How To Increase Penis Size By Using Clamping Method

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Increase Penis Size By Using Clamping

The penis exists in various lengths, thicknesses, and shapes. However, it is no secret that ladies want their partners to have a penis with more girth. In fact, girth is required to apply more pressure on the clitoris and increase sexual stimulation during intercourse. This explains why men are beginning to use Penis Clamps and Incontinence Clamps to increase the width of their penis.

So, how can you increase penis girth by using the penis clamping method? You may have heard of the clamping method but aren't sure how it works. Well, keep reading to get more information about this method and how you can use it to achieve your goal size. 



Penis clamps are cuff-like devices used to increase the penis by preventing the free flow of blood around it. It is generally used along with other devices to aid your girth-increasing process.

It can also be added to your weight-hanging session. Overall, this device makes it easy to incorporate more penis exercises into your schedule.

You may be wondering why you need width when you already have length. The fact is that the female anatomy proves that the clitoris is the main focus of pleasurable sensations during intercourse.

While there's no denying that length is important, increasing the width will certainly result in a more satisfying sexual intercourse. This comes as no surprise, given that most nerve endings in the vagina are located in the first few inches.

Penile compression clamps are not only utilized for girth enhancement but also find application in managing male incontinence.

In cases of male incontinence, where individuals experience urinary leakage, particularly post-prostatectomy or due to conditions like stress incontinence, penile compression devices play a crucial role.

These devices are placed around the shaft of the penis, applied to compress the urethra gently. By doing so, they help control urinary leakage that occurs due to weakened pelvic floor muscles or other underlying conditions such as urethral diverticulum or prostate cancer.

Studies from Lemmens, Broadbridge, and Fader have extensively explored the efficacy of such devices in managing male incontinence. Typically, these clamps feature spring wire loops and are placed around the penis, exerting pressure to restrict urine flow.

This compression helps in controlling urinary leakage, allowing individuals to regain better bladder control and alleviate symptoms associated with male incontinence.

Moreover, using a compression device not only addresses the issue of urinary leakage but also aids in maintaining a satisfying sexual experience by enhancing the girth of the penis.

So, whether for girth enhancement or to manage male incontinence, penile compression devices offer a versatile solution, improving both sexual satisfaction and urinary control.


Penis clamping is a new method many people use to increase the size of their penis. This method is not generally known, but it is gaining popularity because it is a natural alternative to surgery or pills.

This technique involves tying up an erect penis to prevent blood from flowing through it.

The theory behind clamping involves constricting the blood flow to the penis so that the tissue will expand and grow. This will eventually lead to bulginess and, subsequently, an increase in penis girth.

When the penis is erect, clamping is done by tying a knot at the very base of it. Since the knot prevents the blood from flowing out of your penis, the cells and tissues enlarge beyond their normal capacity. In order to accommodate the high threshold over time, the tissues eventually enlarge.


Girth Enhancement

One of the primary purposes of penis clamping is to increase the girth or circumference of the penis.

By applying pressure, either through dedicated clamping devices or techniques, individuals aim to promote micro-tears in penile tissue, which may lead to tissue expansion over time, resulting in increased girth.

Improved Sexual Satisfaction

For individuals seeking enhancement, a larger girth can potentially lead to increased sexual satisfaction for both partners.

The added size may enhance sensation during intercourse, leading to a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Enhanced Self-Confidence

Achieving desired changes in penile size can positively impact self-esteem and confidence, particularly for individuals who may have felt self-conscious about their size.

Feeling more confident in sexual encounters can contribute to overall well-being and relationship satisfaction.

Non-Invasive Option

Compared to surgical interventions for girth enhancement, such as penile augmentation procedures, clamping represents a non-invasive alternative.

It allows individuals to pursue their desired changes without undergoing surgical risks, recovery time, or potential complications associated with invasive procedures.


Penis clamping, like most penile exercises, can be performed practically anytime and anywhere, and similarly, incontinence clamps can be used throughout the day for effective urinary leakage control.

This is because the equipment is portable, and the procedures are very easy to carry out. You don't need to arrange heavy equipment just to get started. 

