How to Use an Automatic Electric Penis Pump for Penis Enlargement

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Use an Automatic Electric Penis Pump

If you have been searching for the best equipment to increase the size of your penis, improve sexual performance and eliminate erectile dysfunction, search no further; the Zen Hanger Penis Pump is the best for you. It is an automatic penis enlargement pump for any man looking to boost the size of his penis and improve his overall sexual experience. It is a portable penis pump that increases the dimensions and length. Using an electric penis pump has been known to help improve sexual health and deal with erectile dysfunction for decades. Over time, technology in the tools like adjustable penis hanging weights, stretchers, extenders, and clamps have significantly improved. With these improvements, men can now enjoy and please their partner better with less effort, discomfort, or other side effects, as was once familiar with other related products.

How to Use an Automatic Penis Pump

How To Use An Automatic Penis Pump

Using a penis pump is a process that is about as simple and as straightforward as one might imagine. All you have to do is slip your penis inside the tube and then apply the pressure. They are designed to accommodate all sizes, so you'll have plenty of room to use them regardless of your starting size. An automated pump mechanism takes the air out of the tube, and the base within the chamber will expand alongside your penis, giving you a hard but temporary erection. This way, you won't have to worry about anything else getting sucked into the pump.

How Does An Electric Penis Pump Work

An automatic penis pump works by suctioning blood into the vessels of the penis. The blood drawn fills the penile vessels, causing the penis to swell and progressively grow bigger and harder. Once the penis is at the required dimension, the cock ring at the base of the cock pump attached to your penis keeps the blood in, maintaining the erection for a more extended period. The mechanism behind using an electric penis pump is safe and straightforward.

What To Do Before Using A Penis Pump

To derive the best result when using the electric penis pump, there are some precautions you must take into consideration to ensure your safety and maximize the effectiveness of the pump. Here are some pointers on how to properly use a penis pump to avoid side effects

  1. Shave your Pubic Hair: It is essential that you shave your pubic region before you begin using the penis pump. You do not want your pubic hair caught to get caught in the cock ring and cause you excruciating pain. Removing the hair allows the automatic penis pump to seal better on your skin without falling off.
  2. Follow the Penis Pump Directions: you might be tempted to use the pump without following the directions because it looks self-explanatory. However, you must read the Zen Hanger instructions manual before you begin the process to ensure that you have enough information about the device to guarantee your safety and to create your required effect.
  3. Use The Ring Cautiously: If left on your penis for an extended time, the Cock ring can cut off blood flow to your penis and cause severe damage. Therefore one of the essential penis pump instructions is not to leave the penis constriction ring on your penile region for more than 30 minutes.
  4. Use Lubricants: Before using the penis pump, you must apply any lube of your choice to your penis and around the end of the pump cylinder; this will help the instrument to seal better. Lubricants create enough moisture, allowing the cock ring to slip on and off without tension. Lubricants also intensify pleasure during foreplay, masturbation, and sex.

How To Correctly Use A Electric Penis Pump

Every Zen Hanger penis pump comes with an instruction manual. Therefore, you must follow the step-by-step process of correctly using a penis pump as prescribed to achieve the desired result. The general step-by-step instructions on how to use a cock pump are as follows:

Step 1: Insert the Penis into the provided plastic tube

Step 2: Pump out the air, create a vacuum in the plastic tube with the pump, and pump for not more than a few minutes.

Step 3: Once you have achieved the desired erection, attach the cock ring to the base of the penis to maintain an erection.

Step 4: Remove the penis from the tube and have sex.

Why Should You Use an Automatic Penis Pump?

why use an automated penis pump

While you can use manual pumps, automatic penis pumps will help you get even better results with minimal effort. Unlike other manual pumps that cause injuries to the penis, such as internal bleeding, Our Zen Pump is specifically designed to measure the pressure to increase your size. This is done with the pressure meter by regulating the air’s physical force and compression. This sets it apart from many other pump models, as checking the pressure enables you to get the best results as safely as possible. It can also help you remove the risk of common injuries that can occur with too much pressure when pumping.

