Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement- How to Get Bigger, Faster

Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement

Surgical body enhancements and body modifications are more and more common in our society. Medical and plastic surgeries are more accessible than ever, and people are making the most of their bodies and living their best, happiest, and most confident lives. It's really no surprise that there's a wide variety of penis enlargement options!

Surgery can provide some enhancements, but you should consult a medical professional to address your concerns and go over any treatments that may work for you. For those looking to take advantage of all that modern medicine may have to offer, there's a non-surgical medical method available as well! The market for penis enlargement pills is as old as the world's first spam email, but there are testimonials out there that claim success. How do penis enlargement pills work? Clinically speaking, they don't. So far, there is no clinical study confirming that penis enlargement pills do work. But if you do decide to use this method, make sure that you're using a trusted source like Zen Hanger!

Most people are a bit hesitant, for good reason, to put themselves under the knife or on pills. Beyond those options, when it comes to your body, the best improvements come from regular workouts, and penises are no exception. At this point, you probably have questions. How exactly do penis enlargement devices work? How much does penis enlargement cost? This will depend entirely on the type of equipment you are comfortable working with because there are many penis enlargement devices on the market! Some people swear by their results using a penis enlargement pump while others work with weights and utilize stretching penis enlargement products. Your own comfort level is important both for your own safety as well as for treatment results.

Why You Should Not Undergo Penis Enlargement Surgery

Pump Treatments

Penis enlargement devices come in many shapes and sizes, but one of the most commonly known is the penis pump. These devices work by using increased pressure and a vacuum to gradually grow your penis. Some of these units will be hand-pumped, allowing you to carefully increase the pressure yourself based on your own personal preferences and your comfort level. Others will automatically increase the pressure of the penis pumps to the level you set, which might allow a more objective look at monitoring your progress. Users should expect similar results between the two control styles. The difference is largely just personal preference!

[3D Video] Penis Vac Hangers and Pump System

Weight Treatments

Hanging weight penis enlargement devices are extremely varied and customizable, allowing you to grow at your own pace. These weights essentially work by pulling on your member with increasing amount of weight in order to encourage penile lengthening. Some users may experience an increase in girth as well as length, but others may not, so keep that in mind when you're tracking your results! Beginners should stick to lighter weights and advance very slowly, moving to heavier weights or device sets as they become more comfortable with the weight treatments they are using. As with any workout, progress is about putting in the time, so longer sessions will lead to better long term results than just using the heaviest weight you can stand for a short period of time.

How Do I Get Started?

Any type of penis enlargement treatments should be started by talking to your doctor about your problems. Your doctor may be able to help you decide which penis enlargement products are right for you. For example, if you're primarily concerned with appearance and your personal body image, it's likely that your doctor would suggest the pump treatments, whereas if your issue is erectile dysfunction, they might caution you away from a pump that's pressure may cause damage.

From there, do lots of reading and research online. Visit user forums and check out reviewed products and the type of results other users found. Ask questions! There are exactly zero dumb questions when it comes to any penis enlargement weight or pump product. There are whole online communities to discuss treatments with, so take advantage of them! Don't believe any “quick fix” treatment promises; lean towards products that offer slow and consistent results. Use this info to determine the exact penis enlargement products or treatments you'd like to start with and order one (many online vendors offer discreet shipping!).

Using Penis Enlargement Treatments Safely

Expect your progress to take time. Rushing your penis enlargement is likely to cause injury, just like going to the gym and dead lifting more than your muscles can handle (except, in this case, the weights are hanging on a vital organ). Start with low weights and very gradually increase your weight and timed intervals. While you are hanging weight, you should also avoid any sudden movements that might jerk the weight around, this isn't the time for that. Moisturizing lotions or creams can help your skin stay healthy and maintain elasticity, which is very important as your weights will pull and stretch that same skin.

Again, just like with your regular body workouts, you run the risk of hurting yourself if you are not careful. Improperly using penis enlargement tools can cause bruising or tearing of the skin, blood clots, nerve damage, or even a very painful fracture. Basically, if you feel pain, stop. Immediately. Trying to push through the pain is much more likely to cause damage than it is to give you any gains. Always remember that it's much easier to cause accidental damage to your penis than it is for doctors to repair that damage and get you back to your factory default settings.

Still Interested? Great!

Glad that safety talk didn't scare you off! Get started by figuring out the best penis enlargement product for you! Using these treatments can help you get your little guy all trained up to be the best possible version of itself. Take advantage of any or all of your options (safely!) Don't sell you, or your penis, short!

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