Do you Really Know These Facts?

Do you Really Know These Facts about your penis

When we were younger it seemed more normal to talk about a penis, but as we get older no one wants to talk about them, even though this is the time that we should be talking about them. As we get older there are more concerns. As we age there is erectile dysfunction, infections, inflammation and cancers. There are solutions to many of the questions that men have, but are scared to explore. Zen Hanger recommends penis pills and a penis pump for those struggling with erectile dysfunction. We here at Zen Hanger have a lot of different products to help with ED, to grow the penis, and more. We will learn more about Zen Hanger products in a but, but first, let’s learn a little more about the penis in general.

The Male Penis, FAQ

#FAQ 1: You can break your penis – true or false?

You can break your penis

This is something that we heard many times on the playground or for those who played hockey and took a slap shot to the manhood. There were many times lying on the ground thinking “I just broke my penis.” You might have, but a broken penis is not the same as any other broken body parts. A penis has no bones, however during an erection the penis is filled with two cylinders. When the engorged penis is forcefully or suddenly bent it can rupture one of these cylinders, creating a penis fracture. The most common occurrence is during the passion of sex when during a thrust you miss the vagina and hit the pelvic bone. A penis can also be broken during excessive masturbation.

#FAQ 2: Usual age for a first time erection

Usual age for a first time erection

I think that every boy heard “your penis is not a toy,” because young boys will often play with their penis because of the pleasure that happens and sometimes out of curiosity. Boys can get an erection at an early age, sometimes as young as 1 or under. This is often from a reaction of touch or even a reaction to their bladder, and not from a sexual thought or feeling. Although young boys will get an erection, they cannot ejaculate until they hit puberty (normally in their teens).

#FAQ 3: What if an erection that lasts longer than four hours?

erection that lasts longer

Every teen in my generation made fun of commercials that said if you had an erection lasting longer then four hours to seek medical attention. We did not understand why there was a concern, but it turns out that this is a serious matter. The medical name for having an erection that will not go down is priapism. This happens when the penis becomes erect and the blood that fills the cylinders gets trapped and cannot flow back out again. This can be very painful. If an erection lasts longer then four hours, seek medical help. If it is under four hours there are some things that you can do. Exercise such as going for a jog can help, but if that is too painful then climbing the stairs is a great option. A warm bath may also help release the trapped blood. If you are able to pee, this can also alleviate the pressure. A warm bath may help you pee as it can be difficult and painful to pee during an erection.

What causes an erection for longer then four hours? No, you are not just a stud! One of the biggest reasons is taking penis pills. When they are not formulated properly they can cause damage to your penis. This is why it is vital to use a trusted name for penis pills, like Zen Hanger. Other reasons may be infections or many other medical issues.

#FAQ 4: Size of average an erect penis?

Size of average an erect penis

Now matter what you hear in the locker room, most penises are 5 to 6.5 inches long. They come in all shapes and sizes. Do you want to increase the size of your penis? Take a look at our Zen Hanger weights and our automatic penis pump to increase length of your penis.

#FAQ 5: Is it a normal thing to have erections while you sleep?

erections while you sleep

All teenage boys go through an awkward stage of waking up from a wet dream and the embarrassment that comes from that. This is no different when we are older; we can get erections even when we sleep. There is a lot of physiology from our bodies that we still react to even in our sleep. This is normal.

#FAQ 6: Is surgery only the option to make your penis bigger?

surgery to make your penis bigger

No, Men may have their reasons for wanting to be larger. Surgery is one option to enlarge your penis but there are simpler methods too that can do less damage. There are daily penis stretching exercises that can be done using Zen Hanger weights and other products such as Automatic Penis Pump, weight hangers etc. When combined with Zen Hanger Recovery and Volume pills, you can increase size and girth too. 

#FAQ 7: Is it normal for my penis to hang to one side?

normal for penis to hang to one side

Penises come in different sizes and they all hang (Curved) a little differently. They can hang to the left or to the right; this is common. If you are worried that it is hanging too far right or too far left, seek medical advice.

#FAQ 8: Average age to have erectile dysfunction issues?

Average age to have erectile dysfunction issues

This is the question that most men fear. Everyone thinks that they are too young to suffer from ED, but it is most common starting at the age of 30-35. Men think that this is the prime of their sex life and it can be, but it also means that we may need to give ourselves a helping hand. For those who are wondering, ED can happen in 20-year-old males too.

What are Zen Hanger Penis Pills?

Zen Hanger Penis Pills

Zen Hanger Volume and Recovery Pills (penis pills) are pills to help increase blood flow to your penis. They are used as part of a penis exercise program but can also be used before intercourse in order to increase girth and stamina. These pills also increase the production in semen to give a better finish.

What is the Zen Hanger Penis Pump?

Zen Hanger has created a penis pump that can be used as part of a daily routine. It also uses a cock ring to help hold an erection during intercourse. It is designed to increase the overall size of your penis as well as the girth, and increase stamina.

Automatic Penis Pump (Add Size to your Penis): Product Video


Men need to start talking about the health of their penis. Breast cancer has many women talking about their breasts and the worries and the fears, knowing what is normal and what is not. We as men need to get there as well. There is no shame in understanding your penis. If you are worried that it is not hanging right, or that you have an erection for more then four hours or any questions in general, seek medical help. There are ways to help increase the size of your penis as well increase stamina and create better intercourse. For more information about penis pumps, penis exercises and penis pills, click here.

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