How Does A Penis Sleeve Help In Enlargement?

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How Does A Penis Sleeve Help In Enlargement

When you’re putting in dedicated time and physical effort into enhancing the dimensions of your manhood, every little helps...

Many guys choose to enhance penis size by stretching it with a premium quality male enlargement device, like an adjustable penis weight hanging system, a vacuum penis pump, or an ADS (all day penis stretcher/extender) – or with all three devices.

If you’re a man who is seriously considering investing in a male enhancement device to grow a bigger penis, it’s highly recommended that you kit yourself out with the very best equipment that can help you succeed in attaining your desired growth gains. A small and lightweight multi-use penis sleeve can make a big difference!

If you’re new to penis stretching, it’s really worth your while using a silicone penis sleeve to reduce the risk of bruising during weight hanging or stretching, and turtling after your workout.

Veterans of penis stretching will already be well aware of the value of this versatile male enhancement device!

What is a Penile Support Sleeve Or Penis Sleeve?

What Is A Penis Sleeve

A penis sleeve or cock sleeve is a handy little device that does exactly what its name implies. It’s a soft and hollow penis-shaped accessory that slides onto the shaft, offering base to just behind the head coverage. 

There are penis sleeves that are worn for stretching enlargement assistance, and also penis sleeves that are designed for erectile dysfunction penetration support.

Penis sleeves are typically made from super soft and supple, body safe silicone, and are available in a choice of various diameters, to accommodate your girth. The sleeves can be bought individually or in a sample pack of assorted sizes.

Most types of silicone sleeve for penis can be easily customized to perfectly fit your dick. Silicone penis sleeves can also be cut into multiple smaller pieces for use in many different ways that help in penis enlargement.

What does a Penis Sleeve Do?

What does a Penis Sleeve Do?

A high quality silicone penis sleeve, that has multiple uses, is an invaluable piece of male enlargement kit. The versatile penis stretching and anti turtle penis sleeve keeps your penis in a stretched out position, and helps to prevent retraction (turtling) after your penis weight hanging session or penis stretching workout.

Penis sleeves can be worn for a mild stretch after exercising, or as a longer-term extension. A premium penis sleeve can also be cut into shorter lengths and used as a comfort sleeve, when using a traction device or a stretcher that is strapped to the penis.

Penis sleeves are designed to boost your penis stretching workouts, and can be used in a variety of different ways. This type of easy to slip on and wear penis sleeve is not to be confused with the external penile prosthesis and penile supports that enable men with erectile dysfunction problems to enjoy penetrative sex.

What Is Turtling?

What Is Turtling

Penis turtling is the retraction of a penis. It is when a penis goes smaller than expected.

Penis turtling can be caused by a number of things. First is the cold. When the weather is cold, the penis looks for a way to stay warm. This may make a penis retract. Another factor that can cause penis turtling is dehydration. The more dehydrated an individual is, the greater the chance of experiencing penis turtling.

It has also been discovered that smoke causes penis retraction. This is because smoking restrains blood flood, which might cause retraction in the length of a penis.

When you’ve committed to daily penis stretching workouts, using an adjustable penis weight hanging system, a penis stretcher/extender, and/or a vacuum penis pump, you will obviously want to enjoy the experience of noticing temporary growth gains. This is because healing in an erected state causes the penis to become longer over time. The last thing that you want your stretched penis to do is a turtle - retract and shrink.

To help prevent the retraction of your elongated extension after a penis stretching workout, an anti turtling penis sleeve can be worn over the flaccid penis for as long as you want. The comfortable to wear, anti turtling second skin penis sleeve will keep your dick extended until you remove it. An anti turtle sleeve also helps keep the penis stretched while healing.

How to prevent Penis Turtling

Penis turtling can be prevented in several ways. The basic way to avoid Penis Turtling is making use of the lengthening or exercise methods to ensure the penis does not turtle. However, there are others ways that prevent penis turtling, part of which include making use of penis anti turtle devices like an ADS, penis hanging, penis extender, jelqing, edging, penis pumping, hanging, anti turtling sleeve. Etc

While making choices for an anti turtle penis sleeve, it is best to avoid one with generic low quality. This is to prevent getting a sleeve every now and then because you'll eventually need another one in a short amount of time. Also, ones with high quality can be cut, so you can make use of them while doing other exercises. pumping, hanging, anti turtling sleeve. Etc

When purchasing an anti turtle sleeve, it is important to note that they are designed in a way that prevents turtling while keeping your penis in an elongated state. Anti turtle sleeves are mostly made of silicone, therefore, safe to use. They are made in latex or rubber and are very easy to use.