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Special Automatic Penis Pump Features

Special Automatic Penis Pump Features

When selecting the perfect penis pump, there are some main components you must look out for, such as device type (the electric pump is the best type), safety level ( with a vacuum limiter, the right-sized constriction ring. e.t.c.). Luckily the Zen Hanger Penis pump has all these components and more. One unique feature of our Zen Automatic Penis Pump is the ultra-soft silicone base that seals up the penis pump easily. In doing so, the penis pump creates a protective area that will ensure you are comfortable and that nothing else is getting sucked into the tube. Not only is there a pressure monitor, but there is also a built-in timer to ensure you are using the product for the appropriate targeted time.

When to Use an Electric Pump

When To Use An Automatic Penis Pump

There are reasons why a man might want to increase the size of his penis. This could come down to general size insecurity or sexual and social anxiety. It could also be because they want better sex, have a kinky fetish about the cock ring, or would like to impress their partners. Others with erectile dysfunction issues are also drawn to the promise that a pump can improve penile functions. This is a common concern and thought with most men, and if you are in any of these positions, then using an electric penis pump is probably right for you.

How Long Do You Use an Electric Penis Pump at One Time?

How Long To Use An Automated Penis Pump

The key to success with a pump is consistent and regular use. Doing so consistently will help you maintain better erections for longer, but it also improves your size to help you achieve more fulfilling sex and heightened levels of confidence. For maximum effect, you can pump your penis for a maximum of 30 minutes, about five or 10 minutes before intimacy, creating the best results for both partners.

How Often Should I Use the Electric Penis Pump?

How Often Should I Use My Automatic Penis Pump

People are often confused about how often you should use a penis pump to increase your penis; regular usage will help you get the desired results over time. While you will get those improvements right after pumping, they are only temporary. You will need to use it consistently even when you are not planning to become intimate with a partner if you want to enjoy permanent size increases. When not using the pump, you can use other penile enhancement products, such as extenders, stretchers, weighted hangers, and clamps, to help with the job.

Could a Penis Pump Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

Can A Penis Pump Help With Erectile Dysfunction

Originally invented as far back as 1870 by a doctor, the penis pump has been used to fight erectile dysfunction for over a century. It is also thought to help with issues surrounding a bent penis, known as Peyronie's Disease. While the humble penis pump has changed a lot over the years, the primary function of it stays the same, and one of those top functions is helping with erectile dysfunction.

The most recent pumps help provide a simple way to increase your size without undergoing surgery or other invasive procedures. Using them can improve the strength and stamina of your erections, which can not only make your sexual experiences more satisfying but can do the same for your partner.

Many doctors recommend using an erectile dysfunction penis pump to enhance your size without needing surgery or medication. Even with a penile implant, you can use electric pumps to enhance yourself safely and without side effects. A pump may also help save your sexual and social confidence.

Reasons Why Every Man Should Have a Best Electric Penis Pump

Why Every Man Should Own An Automatic Penis Pump

Electric penis pump or Automatic penis pumps will allow you to enjoy better temporary size and eventual permanent size with consistent use. Virtually every man wants a larger penis, so nothing could hurt using one of these pumps. Instead, it can do for you what it has done for countless men over the years and improve both your confidence and your sexual performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to use a penis pump?

You can monitor the vacuum pressure by checking the vacuum level to prevent discomfort. While doing so, you should time the session to ensure you are not overdoing and doing it correctly. Once you have reached the state you wish to be in, you can release the pressure to boost blood flow.

How to use a penis pump for erectile dysfunction

An automatic penis pump is safe for battling erectile dysfunction, but for better results, you can use it alongside your ED medications, such as Viagra. It is also used to protect erectile functions and prevent the side effect of chemotherapy and surgery for treating prostate cancer.

Is it safe to use an automatic penis pump?

