What is Penis Clamping? (A Guide to Proper Technique)

what is penis clamping with image of penis clamp

Penis Girth may be one of the most overlooked subjects in the penis enlargement community. Do you think girth is just as important as length when it comes to penis size?

Take a moment and think about it.

What good is length without width?

Now that we put that into perspective, let's talk about one of the best methods of increase your penis girth naturally, Penis clamping.

What is penis clamping you may ask?

Lets make this simple and break it down into the basics.

Penis clamping is exactly what is sounds like. There is no big mystery to it, penis clamping is the act of applying a clamp to the penis.

As with most things success is all in the technique and the details. Zen Hanger makes a simple but effective penis clamp that is ideal for penis clamping routines.

Get 100% Erect

The first step in penis clamping is to get yourself 100% erect before you start. Some manual jelqing as a warm up is a good idea at this point.

How to Apply the Clamp

Now that your 100% erect and you know what clamping is, it is time to learn how to properly apply the clamp. If you happen to be using a Zen Clamp for your penis clamping session, then you will find that it conveniently comes with a few silicone comfort sleeves. 

If you're using another clamp, we also sell silicone penis sleeves as standalone products. 

Slide the Penis Sleeve Around the Base

You can now slide one of the sleeves around the base of your penis for a more comfortable clamping experience.

Now apply the clamp to the base of your penis clamp down slowly. It is important that you are able to maintain a firm 100% erection throughout this process.

As you clamp down slowly you will feel the pressure begin to build due to the fact that you are reducing the diameter of the base of your penis and forcing the blood to push to the top of your penis and expand the walls which gives your penis a ballooning affect.

Think about squeezing a water balloon from the bottom when it is full and this will give you a good idea of what’s going on inside your penis at this moment.

Forcing Blood Into the Penis

At this point your almost properly penis clamping right? Not quite. You have the clamp applied, you have a full erection, and your penis girth is expanded, but if you simply stop here your time will be wasted.

The key to penis clamping is the action of forcing blood info the penis. The clamp you have around the base of the penis is currently creating a barrier or blockade so the blood in your penis is not able to escape.

You have one vein in your penis that is in charge of bringing blood in and one that is in charge of blood exiting.

The goal from here is to force additional blood into the penis while not letting the blood we already have in the penis to escape.

Use Your Pelvic Floor Muscle

We do this by using our pelvic floor muscle to force blood past the artificial barrier we have created (the clamp) and into the penis.

Exercising the pelvic floor muscle is what some refer to as the male Kegel.

If you have not done this before it is the same muscle you use to move your erect penis up and down (aka stand at attention) when you are aroused and also the same muscle you use to abruptly cut off your urine stream.

Imagine your are peeing and someone walks in on you and surprises you. That muscle you just contracted is the one we will use to force blood into the penis.

This will take practice but each time you contract your muscle you should notice and feel an increase of blood in the penis. The more you are able to do this the more blood will enter.

This process will stretch the walls of the penis over time and train your body to push more blood to the penis when you are aroused over time.

How Long?

So you know how to put on your penis clamp and you figured out how to force blood into the penis, but how long should you keep this up for?

When you first start, not very long.

You most likely will not be able to endure clamping for more than a few minutes when you begin. It takes lots of practice.

You have to be able to maintain an erection and strengthen those pelvic floor muscles so they can endure a long clamping session. Eventually your goal should be to achieve 10 to 15 minute session once a day. It will take some time to work up to sessions that long.

Be patient and don’t push yourself too hard.

Hopefully this takes some of the mystery out of penis clamping.

It is an advanced technique and if you are new it may seem a bit intimidating.

The Zen clamp is an affordable girth tool and there is no harm in starting early and practicing with it from time to time while at the same time doing other beginner techniques such as jelqing and pumping to gain experience.

You can find some more information about jelquing and pumping on our recent post How to Enlarge Penis Naturally.

We often forget to incorporate girth work into our routines because we are so focused on length.

The bonus of clamping is that the consistent Kegel workout also really helps strengthen your erection strength and quality. These are the muscles that are going to have to be strong to hold up your girth and length as you make your gains over time so don't neglect them.

Get yourself a clamp and start your journey to more girth ASAP.

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