While you can use an anti turtle penis sleeve in addition to physical exercise to increase your penis, it can also be used exclusively to prevent retraction.

When buying an anti turtling penis sleeve, it is best to avoid one with low standard. This helps to avoid getting a sleeve every now and then because you'll eventually need a new one in a short amount of time. Also, ones with high quality can be cut, so you can make use of them while doing other exercises.

How To Get A Perfect Silicone Penis Sleeve Fit

How To Get A Perfect Silicone Penis Sleeve Fit

As a penis doesn’t come in just one size, silicone penis sleeves are designed to be cut to fit. For a customized penis sleeve:

  • Hold your flaccid penis from the end and gently stretch it out
  • Measure from the base of the penis to just behind the head
  • Cut the silicone penis sleeve to the measured size

You will now have a penis sleeve that fits your dick perfectly.

How To Put On A Penis Sleeve

Now that you have a customized silicone sleeve for penis, you need to know how to use a penis sleeve.A penis sleeve can also be called a cock sleeve, and here are tips on how to use a cock sleeve

  • Apply some lube to the erect penis
  • Slide the hollow penis sleeve onto the shaft
  • Glide it into position – it should cover the length of the shaft from base to just behind the head

As your erection subsides, the penis sleeve will keep your dick stretched out.

Knowing how to put on a penis sleeve is great! But now it’s time to explore different ways that you can maximize the use of your silicone sleeve for penis...

Do Penis Sleeves Work With Jelqing?

Do Penis Sleeves Work With Jelqing

Indeed they do!

The term Jelqing refers to a penis exercise that makes a penis longer makes it thicker. This action entails massaging your penis tissues, at the same time, stretching the skin thereby creating micro tears that causes it replete after healing.

The primary purpose of jelqing is to enlarge the penis. This exercise has been reported to increase the circumference of a penis and make it longer when flaccid and erect. It has also been studied to make an erection last for a longer period of time. It is a safety measure so far the squeezing isn’t too hard or too aggressive.

When you’re manually stretching your penis with jelqing massage techniques - as a warm-up for your workout, or as an additional stretching exercise - a silicone penis sleeve can help to increase and optimize the resistance. The last thing to need after manually stretching your penis with this method is a penis retraction, there is advised to use a penis sleeve while jelqing.

Additionally, It’s best to use a penis sleeve that has been cut into shorter sections that can be moved up and down the shaft with lubrication.

Silicone Penis Sleeves For Daily Workouts

Silicone Penis Sleeves For Daily Workouts

During your daily penis stretching workout, wearing a penis enlargement sleeve will boost your efforts, and your motivation to continue training. Because growing a bigger dick takes time and patience, it’s common to sometimes feel that exercising is pointless.

Wearing a penis enlargement sleeve is greatly beneficial – whether you’re about to start a penis stretching/weight hanging session, or you’re manually stretching. A silicone sleeve for penis can be comfortably worn for extended periods of time, even when you’re on a penis stretching workout rest day. When used with a male enlargement device you enjoy double-duty benefits.

A multi-use penis sleeve is the perfect enlargement accessory to use alongside a top-of-the range electric penis pump. When your dick is wearing an anti turtling sleeve during a penis pumping session, extra resistance is created. This gives your silicone sleeve penis a chance to work harder at building up strength and stamina for a firmer, longer lasting, rock hard erection.

When using a silicone sleeve for penis with a penis enlargement pump, you will need to ensure that the anti-turtling sleeve completely covers the shaft and the penis head. Slipping on a silicone penis sleeve will help to prevent skin bruising and irritation during your vigorous pumping sessions.


