Curved Penis - How to deal with it during erection and Ways to Correct it

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curved penis - how to deal with it

Has a partner ever called you Captain Hook? Do you have a “J-rod or a boomawang? Have you ever wondered if your “Banana” is broken because of its shape? If you are one of the many men that have a curved penis, do not stress. Today we are going to cover why you might hang to the left and how to get back to straight-shooting.

Is a curved penis a disease or a condition?

Causes of this problem or how does this occur?

Peyronies disease or curved penis

Actually, it's normal! It is fairly normal for the penis to have a slight curve to it once it is erect. However, if your slight curve looks more like a bend and you experience pain or difficulty having sex you may need to consult your doctor because you may be dealing with Peyronies disease.

Peyronies disease is when your penis begins to curve in a more exaggerated way. Symptoms usually present as an upward curve, pain in the penis, loss of girth or length of the penis, or a hard lump on the shaft of the penis. If you experience more serious symptoms like the hard lump or the pain you should consult your doctor right away.

Peyronie’s disease is usually caused by an injury of some kind, like getting bent during sex. If you already have a slight curve being too rough in the bedroom can lead to further injury. Peyronies disease can also show up with age and no obvious signs, it is also known to run in families. Age usually presents with a downward or horizontal curve instead of the upward curve that is apparent specifically for Peyronies. Outside of disease and genetics, excessive masturbation can cause a curved penis. All the years being told it will make you blind when in truth it can give you a curve. So to answer the question is it a disease or a condition, it depends on the extremity. A slight curve or even more than slight is considered relatively normal and can be straightened back out. If the bend is extreme and causes pain or you feel the lump you have now ventured into Peyronies disease.

How this problem can be fixed?

Curved Penis - how to fix

Can this problem be fixed? Yes, it can, with the proper tools and a system designed to work overtime you can straighten a penis even if you have Peyronies disease. Doctors today usually prescribe over-the-counter medicines that will help the blood in your penis flow full and correct slowly stretching and straightening your penis to normal. To go along with medications doctors often also suggest that a regime of penis extension tools can be used to help straighten and lengthen any lost size due to the curve.

Penis Extenders or Penis Stretching Devices

Penis Extenders or stretcher

Penis Extenders or stretching devices are a very common tool for when you are trying to straighten back out. The All-Day Stretcher is a method that connects a comfortable cotton noose to the tip of your penis and with a tension pulley system pulls down to an anchor point on your leg. This tugging all day is discrete enough to wear on a regular basis and continually helps the tissue fibers in your penis to not only extend and stretch but straighten out.

Another stretching method is hanging weights using the same device as the all-day stretcher. Simply attach the anchor point to the half-pound weight for a few minutes a day gradually increasing in weight. It sounds intimidating but it is not a painful experience and can be quite relaxing.

Penis Pills

Penis Pills

We already talked about the over-the-counter options your doctor may prescribe but you also need to take into account supplements that you do not need your doctor for. For example, Volume and Recovery Supplements are a great way to increase blood flow to your penis once again encouraging your tissues to stretch and strengthen. This method has the added benefit of also increasing the volume in which you ejaculate. Be cautious when selecting supplements because not all are made equal and you can usually spot a false claim by how quickly they expect you to see results. There are no miracles in the world of achieving the penis you want.

Penis Pumps/Vacuum Pump/Automatic Penis Pump

Automatic penis pump

Penis pumps or vacuum pumps are a tried and true method to straighten out a banana. With the use of timed suction, an Automatic Penis Pump can be used to extend, add girth, and straighten all at the same time. This is an excellent tool to make a part of your straightening and extension routine, just a few minutes a day can leave you with lasting improvements. This works the same way the rest of the toolkit does the three magic words “increased blood flow”. By pulling more oxygenated blood into the tissue cavities of your penis you are maximizing your potential for erection. Along with that maximized potential, you are repairing the tissues that have allowed the curve to happen in the first place.


exercise to cure curved penis

There are several exercises for slowly and manually fixing a bent penis. The most common is simply bending the penis in the opposite direction of the curve but not enough to cause pain. You do not want to bend to a point where it is painful or uncomfortable this can cause penile fracture. Bend to the point where it is still comfortable, hold this position for 30 seconds and then let go. Adding a soothing Aloe Vera gel could be helpful during this process because Aloe Vera is a vasodilator which means it promotes the expansion of your blood vessels. This gel along with a healthy routine can expand your blood vessels to increase blood flow and speed up tissue repair. Complete this routine while erect and only for a few minutes at a time and you can begin to straighten yourself out.

Penis Surgery

Penis Surgery

Surgery should only be considered if recommended by your doctor and the rest of the methods have not worked out long term. Surgery is an expensive option and can potentially leave you off worse than where you started. The surgery is a quick outpatient procedure where a silicone tube is inserted between the two tissue sacs in your penis. It has a long recovery time and can sometimes lead to nerve damage and sensitivity loss. However, those who are successful have noted a fuller and bigger penis. Because the rod is silicone some manual straightening process may still be required after recovery.

Final Recommendations

If you curve in any direction fear not, if you take some time to use some of the methods we talked about you can get back to shooting straight. Now there are benefits to having a slight curve if you are not in any pain. A slight curve has the added angular benefit your partner may appreciate but be wary of curves and rough interactions. This is the best way to make a slight curve an injury. Regardless of if you decide a pump, a weight, supplements, or gel, and your hands are the right way for you remember patience along with the routine. A pump every day will keep the curve away! Watch, How to use Penis Pump. Or watch below

Zen Pump - How to use Automatic Penis Pump

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