It is very safe to use an automatic penis pump, especially when used following the penis pump instructions. However, it may not be entirely safe for people with medical conditions such as priapism and blood clot issues. It is also not safe to leave the cock ring on for too long so as not to cause penile bruises or numbness.

How long does the effect of the cock pump last?

The effect of the penis pump can last for about 30 minutes; however, depending on the level of your arousal at the point of using the device, it may last longer.

Do I need a prescription for using a penis pump?

The Zen Hanger electric pump is available without a prescription over the counter. However, it is best for those with underlying health conditions to seek the advice of a healthcare provider to discuss safety considerations. Some insurance companies also cover the cost of penis pumps, especially for those with prostate cancer.

How much does an electric penis enlargement pump cost?

Penis pumps are relatively affordable, depending on your preferred brand and desired result. For instance, the automatic electronic penis enlargement pump costs only $129, with a 10% discount when you join the SMS exclusive text club.

What are the side effects of Penis Pump?

As stated earlier, If the penis pump directions are followed to the letter, in a case without any previous underlying sexual health conditions, there will be no profound side effects. However, if not used accordingly, side effects such as bruising, pain, discomfort, and worsened symptoms of priapism and Peyronie’s disease may occur.

How do I get a penis pump?

If you want a penis pump, you can get it from your doctor or a reputable pharmacy prescribed by your urologist. Or better still, you can order from the Zen Hanger Website, which provides you with different FDA-certified (.U.S. Food and Drugs Administration) penis pumps and other sexual enhancement products, such as the Zen pump, Aloe vera penis enlargement gel, penis pump base .e.t.c.

What are the other treatments for Erectile dysfunction apart from Penis Pump?

Other than the penis enlargement pump, some other tested and trusted produced by Zen Hanger for treating erectile dysfunction are ED medications like the Male Enhancement Penis Enlargement Pills, the Volume Recovery Supplement pills, Penis Extender, the Penis Clamp kit, and so on.

How does it feel to use an electric penis pump?

Apart from the slight pressure of the constriction ring and the sweet pleasure of the vacuum drawing blood into your penile vessels, the process of using a penis pump is painless if used properly. The cock ring holds your erection in place during intercourse or masturbation, but once it is removed, your penis returns to its original flaccid state.

Can the penis pump also grow my flaccid penis?

The penis pump can grow your penis in its flaccid or erect state. However, penis growth is most apparent when the penis is erect.

How long does it take for the penis pump to grow my penis?

You must exercise adequate patience when trying to grow your penis with an automatic penis pump. The only way for your cock to grow bigger or longer overnight is through penis enlargement surgery. Still, otherwise, the growth you will experience from a penis pump only happens slowly but steadily over time.

How to effectively improve my penis girth gain

The two most effective devices for increasing your penis girth are the Penis pump and the clamp. As a beginner, you can start using the Zen penis pump and slowly introduce the Zen clamp into your gaining process. This is because using the penis clamp requires a lot more discipline and experience, while the penis pump allows you to get used to the sensation of pumping blood into your penis, preparing you for clamping. After a while, the consecutive use of both devices brings about a gradual increase in girth.

What is the return policy on the Zen Automatic Penis Pump?

As a result of the nature of the product, only wrong orders will be accepted as returns by the company, and your correct order will be sent to you without any shipping cost. However, a warranty is placed on pumps and other related devices, just in case a device breaks due to poor-quality production; you will be given a new one free of charge. You must produce proof of purchase or receipt when returning a wrong order.

How do I store and care for my penis pump?

You must clean your penis pump after every use and sterilize it weekly to keep it pristine. In cleaning the pump after every use, follow the cleaning instructions stated in the Zen instructions manual. You should also clean once a week to disinfect and eradicate stubborn bacteria. In all the cleaning, you must ensure that you use mild soaps and disinfectants, after which you are to properly air dry the parts, assemble them back in the box, and store them in a cool, dry place. Lastly, if the pump has not been used for some time, you must clean it properly before use.

Zen Pump: Automatic XL Electric Penis Pump Testimonial

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.

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