Yes, it is possible to make your own anti turtle silicone sleeves, and they are kind of easy to make. To make your own anti turtling penis sleeves yourself, you’ll need PVC pipe supplies that are usually available at a store. They can be made in different sizes and types. Some can be open headed while some prefer it close. Some also prefer that the anti turtling sleeve just covers a certain length of the penis and not the whole. However, the most important thing to pay attention to while making your own anti turtle sleeve is that it fits perfectly to avoid discomfort and ensure that it serves its purpose.

How much do penis sleeves cost?

Like every other device, Penis sleeves vary in price. Both the inexpensive ones and those that are higher in quality and might cost more can be bought online and also in sex stores. Basically, the higher the price of a penis sleeve, the more realistic and comfortable the features that come with it are. Those that are lesser in price are made from lower quality silicon which might not be easy to sterilize properly.

Generally, when trying to get a durable penis sleeve, it is essential to plan a substantial amount for a higher quality penis sleeve to get the most out of it.

Additionally, there is a lot to consider when buying a penis sleeve to avoid purchasing one of low quality.

Firstly, the reason for buying a penis sleeve must be clearly defined. This is because penis sleeves are made for various reasons. Some are made to thicken or lengthen the penis, which is the point of our discussion, while others are made to either give sexual satisfaction or make sex easier for people with erectile dysfunction (EF). Being sure of your option makes your purchase easier.

Secondly, before buying a penis sleeve, be sure of its features and if it matches your expectations and preferences. Also, you have to take note of what the penis sleeve is made of. Penis sleeves that are of higher quality and more expensive are made from body-safe silicon, which can often be cleaned to maintain hygiene. On the other hand, low cost penis sleeves are often made of thermoplastic rubbers, which may not be easy to clean properly.


faq - penis pills

What is a penis anti turtle sleeve?

A penis anti-turtle sleeve is a type of hollow penile support device preventing it from retracting or getting smaller. It can be worn over the penis while having sex. Penis sleeves come in different sizes, types, and designs. They are designed to lengthen or thicken a penis while making you have enjoyable sex.

How does a penis sleeve work?

Anti turtle sleeve results are permanent and amazing. Penis sleeves are traction devices that are usually worn on a flaccid penis for a long period of time. This can result in penile lengthening. Studies have shown that three months of use of a penis sleeve can extend a man’s penis two centimeters longer on average. It is a healthier option compared to others.

How to use a penis sleeve

Knowing how to put on a penis sleeve is not a difficult process; however, there are basic things to note while putting on your silicon penis sleeves. The paramount thing is to find one that perfectly fits, as penis sleeves come in different sizes. It is important to accurately measure your penis before making a purchase so as not to end up with one that is either too big or small.

A perfectly fit penis sleeve makes your penis comfortable while it erects. To get a perfect size, you have to take the measurement of the length, circumference, and width of the penis while erect.

To put on a penis sleeve, it should be placed over a partially erect penis, placing the sleeves at the base of the balls. Once the penis is erect, the sleeve should fit perfectly with little or no adjustment.

Who can you a penis stretch sleeve?

A number of reasons have been recorded as to why people use penis stretch sleeves, and the primary reason is to increase the length of a penis and prevent anti turtling.

However, a penis anti turtle sleeve can be very useful for people experiencing erectile dysfunction who are unable to engage in penetrative sexual intercourse and maintain an erection. An anti turtle sleeve can also be used by people experiencing premature ejaculation, as it may help a person last longer before ejaculation.

Are Penis sleeves condoms?

Simple answer: No, penis sleeves are not condoms. Yes, they are worn over the penis just like condoms, but they do not perform the functions of a condom. In fact, some penis sleeves are designed with slits, holes, and openings in them, which will not make them serve as protection while having sex. Even those without openings and holes will not still prevent fluids from dripping out because they are not designed to do so.

What to be put in place before putting on a penis sleeve:

First of all, it is advised to be erect before putting on a penis sleeve. Also, there is basic preparation that must be put in place before putting on a penis sleeve. You can apply lubricant on your penis and also the inside of the sleeve before putting it on. This aids comfort while the sleeve is on.

Another important thing is to always clean (with mild soap and water) and dry the penis sleeve after use. The silicon penis sleeves are easier to clean and more hygienic to use. This is to prevent bacteria from growing on the sleeves.

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