is worth working for so don’t fall victim to the quick miracle scams when you can do what works and get the results you are looking for. Happy growing!

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.