How to Choose A Perfect Penis Pump - Buying Guide

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How to Choose A Perfect Penis Pump

A penis pump also called a vacuum erection device (VED), is a device worn by men over their penis to achieve and maintain an erection. It applies pressure in the form of suction to allow blood to flow into the penis, hence forming an erection. Identifying why you want to purchase a penis pump is also essential. This helps with decision-making on which type of pump fits your need.

Identify the Requirements/Uses

Penis pumps can be used for various reasons; however, most men use a penis pump for two significant reasons, which are:

For Pleasure

For Pleasure

Couples who wish to introduce sex toys into the bedroom, fulfill sexual fantasies, or men who aren’t confident about their penis size can use penis pumps. They are often used to increase the length and girth of the penis. If your focus is to increase the girth and length of your penis, Zen Hanger has the best automatic penis pump with simple features and one-of-a-kind technology to help you achieve this. Some men use penis pumps before foreplay, while some may wait to use them before sex.

For Penis Enlargement (Suffering with Erectile Dysfunction)

Penis Enlargement

A penis enlargement pump is effective for producing erections for men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) either as a result of old age, side effects of medications(anxiety/depression pills), or complications from a terminal disease (diabetes or prostrate cancer). The benefits of using a penis pump for ED include:

  • It has none of the side effects experienced with using ED medications
  • In a few men, the regular use of penis pumps may lead to achieving more natural erections.
  • It is non-invasive
  • You can use a penis pump over and over without any added costs

If you have a medical history of blood clotting disorders or take blood thinner medications like Aspirin and Warfarin, speak to your doctor before using a penis pump. These situations can lead to internal bleeding when using the pump.

Penis Pump Buying Guide/Buying Tips

Penis hanging safe for your end goals

You can purchase a penis enlargement pump via a doctor’s prescription, online, or over-the-counter. Whether your reason for buying a penis pump is for pleasure or you need help with erection problems, choosing the safest product is vital. Well, the good news is we have put together some tips to help you decide what fits your taste. Keep reading to find out. Below are some top buying guides:

Checkout the Technology Used

Penis enlargement pump comes in various models. These penis pumps will get the job done, but not all models will suit you. A manual pump allows you to control the tube pressure with your hands by squeezing the bulb built at the end of a hose. Hydro pumps use water pressure and are restricted to use in the shower. Most penis pumps are air pumps, just like hydro pumps without water. Electric pumps, also called automatic penis pumps, are battery-operated. They are the best option for men with arthritis and dexterity issues or men seeking pleasure (vibration of electric pumps is a bonus). Just press a button.

Checkout the Customer’s Reviews

Someone else did that before you for every product or item you decide to purchase. The fact that someone bought a penis pump before you is an advantage. Customers drop comments online about what they experience during and after using it—comments about what they love and dislike about the pump. The statements and reviews can provide information about allergies, production materials, or safety. Ensure you check all these reviews to have a good idea of what you are buying.

Know About Company/Brand and Product

It is safer to carry out a background check about the company and the product they produce. This gives you an idea of how reliable their products are. If you choose an automatic penis pump (for pleasure or ED), we strongly advise buying from a reputable and trustworthy brand like Zen Hanger.

Compare Features with Others

Don’t just pick the first penis enlargement pump you see without comparing it to other brands. They all come with different features. Ensure the pump you select has the following features:

  • A vacuum limiter or pressure gauge
  • A quick-release valve
  • A tube that fits your penis size (when flaccid and erect)
  • A transparent tube to know if your penis is discolored or irritated while pumping
  • A cock ring that holds the base of your penis (not too tight)
  • Body-safe materials. Only go for pumps free from Bisphenol-A (BPA) and Phthalates.

Compare Price

The price of pumps can range from $25 to $500. But, before you go for that cheapest pump, ensure its safety. Your safety is number one. After comparing the available brands' features, and the cheapest available is safe, you can go for it.

Buying Convenience

If the shipping cost of the penis pump you order online is more than the purchase cost, reconsider. Also, you can always review if you decide to shop in-store and the company is too far from your present location.


Finding a safe penis pump at an affordable price is possible in the penis enhancement industry. All you need is the right information. The Zen Hanger Automatic Penis Pump offers you both safety and efficacy. We have a quality collection of penile enlargement devices you can use alongside penis pumps to achieve faster and safer results. We have all you need, and you can contact us for your penis enlargement needs.

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Do Penis Pumps Work?

Yes, penis pumps work, either for pleasure or ED. There are various testimonies from men who achieved penis growth and lasting erections while using penis pumps.

Are Penis Pumps Safe?

Penis enlargement pumps are considered safe. But, always follow the manufacturer's instructions. Your safety is paramount.

What Do Penis Pumps Do?

Penis pumps increase blood flow to your penis to get and maintain an erection. The penis pump also stretches the suspensory ligament to lengthen the penis during an erection.

Best Affordable Penis Pump

Zen Hanger automatic penis pumps are budget-friendly and user-friendly. The automatic penis pump makes it easier to achieve your length/girth goals with little or no stress.

Best Place to Buy it

To boost your sex life, you have to choose the best penis pump available. The Zen Hanger automatic penis pump gives you the best.

 Medical Disclaimer: If you have any medical conditions, questions, or concerns, please speak with your healthcare provider directly. The articles on Zen Hanger are underpinned by peer-reviewed research and information drawn from medical societies and governmental agencies. However, they are not a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.

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