Over time, clamping can help you reach your desired penis size with the right procedure and equipment.

To achieve the right clamping results for both enhancement and potential urinary control for both enhancement and managing urinary incontinence, here are the clamping devices you must have in hand:

  • Penis clamp
  • Penis wrap or penis sleeve
  • Lubricant
  • A clock
  • A regular process


This is the most important device needed for this process, whether for enhancing size or addressing urinary incontinence with incontinence clamps. The penis clamp is a device to reduce blood flow in your penis. This device is available locally and online, while certain brands recommend them with other devices for overall male enhancement or specifically for managing urinary incontinence.


You will need a penis strip or Penis Silicone Sleeve that can be wrapped around the penis to prevent injuries. Socks, bandages, magnetic wraps, and even mouse pad strips are commonly used as penis wraps which is not recommended! Always use Penis wrap or Penis Sleeve.


Most importantly, lubricants make it easier for men to add pleasure to this process and can also aid in the application of incontinence clamps by reducing skin irritation. Penis lubricants sold in a store are usually advised, although this may depend on personal choice. ZH Aloe Vera Gel is a popularly used lubricant that can guarantee safety when used with penis clamps.


Naturally, you may find it difficult to keep track of time. Since distractions are unavoidable, it is best to set a clock, stopwatch, or timer. This will help you stay within the allotted time and avoid getting hurt due to excessive pressure.


When carrying out this process, your penis needs to be erect for better clamping results. Hence, you must choose a kind of stimulation to keep your penis erect. You can use some exercises to achieve the erection.


  • Begin by placing the wrapping at the shaft of your penis, ensuring it provides a secure base for the clamp and potential incontinence clamp if needed.
  • Strap the wrapping securely to your penis to prevent slipping and potential irritation.
  • Position the clamp closely over the wrap, near the pubic bone, ensuring optimal compression for enhancement or urinary leakage control.
  • Tighten the clamp when your penis is stimulated and at maximum erection, adjusting the grip if any discomfort arises.
  • Enhance the process with Kegel exercises, contracting and relaxing pelvic floor muscles for three seconds each to increase blood flow to the penis, aiding growth or urinary flow management.
  • Carefully remove the clamp and wrapping after five minutes, allowing five to ten minutes between each clamping set if desired.
  • Once accustomed, you can leave the clamp on for up to 10 minutes.
  • To maintain hygiene, wash your clamp regularly with mild soap and warm water, ensuring it's completely dry before reuse. You can use a blow dryer for thorough drying if needed. Avoid placing the clamp in the washer to prevent damage and ensure longevity.


Nowadays, online purchases usually come with free delivery and returns. You can purchase efficient penis clamps at great prices on Zenhanger.

You can effortlessly increase the girth of your penis over time with the Zen Hanger Penis Clamp Kit. These devices are very top-notch due to the push-button release feature attached to them. The device is easy to use without causing any harm to your penis.

Nevertheless, penis length is also as important as the girth. It makes ladies climax more easily and causes an euphoric stimulation during sex.

However, to address urinary incontinence specifically, you will require a completely different tool designed for compression around the urethra to prevent urine leakage.

These devices are also available at the Zenhanger online store.


It is essential to recognize that individual outcomes with penis clamping can vary significantly due to genetic factors and other variables. However, noteworthy results have been reported by users of certain clamping methods.

For instance, users employing the Zen Clamp technique have reported gains of up to 1 inch in girth for their penises.

These results underscore the potential effectiveness of specific clamping approaches.

Nevertheless, it's crucial to assess genuine and verifiable outcomes before choosing a penis clamp or an incontinence clamp tailored to effectively manage urine leakage.


You can increase the girth of your penis by simply using the required clamping devices and following the right procedure. Eventually, you will discover changes as your penis begins to stretch. This method is more effective than the popularly used manual penis exercises. In the long run, your penile clamp may not only increase your girth; but you may also get an increase in length, and it could be considered for managing male urinary incontinence by applying compression to the urethra to control urine leakage.

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